Fast, affordable, state compliant prenups.

So you can have total peace of mind in your marriage.

Only $599 per couple.

Over $3,750,000+ saved by couples!

Fast, affordable, state compliant prenups.

So you can have total peace of mind in your marriage.

Only $599 per couple.

Over $3,750,000+ saved by couples!

Fast, affordable, state compliant prenups.

So you can have total peace of mind in your marriage.

Only $599 per couple.

Over $3,750,000+ saved by couples!


Online Platform for Prenuptial Agreements

Finally — affordable, self-serve, state-compliant prenups for everyone.
In as little as 1.5 hours:
Select your prenuptial agreement terms
Collaborate with your future spouse
Sign and notarize your prenup

How it works

Complete your entire prenuptial agreement without ever leaving your house.

Create your individual accounts and fill out your own questionnaires

We’ll walk you through the important topics like: separate property vs. marital/community property, joint bank accounts, spousal support/alimony, gifts and inheritances, business ownership, financial disclosures, and much more.

Collaborate directly with your partner

Our in-app collaboration station allows you and your partner to get on the same page regarding any differences in your answers. Communication is key!

Sign and notarize your prenup

Just print, sign, and notarize your finished prenuptial agreement. It’s that simple.

Prenups are not just
for the rich anymore.

Our mission is to help every couple, regardless of net worth, get on the same page prior to marriage.

State compliant

Our agreements are based on state prenup requirements to provide you and your partner ultimate legal protection and peace of mind.

50+ endorsed media features

We’ve been featured in some of the top media outlets around the world, like Forbes, the New Yorker, and even Shark Tank.

Complete at your own pace

Your prenup, your pace. Finish your agreement at your own speed (as long as you complete it before your marriage date).

Most cost-effective option

Going through a traditional attorney to draft and complete your prenup costs thousands. By going through HelloPrenup, you save time, money, and keep the control of your document in your hands.

Get started today

We’ll help you take care of your prenup so you can get back to your wedding planning.

Create your Prenup.

$599 per couple

Attorney created platform
Comprehensive questionnaire
State specific
Self-serve, immediate download

Join thousands
of happy couples


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How long does the process take?

It all depends on how quickly the two of you collaborate and complete your questionnaires. On average it only takes HelloPrenup couples just 1.5 hours to create their state-specific prenuptial agreement.

Is this legal?

Indeed. Drafting an agreement between you and your partner with the guided support of our platform is absolutely legal.

HelloPrenup was created by family law attorneys to streamline the process of creating a prenup. Our state-specific prenups allow you and your partner to join forces and tailor the specifics of your agreement so you can enter your marriage with total confidence.
In addition, as with any type of legal document, it is important that both you and your partner have your signatures notarized on your finished prenup. Have any specific legal questions or are looking for representation? Bring your HelloPrenup agreement to an attorney of your choice. Read more here.

Do I need an attorney?

Many states do not require either party to be represented by an attorney in order to enter into a prenuptial agreement. Check out your state’s information pages for more detailed requirements, case law, and links to state statutes. If you have further questions on the enforceability of a prenup in your specific situation, you should contact a licensed attorney in your state.

How much does HelloPrenup cost?

HelloPrenup only costs a flat, one-time fee of $599 per couple—a fraction of the cost. of hiring two attorneys to negotiate and draft the entire agreement.

Which state should I choose?

It is common practice to choose the state in which you plan to reside as a married couple.

This question becomes more complicated if you and your honey have plans to move in the near future. This gets into a topic called “choice of law,” that determines which state’s laws will be applied to your agreement in the event of a divorce. Read more here.

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