Susan Scherman, Esq.

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Susan Scherman is a family law attorney and mediator with over 35 years working alongside couples in the areas of prenuptial agreements, mediation and divorce. 

Currently, Susan draws upon her extensive background and expertise in law, business, and psychology, working supportively and strategically as both an advocate and your personal consultant.

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Susan’s system empowers clients while providing stress-reducing, cost-effective, practical strategies for reaching resolution on any legal or personal matter.

“So many wonderful things to say about Susan……Lets just say that it took me a while to find the best attorney and it was certainly worth the wait as Susan was such a pleasure to work with. She develops a relationship with you where she cares about the longevity of your future relationship. Any time I had a question or a concern she would schedule the best time for the both of us to discuss anything that was needed. Not only is she easy to work with but I love how quickly she responds to emails as we all know emails continue to be the landline of communication if not having a cell phone so her time efficiency also made this process so easy. I highly recommend Susan to all couples, friends and families.”

Amber R.


Susan is available for the following services:

15 min consult


30 minute Q&A


1 hour Q&A


1 hour review & discussion of document


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“My fiance and I each chose to each hire attorneys to review our agreement. I am so grateful I found Susan. She was kind, compassionate, and really listened to what I was hoping to achieve. There is no better lawyer to help with your prenup. Thank you Susan!”

Vanessa B.

Featured on HelloPrenup the Podcast

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, from what a prenup is, to who should get one, and what to do if your partner is totally against getting one. Susan goes deep into what the benefits are, how it protects the less wealthy spouse, why compromise is not the way to go in a marriage (and why coming to an agreement, without being adversarial) is so important.

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