Notarizing Your Prenup

Secure Your Assets: Get a Notarized Prenup for Confidence

Congratulations on your engagement! Wondering about notarizing your prenup? Let’s explore its importance as you prepare for your marriage!

What Does a Notary Do?

It is important that the authenticity of a legal document can be verified and trusted. A notary public is an appointed state official to help deter fraud and ensure the identity of signers. A notary public’s job is to witness the signing of documents and to verify the identity of those signers, the signers willingness to sign the documents at hand, and the signer’s awareness at the time of the transaction.

After witnessing the signing of a document, a notary applies their signature, official seal, and notary details. When a notary’s seal is present on a document, it means it has been verified that the signatures are authentic and that the document has been properly executed.

Every couple should have access to an affordable, online solution

HelloPrenup partnered with Proof (formerly Notarize) to offer our clients a comprehensive platform for the entire prenup process. Now, thanks to this integration, you can complete all stages of your prenup online.

From generating the document to collaborating on terms with your partner and optional attorneys, and now also the option to notarize your prenup without needing to travel. Simply upload your document, verify your identity, and meet with an online notary instantly.

*E-sign available for all states except Maryland and Wisconsin.

Here’s how online notarization works at HelloPrenup

1Connect with a notary for just $50.
2Send your prenup to Proof.
3Complete the steps on Proof.
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We want to make your life easier, which is why we offer everything on one platform. After completing your document, as a HelloPrenup user, you get an exclusive price of $50 to notarize your prenup, or $75 if you are not a HelloPrenup user.

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With just one click, send your prenup to Proof, our partner.

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Create an account, verify your identity (remember, you must have an SSN or ITIN), meet with the notary, and sign your prenup. It's that simple.

*HelloPrenup has teamed up with Proof. Proof is the leading provider of online notary services.

*HelloPrenup will not be your host while there and is not responsible for content provided by third-party sites, including Proof. Please note that you are subject to the destination site’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Why You Need to Get Your Prenuptial Agreement Notarized

In some states, notarization is a required formality, and without it, your prenup would be considered invalid. In states that notarization is not formally required, it still adds credibility to your agreement and creates a layer of protection.

Notarization Methods

Online This method leverages audio-video communication platforms such as Zoom to streamline the process. Whether remote notarization is available depends on the specific regulations of the state where the document is signed.

The online notarization process usually involves four steps

  • Upload or scan your prenup
  • Verify your identity: You must have a SSN or ITIN
  • Connect with a notary on a video call
  • Download or share your prenup

In-Person In-person notarization validates your prenup with signatories physically present before a notary public, who witnesses the signing and affixes their seal. Additionally, the notary includes their license expiration date for future reference if needed.

The notarization process typically involves three steps:

  • Verify your identity
  • Signing your prenup in front of the notary
  • The notary will fix their seal and stamp to the document

Notarization Support: Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a prenup notary necessary for every prenuptial agreement?
HelloPrenup recommends getting your prenup notarized regardless of what state you are in. Having your document notarized adds credibility and creates a layer of protection for your prenup should it ever be challenged down the road.

Can we use an online notary for our prenup?
Yes! Online notarization is a legal and convenient way to get your prenup notarized. HelloPrenup offers prenup notarization directly through our platform after completing your agreement.

Can a prenup be contested even with notarization?
Yes. Even though notarization adds credibility and protection to your prenup, it does not guarantee immunity from a challenge.

Is it possible to make changes to a prenup after notarization?
If you have already notarized your prenup and want to make a change, you’ll need legal assistance to formally amend or revoke your agreement.

What is the cost of notarizing a prenup through HelloPrenup?
If you obtained your prenup through HelloPrenup, notarizing costs $50. If you already have a prenup from somewhere other than HelloPrenup, it will cost $75 to get the document notarized through HelloPrenup.

Is there a special type of Notary Public that only does prenups?
Nope! Any certified Notary Public, who is in good standing with a current license is acceptable for notarizing a prenup.

Can I create a prenup without a notary?
This depends on what state you are in. Some states explicitly require notarization as a prerequisite to a valid and enforceable prenup. However, if you are getting a prenup through HelloPrenup, notarization is required.

How long does the notarization process take?
Not long at all! Depending on how quickly you can provide the necessary information and proper documentation, it can take 30 minutes or less.

Can I get my prenup notarized in a different state?
Yes. For example, if your prenup’s choice of law is for California, but you are currently located in New York, you may get your prenup online notarized through the HelloPrenup platform.

Can I get my prenup online notarized as a non-US citizen?
It depends. There are certain requirements for online notarization through the HelloPrenup platform, such as having an SSN or ITIN. If you do not have one of these numbers, you will not be able to notarize through HelloPrenup

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