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Who is Savvy Ladies?

Founded in 2003, Savvy Ladies, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides free financial literacy education to women.

The goal of Savvy Ladies is to ensure that women have a trusted and reliable resource to get educated about their financial lives and encourage women to build and preserve economic security.


The intended outcome is to decrease the number of women who fall prey to financial abuse and exploitation and increase the number of women who understand the importance of educating themselves.Β 


Over the past 17 years, Savvy Ladies has helped over 20,000 women in the New York area and nationwide through virtual and in-person programs. These include the Savvy Ladies Helpline, offering women in crisis free, one-on-one, personalized financial counseling provided by Certified Financial Expert volunteers, as well as an active program of webinars, seminars, and workshops.

Stacy Francis

Founder of Savvy Ladies

Lisa Zeiderman

Board of Savvy Ladies

“HelloPrenup’s goals of protecting women through financial transparency and greater communication align perfectly with Savvy Ladies’ mission to empower women through financial knowledge.”

– Lisa Zeiderman, Board of Savvy Ladies


Our Runners

Doug Julian

HelloPrenup & Savvy Ladies Supporter

Doug Julian is excited to be running on Team HelloPrenup and raising funds and awareness for Savvy Ladies, because he is a true believer in their mission and the power of financial literacy.

Doug is an outdoor enthusiast, serial entrepreneur, Boston native, and loves running (but mostly celebrating) the Boston Marathon each year.Β 

Angela DiCiccio

HelloPrenup & Savvy Ladies Supporter

Angie is honored to be running on Team HelloPrenup and raising funds and awareness for Savvy Ladies because she is working her way towards becoming a Savvy Lady herself and cannot wait to represent and live their mission.

Outside of embarking on a deep dive journey into financial and running fitness, Angie is a biomedical engineer, materials innovator, and effervescent yoga instructor. You can find her smiling for miles around the Charles River, leading mindfulness and asana practices, or taking walks to photograph tiny flowers and sunshine.Β 

Who’s HelloPrenup?

HelloPrenup is the #1 online platform for engaged couples to create affordable, fast, and comprehensive prenups. Our goal is to set up every marriage for success by promoting communication and financial transparency.

HelloPrenup rose to public recognition after pitching to the feisty panel of entrepreneurs in ABC’s hit show, “Shark Tank.”

HelloPrenup is founded by Massachusetts native, Julia Rodgers, Esq. Julia Rodgers is a proud alumnus of Suffolk University Law School and Simmons University.

We’ve been featured on Forbes, Boston Globe, Newswire, Simmons, Suffolk Law, & many more.

Julia Rodgers Hello Prenup

Julia Rodgers

CEO, Co-founder, HelloPrenup

Sarabeth Jaffe Hello Prenup

Sarabeth Jaffe

CTO, Co-founder of HelloPrenup

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