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Get paid to help couples get on the same page prior to marriage.

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    Let us know who you are, what you’re all about, and how we can partner together. We use Rewardful for affiliate management. You can check your dashboard at any time to track visitors, leads, conversions, and sales.

      STEP 2: SHARE

      Once approved, share your custom referral link with an interested fiance. We also suggest placing your link in any articles, podcast episodes, social channels, emails, dedicated landing pages, & more.

      STEP 3: EARN

      The sky’s the limit. Set your links on auto-pilot and start collecting commissions immediately. Collect 10% of each completed transaction ($59.90 per prenup) from every one of your referred customers! Payouts occur every 30 days, with no caps, ever.

      Payout possibilities:

      For us visual learners, here’s a breakdown of what monthly payouts could look like.

      *Price varies based on amount of prenups sold. Prices could also be affected by additional discount codes or promotions.

      Opportunities to promote:

      Articles / blogs

      Here are some topics we know fiances are interested in:

      • “A prenup is a good idea for any couple as it sets the groundwork for open communication.”

      • “Need a prenup fast? Get your prenup downloaded in hours through HelloPrenup.”

      • “On a budget? HelloPrenup is an online platform that allows you to create your perfect prenup.”

      Podcast episodes

      Add sponsorship ads, promote during an episode, or even dedicate an entire episode to prenups.

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      Psst! Have you checked our HelloPrenup podcast? If you’re interested in being a guest, apply here.

      Social posts

      Addressing key solutions related to wedding planning, from engagement, to the big day, to marriage.

      We highly encourage you to use branded hashtags to get the most exposure too!Β 

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      Hashtags: #helloprenup #prenups #prenuptialagreements #fiance #engaged #marriage #marriageplanning

      Dedicated landing pages

      Do many fiances want a direct resource on more information regarding prenups? Want to direct people to your website for more information?

      Creating a dedicated landing page for promoting HelloPrenup is a great way to increase traffic and collect commissions.

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      Banner ads

      We have dedicated banner ads you can throw on any landing page, website, blog post, or even social.

      Once approved, we can forward you different banners upon request.

      Want something specific created? Let us know!

      Other ideas on how to work together?

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