We altar perceptions of prenups.

We’re an engaged group of prenup pioneeers helping every couple get on the same page before marriage.

Hello Prenup Founders Julia and Sarabeth
Hello Prenup Founders Julia and Sarabeth

Founded by two women aiming to help every couple get on the same page prior to marriage.

Julia Rodgers, a family law attorney, saw the struggle of couples seeking prenuptial agreements. The high cost, time consuming process and difficulty in getting on the same page created a need for a solution. 

Meanwhile, Sarabeth Jaffe, a software developer, was experiencing the same pains after getting engaged and trying to get a prenup herself. She knew there had to be an easier way.

The two women met and realized they were working towards the same goal—to create a platform that would make prenuptial agreements affordable, approachable, and accessible to all couples. With their unique skills and experiences HelloPrenup was born.

How does HelloPrenup work?

Julia Rodgers, Esq.

CEO & Co-founder

Julia is the Chief Prenup Officer behind HelloPrenup. She’s helped countless couples navigate the legal twists and turns of love while getting on the same page prior to marriage. When she’s not helping every couple get peace of mind through prenup protections, she can be found playing with her daughter and enjoying any oceanfront location she can find.

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Sarabeth Jaffe

CTO & Co-founder

Sarabeth is the Chief Technical Officer and “protector of the technical realm.” She’s a software developer from some of the top software companies like Microsoft and completely transformed the way people interact with legaltech today. In her spare time, she’s thrifting, binging the next home improvement show, and building out her beautiful new home. 

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Our Investors

Kevin O’Leary

Investor & Advisor

Entrepreneur, financier & Shark Tank’s “Mr. Wonderful”

Nirav Tolia

Investor & Advisor

Founder of Nextdoor & Shark Tank investor

Brian Liu

Investor & Advisor

Founder of LegalZoom

Meet team HelloPrenup

Lauren Lavender

Chief Marketing Officer

Lauren is a Bay Area native and all things creative who’s helped dozens of tech companies grow from early-stage to fully engaged. When she’s not obsessing over quality experiences for couples, she’s raising her son and trying to make everything into a pun.

Doug Julian

Director of the Digital Realm

Doug has been working in all things digital since dial-up. He specializes in optimization, diversification, and keeping the team fed on lots of ice cream through his Brand Boba Ice Cream.

Amit Kumar

Digital Strategy

Amit is the master of containing pixel disasters. When he’s not building branded pages and building our strategy, he can be found geeking out on the next AI tips and trends.

William “thee Sanchez”

Software Development

There’s no app mockup too muddy, or tech ticket too complicated to match William “software Sanchez’s” unprecedented ability to transform code into life-changing apps.

Nicole Sheehey, Esq.

Head of Content

Nicole is the brains behind the blog and all things love and legal. When she’s not producing captivating content that converts couples into customers, she’s catching up on the latest housewife drama and being a full time boy-mama.

When Maple’s not “pawfecting” prenups, petnups, or demanding rubbins and cuddles, she can be found being ridiculously cute raising the spirits across the team and keeping everyone’s tails wagging.

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Our Legal Advisors

We take “for richer, or for poorer,” very seriously.

Raymond Hekmat, Esq.

Top California Prenup Attorney

Marcia Mavrides, Esq.

Top Massachusetts Family Law Attorney

Charles Kazarian, Esq.

Top Legal Ethics Attorney

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