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The HelloPrenup platform was developed by legal professionals working in the family law field.

HelloPrenup’s CEO, Julia Rodgers had witnessed firsthand the tremendous cost and hesitancy of couples looking for prenuptial agreements.

Together with her years of legal training and experience in the family law field, and the direction of seasoned divorce attorneys with decades of experience in drafting and defending prenups, HelloPrenup was born!


Julia Rodgers Hello Prenup

Julia Rodgers, Esq.

CEO & Co-Founder

Julia Rodgers, Esq. is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of HelloPrenup. Julia is a seasoned divorce attorney in Boston, MA, and has experience working for one of the top family law firms in the state of Massachusetts. Julia developed HelloPrenup after speaking with thousands of engaged couples looking for a timely and affordable prenuptial agreement.

Sarabeth Jaffe Hello Prenup

Sarabeth Jaffe

CTO & Co-Founder

Sarabeth Jaffe is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of HelloPrenup. A multi-faceted Software Engineer based out of Seattle, WA, Sarabeth has worked at Microsoft, non-profits, and startups. After getting engaged, she realized the need for a digital platform that allows couples to collaboratively draft their own prenup.

Lauren Lavender HelloPrenup

Lauren Lavender

Head of Marketing

Lauren Lavender is the Head of Marketing at HelloPrenup. A Bay Area native with a decade of experience marketing in the tech industry, Lauren has worked at some of the fastest-growing SaaS and tech startups. After surviving a traditional prenup experience with her husband, Lauren approached HelloPrenup with a mission to help engaged couples find a prenup service thatโ€™s affordable, approachable, and actually enjoyable.

Doug Julian

Digital Strategy

Doug Julian is an experienced entrepreneur and technology thought-leader. Doug is passionate about helping couples across the country discuss their financial futures.

Letter from HelloPrenup’s CEO

First of allโ€“ congratulations on your engagement! I have always said that a prenuptial agreement is just as much an emotional document as it is a legal one.

A prenup can feel like a very formal instrument for such a personal relationship, and the shock that comes from having this wildly romantic moment of engagement, to sitting down and negotiating with lawyers about what to do with your money if you divorce can feel like a grave juxtaposition.

I created HelloPrenup to allow couples to become more involved in the process of creating their prenuptial agreement, while still having the option to hire an attorney to advise and/or represent them.

By allowing couples to answer questions that pertain to their wants and needs for this highly personal agreement, HelloPrenup allows couples to become more fully involved in the process of taking control of their own financial futures. Read more about how HelloPrenup works.

HelloPrenup was created by women, with women in mind. It’s no secret that women’s finances are more negatively impacted by divorce than that of their husband’s.

Men earn more than women in every country on earth, and in the year 2020, the gap between the median salaries of working men and women in the United States was about 80 cents earned on the dollar for every dollar earned by a man. Once women have children, that number drops to 71 cents for every dollar a man makes. This is often referred to as the “motherhood penalty,” despite the fact that women make up 57% of undergraduate degrees, and 59% of master’s degrees. As a working mother, this injustice concerns me deeply.

So, how can a prenup help with this? A prenup can allow couples to contract to terms that are fair for them. State divorce law does not always feel fair to divorcing couples, and it often does not feel fair to women who have suffered substantial loss of wealth over the course of their marriage. (Read more about the wealth gap and marriage in our blog.)

Ultimately, I built HelloPrenup because I believe that prenups have the power to improve marriages.

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Julia Rodgers

Enter into your marriage with confidence and financial transparency