Aimée Hart

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Aimée Hart is a California attorney, certified mediator, and the founder of Hart Law and Mediation. She has 8+ years of experience working with law and interpersonal relationships. Aimée is an experienced professional in conflict resolution, family law and contracts, and inter-cultural relationships.

Raymond Hekmat lawyer
“Aimee is everything we were looking for in an attorney. She practices law with a humanistic approach that takes into consideration each person’s individual needs from all perspectives, which include but are not limited to emotional and financial. She lives up to a high ethical standard and is detail-oriented with a willingness to look at a case from multiple legal angles to find the best strategy for the situation and the people involved. After consulting with her a huge weight has been lifted and we are not only able to move forward with confidence but have been given new knowledge about the law that will benefit us in future endeavors. We have found a gem in Aimee and we will be using her services to assist us in the resolution of any future personal or professional conflicts that arise and in the growth of our business as well.”
Erica Z.


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