California Alimony Calculator


This calculator is not endorsed by the State of California and is intended solely for estimations. While it has been rigorously tested and is believed to yield results comparable to court-used calculators through identical mathematical formulas, its accuracy is not guaranteed. It is not advisable to rely exclusively on this tool for determining support obligations. No liability is assumed for its usage.

The purpose of this calculator is to provide rough estimates of child support (CS) and spousal support (SS) based on limited information. It is not a substitute for legal advice. For precise legal guidance on child and/or spousal support matters, consulting a qualified attorney is recommended. Please note that only calculations made by court-certified software are legally admissible. This calculator lacks such certification and is not suitable for court proceedings.

Our tool incorporates mathematical formulas from the California Family Code and other legal guidelines, updated as of the 2011 legislative session. Its outcomes are generally in line with those from officially sanctioned programs. However, the accuracy of the results depends on the input data. This calculator does not cover every tax scenario or account for all potential tax deductions, so the support calculations provided are not definitive. We do not claim its precision or its compatibility with other programs. To obtain the most accurate support calculation, consulting a family law attorney in your area is advised.

What how does the calculation works?

The formula our calculator uses mirrors the one adopted by California courtrooms, as outlined in the family law statutes. The support amount generated by our tool is often called the “guideline” amount, which is usually the basis for determining monthly payments in court. An experienced attorney can advocate for adjusting this amount, either increasing or decreasing it, based on specific circumstances. Cristin is highly skilled in this area and is committed to achieving the most favorable outcome for you. If you have further inquiries about support or think the figures might be incorrect, please feel free to contact us or set up a consultation.