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We get it, figuring out how to get a prenup can be confusing and intimidating…

The legal world is not exactly known for its clarity or ease of use. So how do you even get a prenup? What are your options?

Here are the different ways you can get a prenup and why HelloPrenup provides the most value with a detailed questionnaire, state-to-state compliance, optional attorneys, the most cost-effective option on the planet, and total peace of mind. 

The Digestible Breakdown

For all of us visual folks, here’s the side by side comparison of what your options are:

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People who use RocketLawyers for prenups have a wish list like this:


Don’t care if your prenup is legit or not

Prenuptial agreements can be created by a couple together, using RocketLawyer’s online form builder for $20, however the platform is a static form builder that does not fulfill individual state requirements or comply with state law.

Further, it overlooks essential inputs which result in likely invalid and unenforceable prenuptial agreement.


Need a cheap, unofficial solution

Rocketlawyer offers all types of legal forms online for a $20 fee. For an additional $10, you can elect “Document Defense” which allows you to seek legal assistance to answer certain legal questions, with no revisions to the document. 


Have a prenup and just want it to be reviewed

For $49.95, you can have a 30-minute consultation with a lawyer, but again, no revisions to the document.


Couples working with LegalZoom for their prenups look like this:

Huge budget

LegalZoom offers all types of legal forms, legal assistance and document creation services through their website and offer prenuptial agreements for $995, or $1490 for nuptials within two weeks. This does not include the price for attorneys to oversee the document and its construction.

You just want a boilerplate prenup

LegalZoom’s platform does not facilitate online form creation and requires users to connect with a traditional attorney at their regular hourly rate.

*Big picture

You will have to pay a month’s rent in a prenup that still does not provide individual guidance for you and your partner and will leave you with many success gaps in your prenup. You will have to hire counsel and your prenup will take weeks to complete.

Traditional Attorneys

Couples who invest in traditional attorneys have pain points like these:

Cost is not a factor

Hiring a traditional attorney to draft and negotiate the terms of your prenuptial agreement is costly. Billable hours accrue quickly, and this method of drafting can cost $2,500 each (on average).

Yes, that could add up to over $5,000+ per prenup.

You have all the time in the world

When you choose to go this route, each fiancé will (usually) hire their own attorney a year to six months in advance of the wedding to represent them, and negotiate the terms on their behalf.

This is the longest route to a prenup.


We specialize in custom prenups that bring value to couples’ futures. It’s what we do.

Detailed customized questionnaire

Unlike existing online programs that are simple form builders, HelloPrenup is designed using detailed questions that allow the user to include important clauses, such as pre-marital property, marital property, inheritance, spousal support, etc.

These clauses are customized per couple so each of you walk away with an agreeable prenup that was conceived by both parties equally.

Only software with legit with state-to-state compliance 

HelloPrenup is compliant with the strictest standards of validity for each state, like full and fair financial disclosure and child-related issues.

Without state compliance, the probability of invalidation by the courts is significantly higher. To date, all other existing software ignores these points. 

Lawyers are optional

HelloPrenup allows users the option of utilizing our system without lawyers or hiring a vetted, insured lawyer through our platform. A prenuptial agreement is rarely a cut and dry document without great variation.

If you need counsel on anything, lawyers are at your service at your will.

Most cost-effective option on the market

A traditional prenuptial agreement can cost anywhere between $2,500 to $10,000+ per partner.

HelloPrenup’s prenuptial agreement is priced at $599 per couple!

Peace of mind

Put your what if’s to rest. Unlike traditional and competitor alternatives, HelloPrenup offers the invaluable peace of mind that you’re getting the representation that each of you deserves so you can get back to planning your lives together.

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