How HelloPrenup and Budget Savvy Bride Increased Partnership revenue 40% by helping couples access affordable marriage resources


In January 2022, a mutually beneficial partnership emerged between Budget Savvy Bride (BSB), and HelloPrenup. Jessica, the CEO and founder of BSB and a firm believer in HelloPrenup’s brand and mission, saw an opportunity to offer her customer base a useful resource. HelloPrenup, intrigued by the idea and recognizing their shared customer base, eagerly embraced the partnership. Both organizations shared the common goal of empowering couples to enter into their marriages with financial confidence.

Partnership Strategy

The collaboration was built on a foundation of education and empowerment. Together, HelloPrenup and BSB set out to:

  • Educate BSB subscribers and readers about the advantages of a prenuptial agreement.
  • Empower BSB subscribers and readers with the resources needed to make well-informed decisions about prenuptial agreements.
  • Extend exclusive discounts to BSB subscribers
  • Showcase the benefits of using HelloPrenup’s platform:
    • Economical solutions, helping couples save money.
    • Compliance with state regulations.
    • Swift document turnaround.
Jessica Bishop, Founder of The Budget-Savvy Bride said, β€œOur collaboration with HelloPrenup was a game-changer in offering affordable marriage resources to our budget-savvy community. By joining forces, we empowered couples with valuable insights into prenuptial agreements, while also offering them exclusive discounts. This partnership not only boosted brand exposure but also strengthened our commitment to supporting couples on their journey to financial confidence in marriage.”
The collaboration led to an invaluable content exchange between the two brands, creating a rich pool of resources for their audience. This included educational blog posts, an informative podcast episode, and engaging social media content, all tailored to address the questions and concerns of couples planning their financial future. By providing these resources and maintaining a consistent dialogue with their audience, the brands were able to establish themselves as reliable authorities in their respective fields.

Measuring Success

The success of the partnership was quantified through two key indicators: a substantial increase in brand awareness and an increase in revenue for both HelloPrenup and BSB.
Julia Rodgers, HelloPrenup’s CEO said, “Teaming up with Budget Savvy Bride was more than a partnership; it was a shared commitment to educate and empower couples. HelloPrenup’s state compliant solution resonated with the audience. The surge in website traffic and increased revenue were not just metrics; they were affirmations that when like-minded brands join forces, the impact is not only measurable but transformative. We look forward to continuing this journey of financial empowerment with Budget Savvy Bride and beyond.”


The results of the partnership were remarkable, benefiting both brands significantly. Notable outcomes included:

  • A substantial increase in website traffic for both partners
  • Enhanced partner conversion rates further demonstrating the synergy between HelloPrenup and BSB.
  • Increased brand exposure for both organizations, leading to greater visibility and recognition within their shared target audience.

HelloPrenup and Budget Savvy Bride successfully tapped into their shared audience’s needs, delivering relevant, accessible, and affordable resources for a traditionally expensive and intimidating process. Consequently, customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many clients expressing their appreciation for the simplified prenuptial agreement process and the significant savings.


This collaborative endeavor was a testament to the power of shared audiences. By offering ethical, modern, and approachable solutions to engaged couples, both HelloPrenup and Budget Savvy Bride managed to increase brand exposure and provide their customers with valuable resources. The takeaway is clear: leaning into a shared audience can be exceptionally beneficial for all parties involved and is poised to remain a lucrative strategy for years to come. In summary: collaborations are a great strategy for customer acquisition and to give more value to existing customers. Β 


In a world where partnerships can be transformative, the collaboration between HelloPrenup and Budget Savvy Bride exemplified how a shared mission and a focus on customer empowerment can yield significant rewards. The partnership not only increased revenue but also cemented both brands as trusted resources for couples seeking affordable and ethical marriage solutions. As a testament to its success, this approach of leveraging shared audiences is poised to continue reaping benefits for all involved, solidifying its place as a lucrative strategy for the future.

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