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Welcome to the fascinating world of HelloPrenup’s groundbreaking surveys, where we unravel the intricate dynamics of couples and their prenuptial agreements.

Our team of experts embarked on an exhaustive journey to understand who embraces these agreements and how they ultimately benefit the couples involved.

In our quest to uncover the motivations behind prenuptial agreements, we engaged with countless couples from diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and beliefs. Through candid interviews and meticulous statistical analyses, we discovered compelling reasons why these agreements are increasingly prevalent in modern relationships.

The Insights

What’s your marital status?

In our recent survey, HelloPrenup sought to gain valuable insights into the marital status of participants. From the respondents, the data reveals a diverse representation of relationship statuses:

  • 77.14% are married
  • 9.52% are divorced
  • 3.81% have never been married
  • 3.81% are engaged
  • 3.81% are separated
  • 1.90% are widowed.

This crucial information serves as the foundation for understanding prenuptial agreements from the perspective of the survey participants, shedding light on their varied experiences and needs.

What’s your age?

HelloPrenup sought to gather crucial insights into the age demographics of the participants. Upon analyzing the responses from a diverse group of individuals, it becomes evident that the majority fall within the age range of 30 to 45 years.

This finding comes as no surprise, given the information gleaned from our clients, who notably consider prenuptial agreements between the ages of 35 and 44.

Understanding the age distribution of those interested in prenups provides valuable context for tailoring our services to better meet the needs of individuals at different life stages.

What is your individual income?

We sought to explore the annual income of the participants. Surprisingly, the results demonstrated that prenuptial agreements appeal to a diverse range of individuals, challenging the common misconception that they are exclusively for the wealthy.

Prenups prove to be a valuable benefit for anyone who values planning for the future and seeks to secure it, regardless of their financial status.

This enlightening revelation reinforces the idea that prenuptial agreements serve as essential tools for anyone with a forward-thinking mindset, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding one’s future, regardless of their economic background.

What state did you get your prenuptial agreement in/for?

In our recent survey, HelloPrenup inquired about the location where participants made their prenuptial agreements. Astonishingly, a significant majority, with 19.05%, reported creating their prenups in New York, closely followed by California and Florida at 12.38% and 10.48% respectively.

The insights gathered from the respondents suggest that these prenuptial agreements are popular within the majority of these 19 different states, highlighting the widespread adoption and importance of this legal tool in securing relationships across the United States.

Who brought up the idea for a prenuptial agreement between you and your partner?

We wanted to understand who brought up the idea of creating a prenuptial agreement. Surprisingly, more than half of the respondents (50.25%) stated that they themselves were the ones who initiated the idea. Following closely, 25.75% attributed the idea to their partner. These findings suggest that the decision to sign a prenuptial agreement is predominantly driven by one of the individuals within the relationship, emphasizing the importance of open communication and shared financial planning when considering such agreements.

What were you looking to accomplish in your prenuptial agreement?

HelloPrenup delved into the reasons behind individuals’ decisions to create a prenuptial agreement. The findings revealed several primary motives, including defining separate and marital property and safeguarding against debt.

However, what emerged as equally vital were considerations such as mapping inheritances and gifts, as well as addressing spousal support and alimony. The reasons for seeking a prenuptial agreement varied significantly, ranging from protecting business interests to specifying clauses for lifestyle preferences unique to each couple.

This comprehensive exploration underscores the diverse and crucial nature of prenuptial agreements, which encompass a wide array of interests that couples value and wish to protect.

How did you complete your prenup process?

HelloPrenup inquired about the methods used by participants to finalize their prenuptial agreements. Surprisingly, 39% of respondents stated that they hired two separate lawyers to facilitate the process, while a close 34% chose to draft their own agreement and then seek legal counsel for editing and finalization.

Among those surveyed individuals, 7 participants shared their positive experience of opting for HelloPrenup’s services, expressing contentment for saving both time and money with this decision.

This diverse array of approaches highlights the various options available to couples, ranging from traditional legal consultations to the streamlined and efficient services provided by HelloPrenup.

Did you feel more connected to your partner after completing the prenup process?

The most beautiful aspect of developing HelloPrenup is being able to assist couples in aligning their visions as they enter into marriage; being part of this significant journey is what drives our business.

This question aimed to understand how individuals felt after completing the process of a prenuptial agreement, and it’s truly remarkable to discover that 83.81% of the respondents express feeling more connected with their partner. Entering marriage with wisdom and security ensures their ‘happily ever after’ is indeed a reality.

What was most important to you as you were evaluating solutions?

HelloPrenup sought to understand what factors were most important to individuals when evaluating solutions for their prenuptial agreements. The findings suggest that respondents primarily considered factors such as speed, price, legal guidance, and compliance with state laws.

However, surprisingly, personalization and ease of modification were not significant factors when it came to seeking solutions for their prenuptial agreements. This insight provides valuable understanding into the key priorities couples prioritize when searching for the right approach to crafting their prenuptial agreements.

How long did it take to complete your prenup?

In our recent survey, HelloPrenup inquired about the timeframe in which individuals completed their prenuptial agreements. It’s heartening to discover that a significant majority managed to complete the process swiftly, with an impressive 67% of the respondents finalizing their prenuptial agreement in just 2 or 3 days.

Furthermore, an additional 15% completed the agreement within two weeks. This efficiency aligns perfectly with the convenience and speed offered by HelloPrenup, where couples can create their prenuptial agreement in a matter of hours. These findings underscore the seamless and time-saving nature of our services, ensuring couples can embark on their future with peace of mind.

What was the best part about your prenup process?

  • Clear
  • Quick
  • Easy
In general, people expressed that the best aspect of their experience with our service is its speed, as they value their time greatly. They also appreciated how easy it was to use, saving them precious time and effort.

However, the most significant factor highlighted was the clarity of the process. A clear and straightforward approach was paramount because not understanding the contract could become tedious and stressful for users.

At HelloPrenup, we strive to provide a seamless and efficient experience, ensuring that our users can navigate the process with confidence and peace of mind.

What was the worst part about the prenup process?

  • The idea of Divorce
  • Money
  • Wait after completion
  • Awkward conversation
People believe that the most challenging aspect was having to discuss topics with their partner that they hadn’t addressed before and were uncomfortable discussing, such as the possibility of divorce.

Additionally, they felt that the money invested and the waiting period after finalizing their contract until completing the entire process were the worst parts.

At HelloPrenup, we understand the sensitive nature of these discussions, and our goal is to provide a supportive and efficient experience, addressing couples’ needs with utmost care and consideration.

Where is your prenup stored?

We all know how crucial it is to securely store important documents. That’s why we asked our interviewees where they keep their prenuptial agreement. The majority of them trust storing it in their email, followed by a safe deposit box and Dropbox. At HelloPrenup, we prioritize the safety and confidentiality of our client’s documents, ensuring that their prenuptial agreements are securely stored and easily accessible whenever needed.

What is the difference in wealth between you and your partner?

The last question in our research aimed to understand the income disparity among the individuals surveyed. The results revealed that 22% of the respondents reported having a similar income to their partner, followed closely by 23% who stated their income was lower than theirs. Interestingly, 58% of the participants asserted that they earn more than their significant other. These insights shed light on the diverse financial dynamics within couples and underscore the importance of transparent communication and financial planning in relationships.

Key Takeaways:

Understanding Couples’ Preferences for Prenuptial Agreements


Based on the surveys conducted by HelloPrenup and the information provided, several key conclusions can be drawn.

  • Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common among couples of different age groups and income levels, as demonstrated by the wide distribution of respondents who have chosen to enter into these agreements.
  • Majority of respondents completed their prenuptial agreements in a relatively short period, with many accomplishing the task within two weeks or less, reinforcing the efficiency of HelloPrenup’s services.
  • The decision to create a prenuptial agreement is often initiated by one member of the couple, showcasing the importance of open communication and shared financial planning in such processes.
  • Almost every respondent felt more connected with their partner after finalizing the prenuptial agreement, suggesting that having a well-defined financial plan contributes positively to their relationships.
  • Affordability and ease of use are critical factors for couples when evaluating solutions for their prenuptial agreements, making HelloPrenup’s accessible and straightforward services highly advantageous for them.
  • Secure, yet accessible storage for prenuptial agreements, with email, safe deposit boxes, and digital storage platforms like Dropbox being the preferred choices for keeping these essential documents safe.

In conclusion, the surveys conducted by HelloPrenup have provided valuable insights into the perspectives, preferences, and experiences of couples when it comes to prenuptial agreements. These findings will aid us in continually refining our services to cater to the unique needs of our clients and ensure they can embark on their journeys of love and commitment with confidence and security.

Survey Methodology: The Prenuptial Agreement Study captured responses from US couples. Respondents represent couples from all over the country with various ethnicities, income levels, race, age, sexual orientation and gender identity. 

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