Which Signs are Most Likely to Need a Prenup?

Nov 13, 2022 | Prenuptial Agreements

As you may have noticed, we’re pretty enthusiastic about prenups. Full disclosure: we think that everyone who is getting married should draft a prenuptial agreement, regardless of their astrological sign. However, there are certain horoscope signs that are even more likely to benefit from a prenup than others, and each sign can also benefit from a prenup in different ways due to their unique personalities and predispositions. There are also some signs that might be particularly resistant to prenups. We’re going to break down each sign’s unique traits and their relationships to prenuptial agreements. Curious about how your horoscope sign relates to the concept of prenups? Read on!


One of the most defining traits of an Aries is their stubborn, willful nature. They know what they want, and they’re committed to making it happen. That also means they have a tendency to dig their heels in and refuse to budge. For an Aries, some things are non-negotiable, and they feel comfortable when they know that their non-negotiables will be respected. When it comes to the financial side of marriage, an Aries might have strong opinions about things like which of their assets they’d like to remain separate and what they feel should happen in case of divorce. 

Therefore, Aries folks might benefit from prenuptial agreements because a prenup allows them to communicate their financial goals and expectations in a marriage. It allows them to officially and legally cover all their bases. Having everything down on paper like that can put an Aries’ mind at ease. It helps them to enter their marriages with the feeling that their partners see, understand, and respect their needs. 

However, a partner to an Aries might need to pay special attention to standing their ground and making sure both partners’ needs are being met. If you’re marrying an Aries, make sure you validate their needs but don’t be afraid to stick up for your own, as well!


Taurus signs are known for their hardworking nature. They are good at getting a job done, and they also have a predilection for the finer things in life. Therefore, they’re apt to use their strong work ethic to really build something nice for themselves–including a nest egg they might want to protect with a prenup. 

Furthermore, stability and security are high on Taurus’ list of values. A prenuptial agreement might be attractive to them because it can help provide them with a sense of security as they navigate merging their lives with someone else. They’re also known for being romantic and dedicated, which means a prenup might appeal to them on that level because it can help Taurus to show their dedication by protecting their future spouse. For example, a prenup can help protect a spouse from their debt, or it can make sure their spouse is taken care of in case of divorce. For someone as devoted as Taurus, this is a definite plus. Yes, a prenup can even be a romantic gesture.


Gemini is the sign that “rules communication.” They really, really appreciate open, honest, clear communication. Because of this, they’ll likely be drawn to the idea of getting a prenup because of its capacity to facilitate open communication. When you draft a prenup, you have to communicate in great detail about the financial side of your marriage. Sometimes that’s a sticky or difficult thing to talk about, especially if the two of you have differing money personalities. Gemini will relish the communication opportunity that drafting a prenuptial agreement poses and won’t hesitate to dive in deep. 

On the other hand, Geminis can be restless, and they have trouble with routines. For this reason, Gemini relationships are not always the most stable ones, with some astrologers even going so far as to call Gemini “fickle.” It’s only because of their natural curiosity and interest in so many topics; they easily get distracted by a newfound fascination in some new pursuit, hobby, or occasionally even a person. They have good intentions, but their curiosity does sometimes get them into trouble in relationships. 

Therefore, it can be a good idea for Gemini signs to get a prenup just in case they decide to go in a different direction later on. Plenty of Geminis have long and happy marriages, but some also divorce. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Some people are very dynamic and need to be able to spread their wings a little more than others. This might be the case for some Geminis, and they’re advised to get prenups so that they don’t end up having to deal with the headache that is divorce proceedings without a prenup. If you’re a Gemini reading this, hopefully, your marriage will be long and happy–but don’t be afraid to make a contingency plan, just in case. Couples who divorce without a prenup are subject to the laws of their state–it’s your choice: either you decide your fate, or the court does.


Cancer is all about security and planting deep roots, and this sign struggles with change more than the average person. Consequently, getting a prenup is only natural for someone born under the sign of Cancer. Prenuptial agreements help to create a sense of security; Cancers take comfort in the peace of mind they can get as a result of laying out their plans and expectations both in marriage and (if applicable) in divorce. 

If you’re marrying a cancer, you may feel caught off guard by their suggestion that you get a prenup. After all, Cancers are known for their loyalty; if they’re insisting on a prenup, does that mean they’re not so sure about your relationship after all? Well, actually, no. Cancer’s proclivity towards prenups stems entirely from their need for security. Fear not–they’re still as loyal as ever. Someone who exhibits typical Cancer traits is likely to try everything possible to improve a relationship before even considering divorce. However, you can help set their mind at ease and bring them the security they crave by agreeing to a prenup. This will strengthen your relationship with them.

On the other hand, though, if a Cancer doesn’t already think of prenups as bringing stability, they themselves might take offense at the suggestion. If you suggest a prenup to your Cancer partner, make sure you let them know how devoted you are to them, and explain to them why prenups bring stability and security. They’ll probably get on board quickly. If you’re at all concerned, check out how to bring up a prenup without upsetting your partner


Leo is a sign that wholeheartedly values honesty. They’re “nakedly honest” themselves, and they appreciate when their partners match their transparency. What may draw Leos to prenuptial agreements is the stipulation for full financial disclosure. When you write a prenup you have to be 100% honest about all your assets. That means all your debts, all your properties, all your investments, all your savings, all your earnings, all valuable items you own…everything. Leo will value this as an opportunity to go into marriage with a sense of radical honesty. They dream of a relationship in which there are few secrets, and everything is shared. The financial disclosure and communication required in the process of drafting a prenuptial agreement can help to normalize this radical honesty, making Leo feel like they can really trust that their relationship is an honest one. 

Leo partners are also very generous. They like to take care of their loved ones, and a prenuptial agreement allows them to lay out how exactly they’re going to take care of their partners in case of divorce. Especially for a Leo with significant assets, this can feel important. They will take pleasure in assuring their partner that their contributions to the marriage will not go unnoticed and that they’ll still be ok if they do ever get divorced down the road. 

Although Leo is generous and honest, they do have some less savory qualities. For one thing, they have a bit of a jealous streak. They want to be sure that their partners are truly all theirs; the thought of being cheated on is even more reprehensible for them than it is for others. Depending on your state law, couples may include infidelity clauses in their prenups (if the state law will enforce it), and this might be something for a Leo partner to look into. It isn’t that they want their partner’s wealth as retribution for cheating; it’s that an infidelity clause can discourage cheating. Even if a Leo trusts their partner, they may have an innate need for a little more security when it comes to fidelity. 


If you’re a typical Virgo, you’re probably no stranger to overthinking and overanalysis. Your mind races at the speed of light, and you have an incredible sharpness and an aptitude for picking up on and analyzing every detail. On the bright side, this makes you come across as quite clever, but on the other hand, you also might have a tendency to worry a lot about what-ifs. If this is you, a prenuptial agreement can help set your mind at ease. It gives you the ability to get all the what-ifs out of your head and make contingency plans for every one of them. The peace of mind that comes from having done so is invaluable and means that you’ll be going into marriage with a stronger and healthier relationship because you’re not worrying about it as much as you might be otherwise. 


Libras are well-known for their love of peace, harmony, and cooperation. One of the most relationship-centric signs in the zodiac, Libras love to flirt–but when they find the right partner, they’re very committed, and they place partnership at the center of their lives. Libras also strongly value balance, fairness, and mutuality. 

When considering a prenup, Libras will like the fact that one of the primary functions of a prenuptial agreement is to balance and equalize power, especially regarding the financial aspect of relationships. They’ll also appreciate that a prenup helps them to take commitment in their relationship to the next level by prompting them and their partners to have very intentional conversations about how assets will be merged and divided in marriage and other financial matters. The intentionality that goes into drafting a premarital contract will make them feel closer to their partners and like they’ve deepened their commitment by mindfully planning their financial futures together.

For a Libra, a fair prenup is of utmost importance. They aren’t the type to rush into things and will carefully weigh their options. However, Libras do have a tendency to procrastinate and to be indecisive, so it’s important that they leave themselves plenty of time to draft their prenups in order to settle on an agreement they feel is truly reflective of cooperation and mutuality in their relationships. Remember, HelloPrenup recommends starting the prenup process three to six months before the wedding day.   


Scorpio is, without a doubt, one of the most mysterious, enigmatic, and magnetic signs of the zodiac. They are complex, intelligent, and not always easy to understand–especially due to their secretive nature. Because Scorpio is so secretive, they might be resistant to a prenup at first because they might not feel ready to disclose the details of their financial situations. However, it’s especially important for them to get a prenup precisely for that reason. 

In a relationship, it’s important to have important things out in the open, and the process of arranging a prenup provides a controlled structure within which Scorpios can practice putting all their cards on the table. In fact, Scorpios crave intimacy, but they also fear it. This fear is likely one of the guiding forces behind their secrecy. Therefore, a prenup can help them build more intimacy in their relationship by forcing them to be a little less secretive. 

This sign also may find themselves craving control. Drafting a prenup can help them to feel the sense of control they need to be comfortable. This is because a prenup involves explicitly clarifying financial goals and expectations in marriage. The clarity it affords can make financial matters feel more controllable and the future more predictable. 

Scorpio is a very protective sign, as well. Scorpio folks might have an extra-strong desire to protect their partners. Just as with Taurus, Scorpios might like to leverage their prenups as a way to protect their partners from their debt or from financial difficulties in case of divorce. 

Perhaps the most frugal sign of the zodiac, Scorpio doesn’t like spending money unnecessarily. They’ll be glad to find out that they can save $1,900 on their prenups by using Hello Prenup


This is one of the most adventurous and fun signs. With Sagittarius’ free-spiritedness comes fierce independence. It’s important for a Sagitarrius’ marriage and prenup to honor this side of them. Independent Sagittarius can really benefit from a prenup because they are the type who might like to keep some (or even most) assets separate in marriage. For them, getting married doesn’t have to mean merging every aspect of their lives; for a Sagittarius, a lifelong partner will understand and respect their need to feel like a sovereign individual within the relationship. A prenup allows them to specify which assets they’d like to keep separate even after they get married. 

Sagittarius partners also enjoy being the ones to make the rules. Therefore, they are apt to appreciate the fact that a prenup allows them to lay out the financial rules of their marriage in advance. However, Sagittarians may need to remind themselves of the fact that a prenup isn’t just about the rules they want; they also need to consider their partner’s wishes. Sagittarius’ argumentative nature can further complicate this process; they should focus on channeling that passionate energy into collaboration instead. Their partners, on the other hand, should remember that Sagittarius’ conflictive attitude is not personal–it’s just their nature and their way of figuring things out.

Of course, a big part of writing a prenup is planning out what will happen if you ever get divorced. For thrill-seeking Sagittarius, the main thing that can lead to divorce is if they stop feeling a sense of adventure within their relationship. As long as you work together to imbue your relationship with a feeling of novelty, you’re unlikely to ever need to enact the divorce-planning parts of your prenuptial agreement. 


Capricorns aim to keep their word. If you’re marrying a Capricorn, you can rest assured that they’re going to give your relationship their all. They are very ‘eyes on the prize’ and aren’t the type to get distracted and change their minds. Even when their relationships hit rough patches, as all relationships inevitably do from time to time, Capricorn partners are willful and determined to make things work. So why get a prenup, since this sign doesn’t seem likely to get divorced? 

Prenups can be really good for a Capricorn because of their preference for structure and goals. Capricorns appreciate structure a lot, and prenuptial agreements give structure to the financial aspects of marriage. This is indeed an important part of marriage for Capricorn, who values wealth and can be materialistic. Additionally, the conversations that come up as a result of arranging a prenuptial agreement prompt couples to talk seriously about their financial futures together. These conversations are excellent for cementing shared financial goals for the future. Few things turn Capricorn on as much as setting and achieving goals, so the conversations opened up by the prenup process are sure to bring a Capricorn and their partner closer together.


This is one of the signs that struggles the most with monogamy and long-term relationships. Aquarians have a deep need for freedom, they can be scared of intimacy, and they don’t usually like to give all their energy to one person. For this reason, some might say that Aquarius, in particular, needs a prenup. 

Aquarians are also among the most innovative signs, and they strongly prefer to march to the beat of their own drum. It is because of this characteristic that they are likely to seize the opportunity to write a prenup–if they fully understand what that entails. Couples who don’t write prenups themselves get a default prenup: the divorce laws of their state. That doesn’t sit well with Aquarius, and they’ll happily create their own agreement, customizing it to suit their specific situation rather than accept the laws of their state by default. Aquarians, in particular, will appreciate HelloPrenup’s platform, which allows them to build their own prenup according to the needs of their relationship. 


Pisces is a very creative and intuitive sign; therefore, Pisces folks will enjoy channeling their creativity into writing their own prenuptial agreements and suffusing them with thoughtful touches dictated by the nuances of their particular relationships. Prenups are also good for Pisces because, for all their sweetness, Pisces are very sensitive and even prone to feeling helpless at times. Prenups are a powerful tool for equalizing power dynamics in a relationship, which can empower Pisces in the process and keep feelings of helplessness at bay.


As you can see, all of the astrological signs can benefit from prenups in their own ways. Whatever you think of horoscopes and signs, a prenup is an excellent way to plan the financial side of your marriage, set boundaries, and goals, make contingency plans, and put your mind at ease for years to come. 

It’s nearly Thanksgiving, and you might be thinking about all the things you have to be grateful for this year–like your relationship. HelloPrenup has a Black Friday offer for $50 off your prenup this season, so you can invest in your partnership with a Thanksgiving prenup. Just create an account, go through the steps, and use the code Take50 at the checkout. 

You are writing your life story. Get on the same page with a prenup. For love that lasts a lifetime, preparation is key. Safeguard your shared tomorrows, starting today.
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