Quiz: Who’s Your Perfect Celebrity Match?

Jul 31, 2022 | New York Prenuptial Agreements, Relationships, Wedding

Congratulations! We’ve gotten all our favorite millennial celebrities together in a bid to win YOUR affection! Just kidding, you’re not on a reality tv show. But we have compiled a list of talented and charismatic millennial celebrities with a wide range of personalities and interests in order to bring you this fun, quirky quiz with a little lesson at the end. You’ll answer questions to find your perfect celebrity match, and then we’ll reflect on how this silly quiz highlights relationship dynamics you and your partner may be experiencing. Ready, set go!

Which of these sets of characteristics best describes you?

A. You are driven and purposeful, inspire others and make them laugh, and are comfortable in the spotlight.

B. You are an individualist who loves to get creative and innovate.

C. You are earnest, driven, and intense. You tend to do things with full force and then exhaust your energy.

D. You are a sociable but self-critical perfectionist with a new-age spiritual streak.

2. Which of these life philosophies do you most closely resonate with?

A. You strive to always be at your best, improve on your strengths, and work relentlessly in the direction of your goals.

B. You are very passionate about creativity, and you feel that one of the most important things you can do in life is inspire others to be creative.

C. You’re a big fan of nuance; you don’t see yourself or the world as neatly divided into categories of ‘this’ versus ‘that’.

D. You think relationships are the most important thing in life; you readily seek connection and mutual support with others.

3. What of the following sets of interests most closely mirrors yours?

A. Philanthropy, getting lost in a good book, and hanging out with dogs.

B. Writing, building community, and all things creative.

C. You love to sing and act; you can easily dive deep into a role you’re playing, even if it involves reckoning with the darker sides of human nature.

D. Spirituality, meditation, and manifestation.

4. What is something that you fear?

A. You fear failure and the feeling of worthlessness

B. You are afraid that humanity is on the brink of destroying itself

C. Seeing or hearing videos/audios of yourself

D. Being disliked by others

5. An attractive stranger has caught your eye. What are their physical attributes?

A. A wide, winning smile and beautiful thick hair

B. A lean, toned appearance and a face that screams ‘boyish charm’

C. Sculpted, angular features and muscles

D. Big lips and long, shiny hair


6. How would you approach a prenup?

A. You would offer your partner a very generous agreement in which they’d be entitled to significant assets.

B. Your family-oriented values combined with your creativity and zest for writing would likely lead to a unique prenuptial agreement with lifestyle clauses designed to prioritize family.

C. You may be wary initially, because you prefer to live in the moment and might see a prenup as unnecessarily taking a relationship out of the present moment.

D. Although you might hesitate to bring up a prenup for fear of upsetting your partner, It’s important to you (and perhaps your family as well) to protect the assets you earned prior to marriage, and you would likely insist on a prenup. 

To score your quiz, check which letter you selected most frequently. Here are the results:

Mostly A’s
Your celebrity match is Oprah! You and Oprah would likely understand each other for your shared passion, drive, strong sense of purpose, and ability to light up a room while inspiring others. During your down time, we’d probably find the two of you reading books aloud together with dogs on your laps. Because you both intensely fear failure, though, you could experience anxiety over small problems in your relationship that become exaggerated in your head and contribute to unnecessary tension. 

Mostly B’s
You and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are kindred spirits! You would easily bond over your open-mindedness and receptivity to new information alongside a passion for writing and all types of creativity. You may both be driven by a sense of urgency for the state of the world, and could accomplish amazing things when you put your heads together. You’re both family-oriented yet passionate about your careers, and could find that you would need to occasionally step back from your careers for the sake of family and your relationship.

Mostly C’s
We don’t know your current partner, but guess what–your real true love is actually Adam Driver. You both exude an intense authenticity, feel things deeply, and think critically without getting caught up in being on a particular ‘side’ of things. You both have a tendency to get things done in bursts of energy followed by periods of recuperation; this would potentially lead to conflict when attempting to collaborate and get things done as a couple at times when you’re in opposite phases of that energy cycle. 

Mostly D’s

You’re actually destined to be with…Ariana Grande! You and Ariana would appreciate one another for your hard-working, organized attitudes. You both stick to your word and cultivate reliability, which means that your relationship would be very trusting. You would probably have a lot of fun together out socializing with close friends, but you would also be able to connect over a shared proclivity for spiritual and meditative pursuits. However, since you both have perfectionist tendencies, you would need to take care not to expect the impossible of yourselves or one another in the context of a relationship.

Silliness aside, our little quiz also highlights what can go right and wrong when individuals who share many similar traits get together. For example, two reliable people will easily build a trusting relationship, and two people with strong senses of purpose will be able to deeply understand what drives each other. But on the flip side, two perfectionists may put strain on their relationship by becoming overly critical of themselves or each other, while two career-oriented creatives could fail to properly nurture their relationship. 

Commonalities are both a blessing and a curse, but becoming aware of how they play a role in both helping and hindering your relationship can be empowering. Sometimes the very commonalities that may lead you to butt heads in the first place can even be re-directed at resolving a conflict, instead. 

Do you and your partner have a lot in common? If so, in which ways do your commonalities challenge you or cause you to clash, and how can you use them to your advantage?


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