The Many Benefits of Being Active with your Partner!

Aug 12, 2022 | New York Prenuptial Agreements, Relationships, Wedding

Today’s society puts a major emphasis on health and fitness in ways past generations have not. A recent study found that around 76% of millennials say they try to exercise at least once per week, an increase from past generations such as the baby boomers (The Global Health & Fitness Association). Only 64% of baby boomers responded that they exercise once per week.

With the increase in activity and fitness, couples can use this shared interest as a method for bonding with their partners. Furthermore, activity and working out together can actually enhance your relationship in ways you might not have realized. If you’re thinking about beginning to workout with your partner, check out these exciting ways being active can enhance your relationship!

Changes the Way You View your Partner

Over time, it’s natural that your perception of your partner changes. Remember those feelings of butterflies and heart eyes you felt when you saw your partner in the beginning. After you’ve lived together for years, you might feel like you miss looking at your partner that way. The good news is that it’s possible to get that back.

Exercising with your partner is one way to change the way you view your partner. When you do things you enjoy together, it creates a special connection and shared bond. Plus, watching your partner improve their performance in the gym and work to better themselves is attractive. Perhaps this is why you see many fitness enthusiasts together! In addition, watching your partner be powerful and motivated can be extremely rewarding.

Not only can exercising together improve how you see your partner, but it can also enhance your personal self confidence. Self-care is extremely important. Without a solid foundation of caring for yourself, you cannot give your all to maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. Working out can also relieve future anxiety like meeting your partners family for the first time.

Improved Mental Health

Exercise and physical fitness has been known to help mental health. According to Dr. Shawna Charles (PhD in Psychology from Walden University), there’s a very clear correlation between good physical health and positive mental health. This happens through a variety of ways. First, exercise can help improve your stress levels, giving you an outlet to destress. This can indirectly affect your relationship with your partner, helping to reduce arguments with one another.

Furthermore, exercise has a profound positive effect on self-esteem and body image. Body image and self-esteem can cause insecurities which can impact how your partner feels and sees you. As you work together with your partner to achieve physical goals, you can both benefit mentally.

Exercise can improve your mood too. Many people have heard that exercise can release endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters which control our mood and feelings. If you’ve noticed a great mood post-workout, this might be why. Each person in the relationship can benefit front this individually. However, it can also help enhance your relationship. A happy mood for both partners leads to a happy relationship!

Spending Quality Time with One Another

When you think about spending quality time with your partner, exercising together is probably not one of the first things you think of. Perhaps you think about date nights or having dinner together. However, dates can take on a variety of shapes. What’s to say that going to the gym or going on walks together isn’t a date too? Date’s don’t need to take place at night!

If your love language is “quality time”, a great way to do this is through exercising together. This could be a simple walk around the block or a destination hike. Whatever floats your boat! Any type of exercise is spending quality time together. Skip the headphones and encourage each other to better one another. You’ll soon see how much this can improve your relationship.

Shared Interests

If fitness and activity is something you both enjoy, why not share this interest together? Perhaps one of you has a goal in the gym, maybe weight loss or building muscle. Whatever your goals are, your partner can be a great source of motivation and encouragement. In turn, you can bond over the shared interest together. Achieving goals together can bring you closer together.

In addition, if you struggle to find uninterrupted time to spend with one another, working out together is a great option. Rather than spending time out of each of your days doing it separately, do it together! While it could take a bit longer, it’s an effective way to fit quality time in everyday while also staying fit and healthy.

Working out together also gives you a chance to explore each other’s interests, together. This, in itself, is another bonding experience. Perhaps your partner loves boxing, but you’re into running. A healthy balance can allow you both to share your interests with one another. Plus, seeing your partner doing something you love can be quite attractive.

Added Benefits of Partner Exercise

Exercising with your partner can have even more benefits, beyond the ones listed above for your relationship. Couples that workout together are more likely to stay consistent, as having a buddy can be motivating. If you struggle to maintain motivation, your partner can help you stay motivated. In turn, you can see more fitness results in time.

Plus, if your partner is not currently into workouts, working out together can be a way to get them started. Perhaps they’re not willing to go on their own, but they will go with you. Your partner may be able to get you outside of your comfort zone in ways that a personal trainer may not be able to. There are many workout classes that can get you both out of your comfort zone, from SoulCycle to Barry’s Bootcamp!

Many studies have shown that regular physical activity can extend a person’s lifespan. One study found that regular exercise could extend the after life expectancy by at least 0.4 to 6.9 years. Not only can working out together improve your relationship, but it can also help you both life longer together. Now, that’s every couples dream!

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