2022 Weddings – Virtual, or Back to the Old Way?

May 2, 2022 | Prenuptial Agreements, Relationships, Second Marriages, Wedding

Many things have changed since the Covid-19 pandemic, and weddings were no stranger to these changes. Among the spread of coronavirus, couples with weddings planned during the pandemic had no other choice than to have a small wedding, virtual wedding, or postpone their wedding entirely. The days of large and lively weddings full of intimate moments were exchanged for virtual affairs and socially distanced gatherings of 20 people or fewer. 

In 2020 and 2021, some couples postponed their weddings while others embraced the changes. Though many of the changes to weddings were obligatory and unexpected, not all of it was bad. 

We’ve all had to adjust to a new normal, but as we look toward a Post-Covid future, what does that mean for the future of weddings? As covid regulations are finally starting to loosen up, here are a few things to expect from weddings in 2022. 

Bigger celebrations

A good portion of weddings in 2022 are weddings that had to be rescheduled from the last two years. Couples who had their wedding plans derailed are very eager to finally get together and celebrate. Though the coronavirus showed us how to organize smaller and more intimate social gatherings, many couples who are marrying in 2022 are ready to throw wedding celebrations that are bigger and better than ever.

Timothy Chi, the CEO of the well-known wedding planning website The Knot, told CNBC that couples are increasing their wedding budget and are “ready to go all out again”. He also predicts that soon-to-wed couples will want to make their wedding “more special” by investing in a second photographer, adding more exotic flowers, and increasing their guest count.

As big celebrations were put to a halt in 2020 and 2021, wedding planners and brides-to-be can breathe a sigh of relief that as of now, it seems like wedding plans will be able to resume some sense of normalcy. If you’re in or attending a wedding, expect to see bigger parties and larger gatherings, and if you’re planning a wedding yourself, know that 2022 is a BIG year for weddings.

Micro weddings 

Those who continued with their wedding plans in 2020 and 2021 held small and intimate gatherings known as micro weddings. While wedding planners expect to continue to see micro weddings in 2022, they won’t be the majority. As we move forward in the post-pandemic world, micro weddings will continue to be an option but no longer an obligation. Some couples thrive with the casualness of a small wedding. After all, smaller weddings are cheaper, less stressful, and more personal. 

Speaking of personal, wedding planners are seeing trends of couples planning weddings in nontraditional ways. Planner Tory Smith of Smith + James Events tells Brides.com, “The whole industry is moving away from cookie-cutter weddings and we’re here for it.”  One way to have an unconventional wedding is to choose to have a smaller and more intimate wedding even when you’re no longer required to.

With a micro wedding, couples also don’t run into the trouble of securing a venue. Restaurants, cafes, bars, and many other unique locations can accommodate smaller wedding parties.

Though weddings used to be celebrated in mostly traditional ways, we should both expect and embrace the unexpected in 2022.

Hybrid weddings

Hosting a hybrid wedding is another fad that’s expected to stay long after the pandemic. Hybrid weddings allow couples to create a combination of an in-person and virtual wedding experience. These weddings consist of having a limited in-person guest list while offering a virtual broadcast to loved ones who choose to view the ceremony from home. 

Wedding planners estimated that 40% of weddings during the pandemic were hybrid weddings. While virtually broadcasting a wedding was vital for safety reasons during the pandemic, it remains a good option for some couples. There’s a lot of convenience and safety in being able to tune in virtually. Some friends and family who are older or have health concerns may not be able to physically attend weddings, so the ability to livestream it allows them to still feel included. Virtually broadcasting your wedding also helps save money on guest expenses and travel costs. So while it’s highly unlikely that couples will opt for a 100% virtual wedding in 2022, it’s likely that they’ll continue to incorporate hybrid features into their wedding.

Many weddings will continue to be outdoors

Covid-19 has definitely changed how people feel about crowding together in small spaces. And due to continued safety measures, outdoor wedding venues will likely continue to be preferred over indoor venues. Outdoor venues don’t just provide safety and comfort, they offer couples many wedding theme possibilities. Garden weddings and destination weddings are just two outdoor wedding trends on the rise. 

Though outdoor weddings are safer than indoor weddings, it’s still smart to take precautions for the safety and comfort of your guests. Wedding planner Stefanie Cove of Stefanie Cove & Co told Vogue that incorporating open-air tents (with no walls) into your wedding plans is a good way to add comfort (and style) to your outdoor wedding theme. 

2022 weddings will be more expensive 

There are many different ways to plan a wedding in 2022, but there’s one thing that’s known for sure, weddings in 2022 will be more difficult to plan and will cost more money. As a record-high 2.6 million U.S weddings are expected to occur in 2022, wedding vendors and venues are becoming overbooked and having to increase prices. Due to changes in supply and demand, couples wanting to wed this year will likely have to spend more on flowers, photographers, and DJs. And while couples are finally given more leeway as Covid restrictions are being lifted, they’re seeing more push back from vendors and venues who just can’t fit them into their schedule. 

Though 2022 will be a difficult year to plan and budget a wedding, fortunately, it’s predicted that wedding planning will return to its normal schedule in a couple of years. Come 2024, wedding expenses are expected to decline. But for couples scheduled to walk down the aisle this year, making changes to wedding plans may not be the worst idea. Thankfully, in 2022, many different styles of weddings exist and are completely acceptable. Covid may have revolutionized the wedding industry, but in some ways that isn’t entirely a bad thing. 

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