2022’s Hottest Wedding Trends!

Jul 14, 2022 | California Prenuptial Agreements, Relationships, Wedding

It’s been a long time coming, but weddings are finally back and in full force! 

Venues and vendors had a tough go of it with everything on hiatus, but that didn’t stop lovestruck couples from getting engaged anyway. So much so that now the great venue shortage is occurring with a big backlog of weddings to work through! With this, it’s safe to say the industry is booming again and spots are going fast!

Now’s the best time to plan your perfect wedding. Here are the top wedding trends of 2022 to help guide you towards the wedding of your dreams!

Destination and Weekend Weddings

The past few years were tough on the jet setters. Future newlyweds are cashing in on overdue vacation plans now by hosting weekend-long weddings or destination weddings. Whether it’s a drive to the perfect rustic getaway or a plane ride to the tropics, folks are more eager than ever to get away and get some hard-earned relaxation. A destination wedding may take more planning and expenses but with healthy communication, you and your partner can have your dream wedding!

Opt for a weekend destination wedding for a more intimate and relaxed feel, after all – you are on vacation!

Did someone say Maui😍?

Weekday Weddings

When restrictions were lifted, all the postponed weddings from the past two years swooped in and scooped up the weekend dates fast. Even pre-pandemic, anyone who’s planned a wedding knows that the dates go fast!

How did newly engaged couples respond? Weekday weddings, of course.

Many newly engaged couples are taking advantage of reduced rates and taking off of work on a weekday to tie the knot. Not only do weekday weddings make it easier to clinch a date, but the vendors are less likely to have prior engagements of conflicts also.

Just make sure to check with your boss about that PTO before you RSVP to a weekday wedding!

Themed Weddings

There’s nothing wrong putting together all your favorite things and creating a style that’s uniquely yours. Some couples prefer to incorporate a theme to the wedding and make the experience more cohesive.

Themes might be as simple as using sunflowers for summer outdoor weddings, pumpkins and rust palettes for an autumn affair, or shimmering crystals, blues, and whites for a winter wonderland wedding.

A new and popular choice for 2022 draws inspiration from the hit Netflix drama series Bridgerton, a timepiece set in Regency-era England that follows a collection of colorful characters as they navigate love, romance, and the social season.

Bridgerton-inspired weddings call for elegance in every detail. Think puffed sleeves, corsets, lace, and bows for dresses, while the decor should be understated soft pastel and Prussian blues on white. Juxtapose verdant greens with wood tones and pure white accents for a refined sophistication.

For a special touch, hire a calligraphist to handwrite all wedding and ceremony literature for your guests. This adds another touch of elegance and further features what would’ve been present in the Regency-era.

Virtual Save-the-Dates

Virtual save-the-dates have been literal life savers during the pandemic, and a popular alternative to schlepping down to the stationary store and creating custom cards only to have the date postponed over and over again. What a hassle!

Like wedding websites, virtual save-the-dates can be customized from the comfort of your couch, altered and updated in real time, and they reach your guests in seconds.

Plus, now your guests don’t need postage to let you know if they’re choosing the meat or vegan option!

Rethinking Bridesmaids Dresses

Traditionally there is always the bridesmaid dress dilemma that requires a matching dress for only one occasion! Thankfully now new trends are being shared, liked, and recycled regularly to guide us towards our perfect Pinterest wedding. Bridesmaids dresses are no exception to this.

Non-matching ensembles are in, and bridal parties are having loads of fun putting together a stunning and multifarious collection of dresses that feature different shades and styles.

Bridesmaids jumpsuits are very popular now too. Not only do they look great in the photos, but the bridesmaids are more comfortable too!

Wedding Dress Alternatives

The bridesmaids aren’t the only ones dispensing with the old to make way for the new. Many modern brides are trading the veil and dress combo of yesteryear in favor of more chic and contemporary alternatives.

Two-piece outfits and bridal separates are all the rage right now. Confident and fashionable brides are more often sporting show stopping looks that show some skin on the stroll down the aisle. Bridal jumpsuits are popular too, providing a modern aesthetic that works seamlessly with all dress codes including black tie formal.

Statement Headpieces and Hats

Brides who have dreamed of their perfect princess wedding love tiaras, but this year they’re looking to supersize the headwear. Statement headpieces including golden halos, giant vintage hair pins, and bespoke crowns contribute to a magnificent look that commands everyone’s attention in the room.

If you’re more of a hat person, you’re in luck. Hats have never been bigger, both as a trend and literally they are humongous! Hats are a risk so be sure to consult a stylist or a trusted bestie before donning something outrageous on your wedding day. That goes double for you, gentlemen!

For the best of both worlds, try out a clip-in fascinator for an elegant and sophisticated accouterment. Some bridal fascinators will even include a veil draped down for a little touch of traditionalism that meshes best with your dress.


Our modern society has never been more aware of our effect on the planet. Sustainability and implementing eco-friendly practices is now no longer reserved for corporations practicing ethical responsibility, but for conscientious couples as well.

Sustainable weddings think beyond that special day and look forward to how items may be repurposed, reused, or recycled. Couples are selecting vendors that use greener production, caterers with plastic-free options, and virtual save-the-dates to help reduce the event’s footprint They’re also donating flowers to nursing homes, children’s hospitals, and women’s shelters so the usually discarded touch of beauty can brighten the day of someone in need.

Just because you’re hosting a grand affair doesn’t mean you can’t have a positive impact on the world too. Sustainability is trending now, and we’re glad to see it so widely used in weddings everywhere.

Prenuptial Agreements

Modern couples are signing prenups now more than ever, and for good reason

Contemporary couples are getting married later in life, allowing ample time to accumulate assets, wealth, and debt. It’s prudent to broach the topic of prenuptial agreements and finances prior to tying the knot to make sure both future spouses stay on the same page.

Here’s how you can get started today.

Breaking Tradition

There have been many diverse and colorful trends so far in 2022 and many are reinventing the very definition of a “modern” wedding. 

Couples have full creative control to create their dream wedding, especially if plans were halted during the pandemic.

To that we say:

Wear that dress, that hat, or that insanely tall crown. Rock that jumpsuit. 

Do anything and everything you want and bring that dream wedding to life.

You deserve it.

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