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Jul 8, 2022 | Prenuptial Agreements, Texas Prenups, Wedding

Is there a bridal shower in your future? A bridal shower is a fun tradition to gather with the important women in your life. Besides the fun games and good times, you’ll get showered with gifts! Putting together your registry is important to do in advance of the wedding, but also before the bridal shower. Many guests will check your wedding registry first to select a bridal shower gift.

Preparing your registry helps ensure you’ll receive the gifts you truly want. While bridal showers and wedding gifts were once all physical items, much has changed in the wedding industry recently. Today, people request all types of different presents for their bridal shower or wedding. Whether this is gift cards to your favorite stores or restaurants, a honeymoon fund, activity-based items, or a home improvement fund, you’ve got a lot of options!

Not sure what you would put on your registry? Check out these ideas for inspiration below!

What’s on Trend for Bridal Shower Gifts in 2022?

Every year, bridal shower and wedding gift trends change based on the needs of newlywed couples. Today, many couples cohabitate before they marry. In the past, more couples would wait to move in together until after marriage. As such, many of the items requested as wedding and bridal shower gifts were items needed for the home. This includes things like bedding, sheets, and new towels. However, many modern couples already live together before marriage. This means they may already have everything they need for their home.

If you and your partner already cohabitate, you’ve got a few options. Many brides use their bridal registry as an opportunity to upgrade to bigger and better versions of things they already have. While they may not be necessities, it’s a fun time to pamper yourself with items you wouldn’t normally spend on. Request those 1000 thread count sheets or the cordless vacuum! This is your chance to let others splurge on your behalf.

If you and your partner plan on moving soon, you can also consider items you’re going to need. Upgrading from a small apartment to a three-bedroom home? Chances are you’re going to need more things. If you don’t already have a place in mind, it might be difficult to determine what exactly you’ll need. That is why many couples request general gift cards from home stores and home improvement stores. Some registry services also allow you to create cash “funds” which you can title “new home funds”.

When selecting bridal shower gifts to give or request, think about the practicality of the items. Is this something you’ll use once? If so, think again. Requesting practical gifts is more trendy than ever before, as the minimalist movement continues. If you truly don’t need more stuff, there’s always the option to request cash funds or adventure funds. This has grown in popularity too, given that more couples travel than ever before.

1.   HelloPrenup Gift Card

Today, it’s totally acceptable to request gift cards for specialty items you and your fiance want.

One unique option is to request a HelloPrenup Gift Card!

The total cost for HelloPrenup’s prenup service is $599 per couple, and gift cards are available in $100 denominations, from $99 all the way to $599.By giving this gift card your friends and family can feel good about giving you a gift that sets you and your partner up for security!

Although prenups have historically gotten a bad rap, but realistically this agreement can protect both you and your spouse and also prompt important questions about your future together. And you know…there’s no better feeling than being on the same page with your partner!

2.  Books or Card Games

Examples include: The Adventure Challenge- Couples EditionThis trendy adventure book is the perfect book for soon-to-be-married couples. This trending book has been shown on many social media accounts recently. If you’re an adventurous couple, this book offers so much fun. The book features 50 ideas to scratch off to keep new exciting ideas coming. Each mystery date idea will create memories that last a lifetime. Or a introspective card game like We’re Not Really Strangers that supplies you with prompts to deep questions.

3.   Luggage and Travel Items

Planning your honeymoon? Request all of your travel and luggage needs as bridal shower gifts. Not only will this help you save money, but you’ll receive practical gifts you can truly put to good use. Luggage can get expensive, so use your bridal shower as an opportunity to request high-quality luggage. This will last you years of vacations and trips! Other travel items to consider requesting include passport holders, carry-on bags, travel pillows, and more.

4.   Engagement Ring Stand, Tree, or Dish

Every new bride needs a safe place to store their engagement and wedding rings when they’re not being worn. Keeping a designated safe spot ensures your rings won’t get lost or fall into a sink or trash can! Request a cute and stylish tree, dish, or ring stand for your rings. This fun gift is practical and different from many traditional bridal shower gifts.

Etsy offers many handmade and unique options for engagement ring stands and dishes.

5.   Board Games

Do you and your fiance enjoy entertaining? If so, request some of the best board games for groups and parties. Popular board games for groups, such as Cards Against Humanity, are a fun activity to bring guests together. You’ll be able to host game nights for the first time as husband and wife. Board games are a great thing to put on your bridal registry so you don’t need to buy them yourself.

Another new group board game, known as Rabble, has become a popular party game. Try requesting this on your wedding gift list!

6.   Cookware and Bakeware

For the couple who loves to cook, you can never go wrong with cookware or bakeware. Over time, poor-quality cookware looks beaten and worn. Use your wedding registry as an opportunity to request high-quality kitchenware that will last you throughout your whole marriage. Ever hear your parents say “I’ve had that since I’ve gotten married”? If so, they must have received quality cookware that has lasted them years of use!

Glass bakeware tends to hold up well over time. For more ideas on the best cookware and bakeware in 2022, check out this Food Network inspiration blog.

7.   Floral Preservation

Many brides are opting to create their wedding bouquet into the pressed piece of artwork they can enjoy on their walls every day. Pressed Florals offers services that dry and preserve the bride’s bouquet, turning it into a beautiful piece of artwork. This service has really grown in popularity amongst new brides. However, it can get costly depending on the size of the frame you’d like. Pressed Florals offers gift cards, which is a great thing to add to your bridal shower gift list.

Giving Bridal Shower Gifts

Are you not the one getting married? Attending a bridal shower soon? Use some of these best bridal shower gifts as inspiration to give the bride-to-be. If they don’t have a wedding registry, these are awesome gifts that every woman will love. Or, maybe you’re looking for a unique gift that is different than those listed on the registry.

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