What Type of Wedding Hairstyle Should I Have?

Apr 9, 2023 | Wedding

Everyone talks about the wedding dress, but what about the wedding hair? Hair plays a huge role in the appearance and can completely change your bridal look depending on how you do it. For example, if you go for a sleek, chic, tight updo, it gives off a much different vibe than natural, loose waves. 

But with so many hairstyle options to choose from, it can be A LOT to decide which wedding hairstyle is best for you. In this blog, we will walk you through the process of choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle for your big day.


Different wedding hairstyles to choose from

Let’s dive right into some of the most popular wedding hairstyles:


An updo is a classic wedding hairstyle that involves pulling the hair up in some way, away from the face. There are many different types of updos, including braided updos, twisted updos, and classic chignon updos.

wedding hair in an updo with accessories

Half up, half down

This style combines the best of both worlds, with some of the hair pulled up and away from the face and the rest left down to create a romantic and effortless look.

wedding hair that is half up and half down with loose waves


Braids are a popular wedding hairstyle that can be incorporated into a variety of different looks. From bohemian braids to braided updos, there are many different ways to rock a braid.

wedding hair updo with braids


A sleek ponytail can be a chic and sophisticated wedding hairstyle, especially when paired with statement earrings or a bold lip.

wedding hair in a ponytail with a ribbon

Loose waves

This relaxed and effortless hairstyle is perfect for a beach wedding, casual wedding, or outdoor wedding. It creates a natural and romantic look that is both stylish and comfortable (no bobby pins poking you all night!).

loose waves in wedding hair

Hair accessories 

Regardless of the style you end up choosing, you may want to add some hair accessories. For example, a diamond-studded flower headband on a pixie cut would look gorgeous! Or a floral barrette for loose waves to round out the boho vibe. 

wedding hair updo with a headband accessory

Adding extensions

While extensions themselves are not the actual hairstyle, it’s still worth mentioning. You may want to add extensions to your hair if you have thinner hair, shorter hair, or just want to add volume! You can add extensions and have loose waves or a sleek ponytail – whatever you prefer. The extensions will simply add a level of fullness that you may not have naturally.

long wedding hair with extensions

Tips for selecting the perfect wedding hairstyle

Still lost as to what hairstyle you should choose? Well, look no further because we’ve gathered a list of tips to help you choose the perfect hairstyle for you!  

Consider Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is the centerpiece of your bridal look. The style of your dress can help you determine the right hairstyle. If you have a strapless or a low-back dress, an updo is a perfect choice to showcase the beautiful design. A high-neck or long-sleeved dress pairs well with a half-up, half-down style or a loose braid. 

Think About Your Venue

The location of your wedding can also impact your hairstyle choice. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you may want to opt for a more natural look that can withstand the heat or cold (or rain or other weather!). If you’re getting married in a ballroom or a more formal setting, a more polished and elegant look may be better suited. 

Determine Your Hair Type

Your hair type is also an essential factor when choosing your wedding hairstyle. If you have thick hair, an updo or a braided style can hold your hair in place and keep it looking neat. If you have fine hair, a voluminous updo or a half-up, half-down style can add fullness and create a beautiful look. Your stylist can recommend products and techniques that will work best for your hair type.

Consider Your Face Shape

Your face shape is another important factor when deciding on a wedding hairstyle. For example, for the round-faced girlies, an updo with height at the crown can create the illusion of a longer face. If you have a heart-shaped face, a side-swept style can soften the angles of your face. Your hairstylist can help you determine which styles will best flatter your face shape.

Take Inspiration from Your Personal Style

Your personal style is a reflection of who you are. Your wedding hairstyle should represent who you are and your personal style. If you’re someone who loves a messy bun, a loose and undone updo may be perfect for you. If you’re more of a classic bride, a sleek and polished updo will be a better choice. Take inspiration from your everyday style to help you determine what will make you feel the most comfortable and confident on your big day. 

Remember, if you NEVER wear your hair down but try to pull that off on your wedding day, you may find yourself deeply regretting it (constantly pushing your hair behind your ears, sweating, etc.).


Planning for your wedding hairstyle

Okay, so you’ve decided on a sleek and chic ponytail (or some other great option) for your special day, but now what? 

We suggest you put together a wedding hairstyle schedule to make sure you are fully prepared. 

Step 1: First thing to do is start researching hair stylists who will be able to recreate your ideal wedding hairstyle. You might start by asking friends and family for recommendations or going straight to Instagram to scope out the local stylists. You can search by your location or a certain hashtag (#ChicagoWeddingHair #WeddingHairstylistNewYork). This may help you find stylists in your area whose work you approve of. Good old Google search is also a great way to find wedding hair stylists. 

Step 2: Three to four months before the wedding, book a trial run appointment. Some people say you can do this a month or so before the wedding, but we think the sooner, the better. This will give you plenty of time to look for a new hairstylist if the trial run doesn’t go to plan. 

Step 3: If the trial run goes great, then secure your wedding day slot with the hairstylist. Booking months in advance is ideal for making sure your hairstylist is available for your big day.

Step 4: Four to six weeks before the wedding day, get a hair trim (or any other professional services, such as curling, straightening, adding extensions, etc.). 

Step 5: Two weeks before the wedding, get your color touched up (balayage, highlights, full color, etc.). 

Step 6: One to two weeks before the wedding day, confirm with your wedding hairstylist that the appointment is still good to go and hash out any last-minute details. This may include what time you want the hairstylist to arrive, if they will be doing anyone else’s hair and the timeline for the wedding day in general. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about wedding hairstyles

You may still have lingering questions. We’ve got answers. See some FAQs about wedding hairstyles below.

Q: Can I do my wedding hair myself? 

A: Of course! This is your day, and anything goes. There are tons of online tutorials that you can use to practice different styles and find one you love and feel comfortable doing. We also recommend doing a few of your own trial runs a few months leading up to the wedding to ensure that you like it. 


Q: Can I wear my hair down for my wedding?

A: Of course, you can do whatever your heart desires on your wedding day! However, keep in mind that it can be more difficult to keep your hair looking neat and in place throughout the day when it’s down.


Q: How far in advance should I schedule my hair trial?

A: It’s recommended to schedule your hair trial at least three months before your big day to ensure that you have enough time to make any changes or find a new hairstylist if the trial run doesn’t pan out.


Q: Can I add hair extensions to my wedding hairstyle?

A: Yes, hair extensions can add length and volume to your hair and can be incorporated into many different wedding hairstyles.


Q: How do I choose the right hair accessories for my wedding hairstyle?

A: When looking for hair accessories for your wedding hairstyle, consider the look of your dress and your personal style. You can choose from a variety of accessories, such as tiaras, hair combs, and floral crowns.


Q: Should my bridesmaids get their hair done, too? 

A: Unless you are paying for the hair stylist to do all of your bridesmaids’ hair, then it should be optional. Not every bridesmaid will want to fork up $150+ on a wedding day hairstyle for your big day, and that’s okay! Give them the option, and let them make the choice.


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