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Watch our CEO, Julia Rodgers and CTO, Sarabeth Jaffe dive into the tank and fight for HelloPrenup. Will any Sharks take the bait?
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5 Grown up To-Do’s For Right Now

“There’s nothing unsexy and unromantic like a prenuptial agreement. But it’s necessary paperwork to protect your assets, especially if you have property or independent wealth. You can use online resources like Hello Prenup”Read More

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The Day I Ventured Out – Sarabeth Jaffe, Co-Founder and CTO of HelloPrenup

“In February 2021, I recognized the need for innovation in the prenup market– millennials are getting engaged and we demand modern solutions for everything we do! The traditional prenup process of vetting 2 divorce attorneys, paying uncapped hourly rates, and waiting months… all while planning a wedding… is the opposite of what we want!”

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