HelloPrenup was featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank”  

Shark Tank is a critically acclaimed and multi-Emmy® Award-winning entrepreneurial-themed reality show.

Watch our CEO, Julia Rodgers and CTO, Sarabeth Jaffe dive into the tank and fight for HelloPrenup. Will any Sharks take the bait?

CTO & Co-founder Sarabeth Jaffe is one of Seattle’s biggest and brightest young entrepreneurs

Sarabeth Jaffe, a software engineer by trade, created HelloPrenup, a digital platform for couples to handle their finances before marriage. She partnered with family law attorney Julia Rodgers, pitched the idea on ABC’s Shark Tank and raised $150,000 in funding. – Read More

HelloPrenup Unveils Innovative 2023 Prenuptial Insights

HelloPrenup, is a new force in the legal tech industry. In the latest development, the company released industry leading prenuptial agreement research and insight report of 2023. Read More..

CEO Julia Rodgers, Esq. included in “FastCase 50 Honorees” Awarded by vLex


This award honors the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries, and, lawyers, and leaders.

While many couples may see the value in entering into a prenuptial agreement, the process can be daunting for those burdened with wedding planning stress and facing financial pressure. That’s why Julia Rodgers invented HelloPrenup, a step-by-step cloud application allowing users to work through the necessary questions and negotiations to generate a prenup automatically. – Read more


LegalZoom Co-Founder Joins HelloPrenup as an Advisor, Investor

“Prenuptial agreement solutions provider HelloPrenup announced on Monday that LegalZoom co-founder Brian Liu joined the company as an investor and adviser.” – Read more.

Here’s why more millennials are getting prenups

What’s behind the shift, plus advice on drafting your prenup without ruining your relationship.” – Read more.

Here’s Why Everyone Should Get a Prenuptial Agreement Before Getting Married

“Till death do us apart’ might be many brides’ and grooms’ favorite wedding toast, but there are many couples who part ways before the grave.” – Read more.

What Is a Prenup? Here’s How to Get One

“Couples may have student debt or own businesses, or perhaps they want a marriage with financial transparency,” muses Rodgers. “Prenups set realistic expectations in a marriage, acting as a tool for communication.”Read More

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Prenups Aren’t Just for Rich People Anymore

“It really facilitates the financial conversations, the life-goals conversations, that you may otherwise be ignoring or brushing under the rug,” the company’s founder, Julia Rodgers.”Read More

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Prenuptial agreements aren’t just for the rich. Here’s what you should know

“Julia Rodgers, the CEO and founder of HelloPrenup, an online platform for creating prenuptial agreements, said the agreements can be beneficial to both sides, not just the spouse who is wealthier.” – Read More

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Shark Tank deal: Founders of prenup company land cash from Mr. Wonderful and Nextdoor founder

“After the co-founders of HelloPrenup launched their startup earlier this year virtually, they finally had a chance to meet face-to-face. It happened to be just one day before the entrepreneurs pitched their idea on ABC’s Shark Tank in July.” – Read More

Legal tech gets its day on ‘Shark Tank’ with prenup platform

“The legal technology sector has made an appearance on primetime television, with ABC’s “Shark Tank” hosting the founders of a company marketing prenuptial agreements that don’t require the advice of a lawyer.” – Read More

Legal tech company featured on ‘Shark Tank’ experiences big bump in business

“Rodgers says one of the primary reasons she started building HelloPrenup was because many clients, particularly millennials, wondered why there wasn’t a way for them to negotiate directly with their partners about prenups without having to first hire a lawyer.” Read More

HelloPrenup founders featured in ABA Journal

Boston-based Hello Prenup negotiates deal on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’

“Hello Prenup is the first digital platform to allow couples to create a prenuptial agreement in hours, instead of months and for a fraction of the cost,” explained co-founder Julia Rodgers, a family lawyer.” – Watch here

HelloPrenup Appears on ABC’s Shark Tank

“[HelloPrenup] allows couples to answer a questionnaire and, ultimately, draft a prenuptial agreement for $599—a fraction of what it might cost to enlist an attorney to do so.” – Read More

The Day I Ventured Out – Sarabeth Jaffe, Co-Founder and CTO of HelloPrenup

“I recognized the need for innovation in the prenup market– millennials are getting engaged and we demand modern solutions for everything we do! The traditional prenup process of vetting 2 divorce attorneys, paying uncapped hourly rates, and waiting months… all while planning a wedding… is the opposite of what we want!” – Read More

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Demystifying Prenups: The Prenup Coach’s Informative Webinar With Special Guest & CEO of HelloPrenup, Julia Rodgers

“We’re honored to have Julia Rodgers on board for our September 15 session. As a seasoned family law attorney and the founder of HelloPrenup, Julia brings unparalleled expertise and insights to the table. Her passion for making the process of getting a prenup transparent and stress-free will be invaluable to attendees.” – Kaylin Dillon, The Prenup Coach .. Read More..
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Massachusetts lawyer’s HelloPrenup gets its shot on Shark Tank

“We always recommend that couples start talking about their prenup as soon as they get engaged, or even before. You need ample time to make sure you are both on board with the concept of a prenup, to discuss the details, and then get it drafted and signed,” – Read More

The Swellesley Report on HelloPrenup

HelloPrenup finalizes its Shark Tank deal

We are selling prenuptial agreements, but I think most importantly, we’re providing people with free resources to find information that they need,” Rodgers said. “There is no other comprehensive resource for prenups out there.” – Read More

HelloPrenup founders featured in BizWomen

With prenup app, Massachusetts attorney, partner score deal on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’

“There are many areas of law where the consumer — the client — can’t afford legal services and then gets shut out,” Rodgers says. “I think legal tech is an opportunity to try and democratize legal services in a way that allows more people to afford those services.” Read More

HelloPrenup featured in MA lawyers weekly

Disrupting Divorce and Getting Hitched to Some Sharks

“HelloPrenup is an online platform designed to help couples collaborate on creating their own prenuptial agreements. Rodgers, a family attorney, and Jaffe, a software engineer, joined forces to create an easy-to-use and collaborative tool that delivers a high-quality, customized contract at a fraction of what an attorney would charge for a prenuptial agreement.” Read More

Lioness Magazine Female entrepreneurs

Fresh off ‘Shark Tank,’ they’re out to disrupt divorce

“Rodgers, a Suffolk Law School graduate, got the idea for HelloPrenup while working as a family law attorney in Boston. Part of her job included conversations with clients looking for prenuptial agreements. In those discussions, she noticed a few things. Often, couples that had simple prenuptial terms would walk away wondering why they needed a divorce lawyer. Others waited until right before their wedding, and wouldn’t have enough time to get it done. And price was an issue: An agreement could run upwards of $5,000.” – Boston Globe

HelloPrenup founders

5 Grown up To-Do’s For Right Now

“There’s nothing unsexy and unromantic like a prenuptial agreement. But it’s necessary paperwork to protect your assets, especially if you have property or independent wealth. You can use online resources like Hello Prenup”Forbes

Prenups and Tax time