17 Underrated Couples Costumes for Halloween

Oct 27, 2022 | dating, marriage, Relationships

Halloween is creeping up on us. Have you decided on a costume?

If you’re like us, we’ve been eagerly preparing all year to be the best-dressed ghouls at our local haunt; of course, we need a costume to boot. Whether you choose to dress it up solo or coordinate with your partner, we’ve got something for everyone.

How to Choose the Best Couples Halloween Costume—and Stand Out!

Now, in case you didn’t know, there’s an equation to choosing the most popular Halloween costume of the year. In general, people tend to pull costume ideas from:

  1. The “Most Popular” Netflix Shows/Movies. Top Gun, Scream, and the latest Jurassic Park movie topped the charts in 2022. There’s no doubt you’ll be seeing a fair share of hot pilots, tempting ghouls, and T-Rexes wandering the streets.
  2. Viral Memes or Videos. People love sarcasm and humor, and Halloween provides the perfect stage to act out. This year we’ve seen hordes hate on Moribus, donning the phrase “It’s Morbin’ time!” We’re fully expecting to see a lot of Jared Leto creatures crawling around to poke humor at the box office failure. Now, this is just one example. Let us not forget other Hall of Famers that graced the internet this year. Remember Adam Levine’s cringe Instagram messages? Yes, we can guarantee you’ll be catching these awkward lines in a walking meme this Halloween.
  3. Each other! There’s no better costume than the one you and your partner share an inside joke with. Do you and your SO get mistaken for a celeb duo? Fully commit to the role for a Halloween party or two!

No worries if you wait till the last minute to DIY your costume. Chances are you can easily throw something together with a few ideas from this list. 

Our favorite is number three for obvious reasons.

See you on the spooky side!

Underrated Couples Halloween Costumes

  1. Velociraptor and Jurassic Park employee. You’re in for a Jurassic time if you and your partner costume it up as a dino and dino caretaker. Give us your best roar, and watch out for your tail. Those things are more destructive than you think.
  2. The Incredibles. Saving the world never looked better than in red spandex with your partner in heroism. Don two superhero suits to conquer Halloween (don’t forget the masks to conceal your identities).
  3. A Lawyer and a Prenup. Possibly the least spooky costume on the list, dress up as a lawyer and a prenup this Halloween. Or maybe an incorrectly done prenup? There’s nothing scarier than losing assets!
  4. Jack-o-lantern and a Witch. Got an old pumpkin lying around? Carve up a new head and get witchy with this couple’s Halloween costume. If your partner doesn’t want to lug around a hefty pumpkin head all night, you can substitute orange face paint or a blow-up alternative.
  5. Burning Man Festival Goers. Walk around in desert-esque club clothes and ski goggles, asking people the way to the main stage to complete this look. Better yet, roll around in some dust and don’t shower for days, and you’ve got this nailed.
  6. The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. Why not confuse the public a bit by dressing up with a different holiday mascot? The Easter Bunny and Santa are never to be expected on a creepy Halloween night; make things interesting. Hand out eggs instead of candy.
  7. The Matrix Duo. Follow the white rabbit this Halloween. This look is easily DIY-able with a black bomber jacket, black pants, shoes, and the original black-out sunglasses. Appear as though you’re questioning all aspects of this world for the added edge.
  8. The Office Couple. The cult-classic TV show, The Office, has a few hilarious couple costume ideas. If you want to aim for a cookie-cutter, perfect couple– dress up as Jim and Pam. If you’d like to shake things up a bit, we recommend Dwight and Angela or maybe even Kevin and his pot of chili.
  9. Dress up as each other. One viral trend this year showed partygoers dressing up as their significant others– and the outcomes were hilarious. Snag any clothing items from your partner’s closet (with their consent), toss on a wig, and get your facial hair looking sexy and suave when you step out this Halloween.
  10. Shrek and Donkey. No Halloween is complete without Shrek. Yes, you may be a repeat costume offender. Yes, there may be another couple dressed similarly to you. But, as the once great Lord Farquad once said, “Some of you may [dress in the same couples costume], but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.”
  11. Colonel Sanders and Chicken. Perhaps the most unorthodox costume recommendation, yet, one of the most hilarious. You’ll need a business suit, white wig, and beard for the Colonel, and it’s up to your creativity on how you dress up as a chicken. Please, send us the final result– we’re hungr- I mean dying to see it.
  12. An Artist and his Masterpiece. Picasso, Van Gogh, Da Vinci– simply choose any great artisan and parrot their famous art piece. Have your outfit speak for itself, or make a paper picture frame to carry around to make your own masterpieces anywhere you go.
  13. Amazon Delivery Worker and Delivery Package. We swear that this costume is perfectly innocent unless you make it spicy. One half dresses up as a normal delivery driver, while the other can be a set of stacked boxes or a plastic-wrapped package. They sell amazon shirts online, or you can stick a name tag to any business casual attire and call it good.
  14. Old Couple. Foam curlers, nightgowns, and slippers? It’s a relaxing evening, but you’re in your 60s with your soulmate. The best renditions of this costume are when couples go full-drag mode. Maybe you’ll qualify for a senior discount as well.
  15. Stranger Things Couple. Chrissie and Eddie were a match made in heaven for about a day until Vecna maliciously stole her soul and sucked her into the upside down. Anyways, all tragedies aside, channel your inner Stranger Things with any duo from the show: Eleven and Eggos, Vecna and a clock, or Joyce and Hopper.
  16. Inventing Anna and the Tinder Swindler. This is another costume that can be thrown together in a few seconds with items in your closet. Anna Sorokin was a famous scammer in N.Y.C. and the Tinder Swindler, known on social media as Simon Leviev, scammed his way through multiple women’s hearts and wallets all over the world. These two would definitely need a prenup if they ever tied the knot.
  17. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Pam and Tommy blew up shortly after the show aired on Netflix, and after Tommy Lee’s saucy Instagram post, you can say things stayed up. Pamela Anderson has so many iconic looks to copy you’ll look like a total movie star on Halloween. Plus, Tommy Lee’s chaotic, bad-boy, rockstar attitude would be a bit entertaining to try on for one night.


There you have it, folks—the most original costumes of this year, plus a few classics that could never be understated. We hope your costume choice is as epic as your holiday.

Happy Halloween!

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