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Explore real-world success stories of businesses that partnered with HelloPrenup. In this curated collection of case studies, discover how collaborating with HelloPrenup not only strengthened partnerships but also significantly boosted revenue for both parties.

At HelloPrenup, we believe in the power of collaboration and the positive impact it can have on businesses. These case studies highlight the tangible results achieved by our partners, showcasing the diverse ways in which our platform has contributed to their success.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration, looking for proven strategies, or simply interested in the transformative potential of collaboration, these case studies provide valuable insights into the shared journey of businesses and HelloPrenup.

Recent Success Stories

Case Study · Communication


How HelloPrenup and Budget Savvy Bride Increased Partnership Revenue 40% By Helping Couples Access Affordable Marriage Resources

Budget Savvy Bride (BSB) and HelloPrenup joined forces, uniting to empower couples with financial confidence in marriage through a strategic partnership.

2023 Prenup Industry Insights

two people talking to the therapist because one does not want to sign the prenuptial agreement
Case Study · Communication

HelloPrenup 2023 Prenuptial Agreement Study

The data has spoken: Market trends, industry insights, and perception altering statistics.

The power of partnering with other fiancé businesses


A letter from our CEO:

As the CEO of HelloPrenup and a true believer in the power of financial transparency in a happy relationship, I’m thrilled to explore exciting possibilities for collaboration.

HelloPrenup offers the most information on prenups online and is the only online platform providing access to a truly collaborative prenup experience.

Our commitment to helping couples get on the same page goes beyond merely facilitating agreements and lands at the intersection of love and logic.

I would love to discuss how we can partner to help all couples reach their marriage goals. Please send us an email.


Julia Rodgers, Esq.

Julia Rodgers is HelloPrenup’s CEO and Co-Founder. She is a Massachusetts family law attorney and true believer in the value of prenuptial agreements. HelloPrenup was created with the goal of automating the prenup process, making it more collaborative, time efficient and cost effective. Julia believes that a healthy marriage is one in which couples can openly communicate about finances and life goals. You can read more about us here.

Questions? Reach out to Julia directly at [email protected].

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