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2/22/2022 Weddings: Cool or Cliche?

February has earned itself the nickname “National Wedding Month” (National Day Calendar, 2022) because of the snowballing numbers of couples who choose to get married on Valentine’s Day. This year, however, is seeing an unprecedented surge of February weddings owing to two potentially auspicious dates which fall during this month: 2/2/2022, and 2/22/2022. This Tuesday, February 22, 2022 (dubbed “Twosday”) will see the second huge boom in weddings this month. In Sacramento alone, 222 couples will wed in a highly-publicized collective wedding (Barndollar, 2022). So what is the significance behind the hype over 2/22/2022? 

Tuesday the 22nd is a palindrome (a number or word which is read the same way backwards and forwards) no matter how you write the date. While we in the US write the month before the day (as in 2/14 for Valentine’s Day), most of the world writes the day before the month (14/2). However, Tuesday the 22nd is palindromic whether you write the date as 2/22/22 or 22/2/22. It’s palindromic nature makes it both special and easy to remember (SCMP Asia Desk, 2022); moreover, many cultures consider palindromes auspicious, particularly the Chinese. Chinese culture prizes even numbers as being auspicious for weddings and engagement. In Singapore, where many residents are of Chinese ancestry, 500 couples are planning to marry this ‘Twosday’ the 22nd. That’s over nine times the usual number for any given day (SCMP Asia Desk, 2022). 

The fervor over this Twosday is worldwide, with people across the world getting in on the excitement in order to spread messages or even garner more business. In Mumbai, for example, police are taking advantage of the special date and its many twos in order to publicize their campaign about the “dual protection” afforded by wearing masks and getting vaccinated (Rafter, 2022); in New Hampshire, wedding officiant Mary Kernander is offering a $22 elopement package, and the Kimpton-Marlowe hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts is offering 22% off all wedding packages booked before this Twosday (Barndollar, 2022). 

In a recent interview with a Las Vegas newspaper, numerologist Ann Perry gave some insights into the meaning of the numbers involved in this Tuesday’s palindromic date. She pointed out that if we add up the numbers in the year ‘2022’, we get six. The number six symbolizes home, family, relationships, and balance–all auspicious concepts to have pinned to a wedding for those of us who are inclined towards numerology. Additionally, when we factor in the number ‘two’ for the month of February and add it to the aforementioned six, we get eight. Eight has been linked to abundance and manifestation of dreams, which can both be seen as excellent omens for what we would all like our marriages to embody (Piloto, 2022).

The number that shows up repeatedly in the date 2/22/22, of course, is two. Numerologically, the number two is strongly associated with cooperation and the ability to bring peace and balance to a relationship. It also symbolizes sensitivity and intuition more strongly than all other numbers. It is about sensing feelings intuitively and using that to connect empathetically with others ( Staff, 2022). In a relationship, intuition and empathetic connection are of course a huge asset. Engaged couples who appreciate numerology and symbolism are apt to get married on 2/22/22 in order to start their marriages with an orientation towards a sensitive, intuitive, and peaceful connection that keeps them in tune with one another and able to restore balance to their relationships when necessary.  

If we add up all the twos in the date 2/22/22, the sum is twelve. The numerological meaning of twelve is linked to a combination of the meaning of the two numbers that make it up: one and two (TSOTT, 2022). One and two together represent a duality similar to that of masculine/feminine or yin/yang; the number ‘one’ represents energy and activity and masculinity (yang), whereas two (yin) represents passivity, going with the flow, and femininity. In marriage, a healthy union involves a balance between these pairs of opposites.

On the more ominous side of its symbolism, in tarot the number twelve is associated with a card known as ‘The Hanged Man’. This card represents sacrifice and inner conflict which arise as a result of divergent and contrasting energies. Sacrifice and inner conflict are challenges in nearly every romantic partnership, and at times each partner’s needs and desires will be divergent and contrasting. However, sacrifice, inner conflict, and divergence need not be interpreted as a bad omen. The sacrifices we will make for the sake of our relationships help us to develop flexibility, and successfully wrestling with inner conflict can build strength of character and sharp discernment. Finally, whenever our needs and our partner’s needs are divergent, we have a renewed opportunity to cultivate greater understanding of and empathy for the individual we’ve decided to spend our lives with. Conflict, approached and navigated gracefully, strengthens bonds. 

When we add the numbers one and two (of which twelve is comprised) we get three. This is known as the ‘root number’ of twelve. Three represents the expression of one’s creative potential (TSOTT, 2022). Therefore, when twelve or three appears on a significant date such as a wedding, it can also symbolize the transcendence of each partner’s inner conflicts in service of reaching the creative potential of their union.

Others consider 222 to be an ‘angel number’ and a sign of good things to come or that one will soon enter an era of peace and stability (Rafter, 2022). 2/22/2022 contains six twos; that is two times the amount in the number 222, which could make it appear extra auspicious. 

Whatever your views on whether numerology and superstitions can positively influence the future of your relationship, there’s one thing that is guaranteed to exert a positive influence on your relationship for the long term: a prenup. Talking through your financial future and setting intentional roles and expectations for your marriage will help you get on the same page about what you each want and how you can achieve it together. If you haven’t talked about this before, here’s how to bring up a prenup without upsetting your partner. If you decide to move forward with a prenup but don’t know where to start, check out a list of (some of) HelloPrenup’s clauses. We offer super-affordable DIY prenuptial services; our software takes you through all the questions you’ll need to discuss and all of the information you’ll need to disclose, culminating in a personalized prenuptial agreement for your unique relationship—all for a literal fraction of the normal price of a prenup. We’re confident this is the future of prenuptial agreements

If you’re feeling the love this Twosday, it’s an excellent time to talk about your prenup and the future of your relationship. Good luck! 

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