Can Minimalism Help Your Relationship?

Aug 7, 2022 | California Prenuptial Agreements, Relationships, Second Marriages

The concept of minimalism has gained a lot of popularity and attention recently. Many people falsely believe that decluttering and removing items is what minimalism is all about. While this is certainly a big part of minimalism, it’s not everything. The minimalistic principle or way of life entails more than just removing items.

The point of this lifestyle is to free your world from clutter and excess items that you can do without. In turn, you’re left with a simplistic lifestyle that leaves you satisfied and not overwhelmed. People who have transitioned to a minimalist lifestyle have raved about how free they feel. However, many people also later find that minimalism can even help their relationships too.

Whether you’re newly engaged and want to get your marriage off to the right start, or are looking for a change, minimalism can be adopted at any time! If you’re considering minimalism, keep exploring this article. Beyond the obvious benefits of how a minimalist lifestyle can help you personally, this article focuses on the ways in which minimalism can enhance your relationship with your partner too.

Bonding over Decluttering

You might think decluttering and your relationship has nothing to do with each other. However, the experience of parting with things together can actually bring you and your partner closer together. When you go through things together, this gives you and your partner a chance to bond. Maybe you uncover old photos or items that have a story behind them. In this, you can get to know each other better while parting with items that have no sentimental value or purpose.

In addition, decluttering may also give you a chance to remove baggage from past traumas. Perhaps old items remind you of a difficult or bad time in your life. Holding on to these items means holding onto memories you don’t want to keep. Together, with your partner, you can clean out items you have a bad emotional relationship with. In doing that, you free your home from negativity. This paves the way for a cleaner, clearer space. In turn, this can help enhance your relationship and bond with your partner.

Less Financial Arguments

Arguments surrounding financial matters can be a big source of stress for many couples. In fact, many divorces primary reason is due to financial problems. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle or approach can help you and your partner avoid or reduce financial arguments. Sometimes, overspending or frivolous spending can be a major source of stress in a relationship. However, with a minimalist approach, you won’t be spending on excess items or things that service no purpose. In turn, you’ll save money for more important things and limit arguments in your relationship.

Furthermore, the holidays and “gift buying” is a source of stress for many marriages. Instead of spending on gifts and items for each other, a minimalist approach can help you channel your money into something more meaningful. For example, instead of exchanging holiday gifts, take a vacation together. The meaningful memories you create and time spent together hold more value than items you could purchase for one another. In addition, the holiday season is so much less stressful and more enjoyable without having to run around for the perfect present.

As your friends and family learn you’re adopting a minimalist approach, it may take them some time to get accustomed to the idea of not buying you holiday gifts. Instead, offer them meaningful alternatives that you’re more interested in. In addition, you’ll also save money when you’re not spending on excess material items. This means more money saved, invested, or held onto to pass onto your future children. This can go along way in a lasting legacy!

Clear Communication Moving Forward

Minimalism can also help to enhance communication between you and your partner. As you both make the decision to move towards minimalism, you’ll have many real, open, and honest conversations about finances. In turn, this can allow each partner in the relationship to acknowledge and work through negative spending habits and focus their attention on better habits.

Furthermore, it can help both people in a relationship to get in touch with what really matters to them in life. If it’s not items and things surrounding you, this can be a chance for you and your partner to set new goals on how to spend money on things that provide more value for your relationship. Any way to enhance communication within your relationship is always a valuable use of time. Want to learn more about how to enhance your relationship’s communication style? Check out these five ways to better communicate with your partner.

Less is More

Minimalists live by the “less is more” philosophy. If you or your partner are too superficial, minimalism can totally change your mindset. Which, in turn, can affect the quality of your relationship. For example, if you’re consistently spending on beauty products, you might get too wrapped up in physical appearance and how others perceive you. In reality, the opinion of you and your partner should be the only ones that matter. Adjusting to minimalism can allow you to take a step back and change your perspective.

Furthermore, when you stop spending on excess clothing, beauty products, jewelry, and more, you get a chance for your relationship to thrive. Your partner will be able to explore the real you, with true and honest, unconditional love. This could possibly bring your relationship to the next level!

Prenups and Communication

While we’re on the topic of enhanced communication in a relationship, discussing minimalism before marriage can also be a good time to consider a prenuptial agreement. Prenups get a bad reputation in our society, for all the wrong reasons. In fact, creating a prenuptial agreement is an excellent way to enhance your relationship’s communication skills before you’re even married.

People often fear that a prenup suggest divorce is coming, but in reality, that is not the case! Creating a prenup bonds you and your partner closer together and helps protect both parties in a relationship. Over the course of the prenup process, you’ll learn what is important to your partner and they’ll learn what is important to you. While you may never end up using your prenup (hopefully!), it’s a bonding experience that shows you both care about your future goals as a couple.

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