15 Signs Your Marriage Is Off To a Good Start

Jun 22, 2022 | New York Prenuptial Agreements, Relationships, Second Marriages, Wedding

#1 Your Relationship Is Filled with Acceptance and Love 

You accept your partner for who they are; despite their affinity for leaving dirty clothes all over the floor or wearing daisy patterned overalls. Your opinion won’t change if they lose their job, style their hair differently, or decide they want to raise a flock of chickens in the backyard. If you can accept your partner despite their flaws, occasional mistakes, or evolving interests, then your marriage is building a foundation that can last forever!

#2 You Feel Comfortable Talking About Anything

The phrase communication is key has become a bit cliche, though that doesn’t make it any less accurate. Open, consistent communication is often essential for a relationship to make it through the bad and the good. You should feel as comfortable hearing your partner’s opinions, thoughts, and concerns as you do sharing your own. 

When you feel safe and secure while expressing yourself with your significant other, there’s likely nothing you can’t work through! 

#3 Your Support Never Wavers 

Relationships can be like rollercoasters, they go through ups and downs. Through it all, your partner being in your corner and rooting rooting for you no matter what is the backbone to success! Struggling relationships may have one partner who feels unsupported, unsure of their partner’s feelings about their goals, or simply like their S.O. isn’t interested in their dreams – can lead to being emotionally distant, which isn’t the direction you want your happily ever after to go in! 

#4 Your Curiosity Never Ceases 

Staying curious about each other can make for great conversations and a deeper understanding of your partner. Finding a place and time can be tricky but if you’re household is always on the go – but remember to take time for each other to continue to build these strong bonds. 

Ways in which you can lead into these conversations can come from pulling out old yearbooks, a trip to the past is all it takes to spark your curiosity! At the very least, you’ll get a good laugh out of your en vogue hairstyle and clothes. You can also check out card games that are meant for these conversations for example: We’re Not Really Strangers: Couples Edition

#5 You Share Responsibilities

Most people find that there is no perfect way to share responsibilities – in fact, it can change weekly in some households! What is important is that however you do it, both people in the relationship feel that it is fair and that no one is taking on a disproportionate amount of the work. 

#6 You Put Each Other First 

Not prioritizing your partner typically leads to hurt feelings, arguments, and the sense that you’re undervalued. There’s no denying that these days everyone seems to be busy; the question is, do you make time for your partner? 

When you do have a free moment, do you use it to spend time with your significant other or do something to show them that you care? Or, do you spend it doing what you want to do? Prioritizing your loved one doesn’t mean catering to their every whim; it means that you work time for them into your schedule. 

#7 Your Intimacy is Running Full Steam Ahead

It’s essential to have both physical and emotional intimacy. As many long-married couples will attest, things can plateau once you’re married, so you’ll need to work to keep the attraction alive. Fortunately, this should be one of the most fun “jobs” you have ever had! 

The level and type of intimacy you have, especially physically, may change over time. However, the connection should never be lost. While 24/7 PDA isn’t necessary, but we could all use a healthy dose of flirtation! 

#8 There’s Plenty of Trust 

In most cases, a sign of a lasting marriage is complete trust in your partner. There’s more than one way to be trusting. Indeed, trusting your partner to be faithful when they go out or take what they say at face value, is trust. However, those aren’t the only ways. 

You should trust that your partner will accept and love you for who you are, allowing you to be authentic and genuine; even if you get a perm gone wrong or suddenly decide to take up urban farming on your posh balcony! If you trust your partner enough to be vulnerable and completely open with them, then it’s likely that your relationship stands a pretty good chance. 

#9 Your Relationship is Fun and Playful 

Have you ever heard “the couple that plays together stays together”? There is some truth in this statement! Couples who tend to be happy, involved with one another, and engaged in the relationship tend to be more satisfied and committed to their relationship. Participating in fun and new activities shouldn’t be reserved for dating! 

#10 You Understand Yourself 

Are you and your partner both self-aware? Do you recognize and acknowledge when your thoughts, feelings, or issues hinder marriage? If you’re self-aware, you don’t always blame your partner for relationship hiccups. 

Working together to solve issues with an understanding that each person took part in creating the problem can often lead to more success solving them and a happier, healthier marriage.  

#11 You Never Miss an Opportunity To Show Your Love 

Grabbing a bouquet when you go to the store or bringing your partner a cup of coffee in bed are sweet little ways to show them that you care. If you go out of your way to show your S.O. that you love them, chances are you’re setting your marriage up to stand the test of time. 

#12 Sometimes, You Argue

Arguing is a normal and natural part of a relationship – just be sure you’re doing it in a healthy and productive manner. Experts say marriage usually should have disagreements; one person shouldn’t always bend over backward for the other. If you can have these disagreements, empathize, and move past them – rest assured your marriage might just be one for the record books. 

#13 You Are Both Financially Accountable 

It’s believed that financial disagreements and incompatibility predict divorce more strongly than any other factor. If you and your partner share the same money goals, work together on your budget, and are aligned financially, there are less chances for financial related spats that get in the way off all that lovin’! 

#14 You Always Come Out Stronger and Closer 

A good sign of likely having a solid and successful marriage is the ability to overcome significant difficulties. Weathering the storm without jumping ship is substantial. This includes making it through traumatic events, financial hardships, illnesses, or loss and not saying bon voyage; ultimately becoming stronger on the other side. 

#15 You’re All In 

If you’ve made it this far, it’s the best sign you can get – your in it for the long haul!

These sign reign true for any relationship so if you’re not quite married yet considering getting a prenup can start these healthy conversations and attributes to your relationship by communicating openly and planning your life ahead, so take a look at how HelloPrenup works to create a easy, valid, and affordable prenup!

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