Self-Care Tips for Burnout

Aug 11, 2022 | Relationships, Texas Prenups, Wedding

At one time or another, we’ve all felt like life was just “too much”. When things get busy and stressful, managing levels of anxiety and stress can be difficult. With many responsibilities on our plates, feeling overwhelmed is completely normal. While these feelings are normal, many people are not properly managing their stress levels.

Stress can manifest in many different ways, including causing physical symptoms. In turn, this can cause fatigue, exhaustion, and other mental health challenges. Not to mention, stress can manifest in physical ways too, such as weakening your immune system and increasing your chances of getting sick. It can cause you to have insomnia or difficulty concentrating too, worsening your stress levels. The dangerous thing about stress is that it can build, leading to worsening problems as time goes on.

Prioritizing your self-care may seem selfish, however, it’s the opposite. Putting yourself and your needs first, in turn, can lead to better relationships with your partner and your children. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “you can’t run on empty”, this is why. Taking care of yourself means you can better manage your duties as a worker, a parent, a spouse, or anything else.

Want to learn more about how to start a self-care routine when it all gets too much? Let’s dive into exploring the problem of burnout and how to manage it.

Burnout Rates

Recently, the buzzword “burnout” has been thrown around. Though this has recently gained a lot of attention, burnout has always been there. It’s only recently that people are paying more attention to it, raising awareness, and finding new ways to actively manage and work against burnout.

Burnout can look vastly different depending on the situation. It can affect a person in various ways, including emotionally, physically, and mentally. What causes burnout might be one thing or it could be a combination of multiple factors. Some common causes of burnout include poor sleep, problems with work burden, school stressors, relationship stressors, family problems, and more. Poor self-care can lead to worsening effects of burnout.

Today’s society is more fast-paced than ever before. People are expected to manage more and more, including work, family, school, and relationships, all while trying to prioritize their own self-care. A recent Indeed study found that many workers are experiencing employee burnout, with about 52% of respondents indicating that they feel burned out at work.

Self-Care Ideas to Explore

Self-care offers each unique individual to find the things that help them care for themselves. No two people will have the same self-care routine. What works for one person may not also work for you. That’s why it’s important to give several self-care ideas a try until you find something that helps you achieve optimal wellness.

Need some ideas to help jumpstart your new self-care routine? Here are a few to consider from the Centers for Disease for Control (CDC):

  • Trying breaks to unwind by doing things you enjoy! Perhaps this is gardening or even just spending time outdoors on your porch. Some people enjoy physical activities, such as walking or running. Other people find it therapeutic to listen to relaxing music. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to selecting self-care activities, as long as it brings you peace and relaxation (and not more stress!)
  • Try healthy eating practices and good lifestyle habits. The food you eat can play a big role in how you feel for the day. Eat real, natural foods and avoid processed foods with lots of chemicals. Sleep is another self-care practice that is should be prioritized. Good sleep leads to better moods.
  • Mind and body practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and yoga help clear your mind, reduce stress, and promoting better sleep.
  • Connecting with friends and family is another part of a good self-care routine. Whether it’s a FaceTime call with your mom or a chat with your best friend. Your friends and family can provide positive support to help you manage your overwhelmed feelings.


Self-care doesn’t always look like a big activity or task. It could be the small things you incorporate into your daily routine. Maybe it’s a five-minute mindfulness break while drinking a cup of green tea. Maybe it’s setting aside 20 minutes to dive into your favorite book before bed. Whatever works for you and is something you can do long-term is a successful self-care routine.

Prioritizing your self-care routine can greatly improve your general well-being. Not to mention, it can even be one of the secret ingredients for a happy relationship!

Meditation Resources

A compilation of meditation statistics reports that more and more Americans are trying meditation techniques each year. Right behind yoga, meditation is the second most common mind and body practice used by Americans. Mind and body practices are an excellent thing to incorporate into your self-care routine. Meditation can provide several benefits, both for your body physically and your mind. This includes generally enhanced feelings of wellness, improved energy, anxiety relief, stress relief, depression relief, and improved memory and focus.

Getting started with meditation doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. One great place to start,, which offers helpful tips on how to get started when you’re first learning how to meditate. Here, you can dive deeper into the different types of meditation, such as sitting meditation, which is great for beginners.

Self-Care Improves Relationships

When each partner in a relationship practices self-care individually, it can have benefits for the relationship as a whole. Self-care can help you balance your thoughts and feelings, improving your overall mood and wellness. In turn, this can garner an increased connection between you and your partner. In addition, actively improving as an individual can increase the desire for both partners to continually better their relationship too.

If you and your partner are struggling with frequent arguments, starting a personal self-care routine can help too. If you’re both stressed, you’re more likely to lash out and lose your temper with one another. While there are several reasons couples can fight, sometimes it’s simply a matter of high stress. Try a new activity, habit, or hobby to manage your stress levels and indirectly improve your relationship too.

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