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Even if you’re not a sports fan, you’ve probably heard the name, Steph Curry. He’s a professional basketball player making waves in the NBA. A two-time MVP, the Golden State Warrior athlete has a couple of multi-million dollar deals as well as lucrative sponsorships. However, it’s not only his professional career that we’re envious of. 

Steph also led the Golden State Warriors to victory this past season, earning the status of the 2022 NBA champions and Steph as the MVP, maintaining his standing as one of the best to do it.

Curry is also an all-star when it comes to marriage. He and his wife, Ayesha, have been going strong for over a decade. Arguably, they’re one of the most successful celebrity marriages. For Steph Curry, it’s MVPs all around. 

From High School To Hollywood 

Steph and Ayesha are a Hollywood power couple. In a time when most celebrity relationships rarely make it past the dating or engaged phases, they’ve been living in marital bliss since 2011. Bliss is the key term as they’re not shy about showing off just how in love they are with a little PDA. 

Long before they were known all over the globe, Steph and Ayesha were two high schoolers in North Carolina. They actually met at a church when he was 15, and she was 14 in 2003. Ayesha once said that they would see each other occasionally in church groups, or she would go and seek him out afterward but only say a word or two and then leave. Her approach piqued Steph’s interest. While they kept in contact throughout their teenage years, it wouldn’t be until young adulthood that the pair began a relationship. 

By 2008, Curry had become an impressive NBA point guard and was visiting Los Angeles for the ESPY Awards. At the time, Ayesha was pursuing acting in the very same city. It turns out that Ayesha had long had a no-athletes policy when it came to dating, but a day spent as friends quickly turned romantic for the couple. Their first date was when they were 18 and 19 – just kids, as Ayesha put it. But by 2011, those kids were tying the knot. He was 23, she was 22; their whirlwind romance took everyone by surprise, but the couple claims they just knew it was “right.”

Their families have been involved the entire time. In fact, allegedly, when Steph first told Ayesha he loved her, they were watching a movie with each of their parents and siblings. During their proposal, Ayesha’s family members watched from the window as he got down on one knee in her driveway. And who could forget their nuptials, which were attended by approximately 400 of their closest friends and relatives? It sure helps when family bonds exist and a great support system is available to the couple!

Winning At Life 

Not long after their wedding, they found out they were pregnant with their first child, Riley. Initially, Ayesha struggled with setting aside her acting career, especially when Steph’s career was taking off so rapidly. However, she quickly found her niche in the culinary world. 

Later, the pair would welcome two more children, another daughter, Ryan, and a son, Canon. Throughout it all, the Curry’s have maintained their strong marriage. 

In July 2019, they shared how doing life together is “an infinite sea of bliss” and the “ultimate blessing.” Despite eleven years of marriage and three kids, they haven’t been shy about just how on fire their relationship still is; they regularly share snaps of them smooching and even a risque bikini-clad picture. 

The couple has had a few struggles, as all marriages do, but has remained committed. During an interview on the show Red Table Talk, Ayesha admitted she has had a hard time with all the attention Steph gets from other women (who wouldn’t?) and, as a result, had to have a heart-to-heart with her husband. Like the seemingly pro-spouse that he is, Steph worked through the issue with her and promised to help support his life-long love. Proving the strength of their championship marriage.  

While Steph and Ayesha have achieved MVP relationship status, they have also succeeded professionally. 

Ayesha has written cookbooks, opened restaurants, and hosted various game shows. Her acting career didn’t wholly fizzle out either, as she has had guest roles on television and on the big screen. 

Steph is the greatest NBA shooter of all time, and many believe one of the top ten athletes in the sport – ever. His stats are off the charts. He is a two-time MVP, a three-time champion, and an all-around excellent ball player.

How do two such talented and probably busy people keep their marriage going strong? They attribute it to not forgetting to “date one another” and make time for their relationship. The pair have put rumors to rest, alluding to the fact that they have an open marriage. After all, when you have a love like theirs, why would you want to add anything or anyone else to the mix?! 

Do Steph and Ayesha Curry Have a Prenup? 

It is undetermined whether or not the madly-in-love couple has a prenup. Steph and Ayesha were married when they were pretty young, 22 and 23, making it unlikely that they sought a prenuptial agreement. However, they were both rising in fame and wealth at the time. Now, Steph is worth around 160 million dollars and is one of the few athletes to secure two multi-million dollar contracts. Ayesha’s wealth isn’t something to bat an eye at either; an estimated 10 million dollars. 

Do they have a postnup? That’s undetermined as well. Their net worths sure have soared since their I do’s but so has their love, and their marriage in the public eye doesn’t seem to be in danger of ending anytime soon. 

Nevertheless, post-nuptial agreements (and prenups) can be a good idea, even if you don’t anticipate your financial situation changes drastically. You don’t even have to be thinking about divorce or separation to have one drafted. Wanting to protect yourself and your partner is enough of a reason to get a postnup. Having one can also provide you with a way out and peace of mind and may even put future matrimonial financial disputes at rest. 

If it is ever determined that Steph and Ayesha have a prenup (or postnup), it will prove that these contracts aren’t just for couples who are contemplating a divorce, but for even the most in love love-birds!

You are writing your life story. Get on the same page with a prenup. For love that lasts a lifetime, preparation is key. Safeguard your shared tomorrows, starting today.
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