What Should be the Theme of the Wedding?

Mar 7, 2023 | Wedding

Congratulations! You’re engaged. Now, it’s time to plan the most magical day of your life. As you know, weddings are a lot of work—but what does that mean? It means cake tastings and venue tours, but also so much more! You’ll need to choose a theme for your wedding that suits both you and your partner. Whether you’re low-key and looking for a beachy, casual theme, or you’re more of a formal, church wedding type guy/gal, there’s something out there for you! So what should be the theme for your wedding? Let’s find out…



We have to start out with a good ol’ classic wedding theme. We’re talkin’, white wedding cake, traditional ceremony, lots of flowers, and overall feel of timeless elegance. Classic weddings are chic and classy and never go out of style. There will be lots of white and black (white wedding dress + black tux for sure), maybe some white florals, and a soft pop of color for the bridesmaids’ dresses. 

Classic weddings also tend to involve a church or some other traditional ceremonial setting with traditional wedding rituals, like flower girls and the classic wedding march song to introduce the bride. 



Another common choice is the destination wedding. You might be thinking about a Florida beach, Colorado ski town, Napa valley, or some international location for your destination wedding, and all of those are great ideas. The most common destination wedding is typically a tropical spot, like the Bahamas or Mexico. 

The destination is sort of the theme itself! If you’re planning your destination wedding in a ski town, maybe you embody the wedding decor, invites, and food with cozy winter vibes. If you’re going the tropical route, you might incorporate beach themes throughout. 



A rustic wedding theme is perfect for an outdoor wedding or a country-style celebration. If you’re planning on tying the knot in the great outdoors, a rustic theme will give your guests the feeling that they are part of nature and can enjoy their surroundings. Rustic themes often incorporate wood, earth tones, and natural elements like flowers and plants into their décor designs–they’re ideal for outdoor ceremonies because they don’t require much light in order to create an enchanting atmosphere around your venue space (especially if it’s naturally lit). 

The best part? Rustic wedding decorations are usually inexpensive and easy to find at local stores, online shops, or even DIY. The rustic wedding theme is excellent for the couple looking for an intimate celebration atmosphere. 

Need some inspo? Try searching “rustic wedding” on Pinterest to see what you can find. 

rustic wedding theme


Vintage weddings are often inspired by the past. Think 1950s, 60s, or 70s. Heck, some people may even consider the 80s and 90s to be vintage these days, too! Although not sure we want to bring back 80s-themed weddings (the hair alone is enough to turn you away!). Jokes aside, a beautiful vintage wedding will give you a timeless and nostalgic atmosphere that your guests are certain to love. 

Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean expensive! It can actually be quite the opposite. You can grab stuff from local vintage shops or online vintage Etsy stores to help decorate your wedding venue, create wedding invites, find dresses, and more! 

Looking for inspo? Check out your grandparents’ photo albums for some real-world ideas of old-school weddings. You can also check out Pinterest! If you love old-fashioned things, then this may be the perfect choice for your special day! You can’t go wrong with classic touches to your wedding by choosing this theme!



Romantic wedding themes are a great way to keep things intimate. A romantic theme will generally be more subdued and elegant, with soft colors that complement each other well, like red, soft pink, lavender, and ivory. The romantic aesthetic typically fosters a dreamy environment with dim lights, candles, delicate flowers, and soft music. Romantic themes also go well with any season of wedding. 

Picture it now: a cozy, romantic winter wedding with snow falling outside and warm drinks flowing. Or, a warm, romantic beach wedding with candlelight and rose petals strewn about. If you’re looking for inspiration, try googling or Pinterest-ing romantic wedding themes. There will be tons of inspo for you to grab from. 



A boho wedding theme is typically relaxed and casual. Boho themes typically include nature, flowers, and feathers, with a mix of textures and colors to imbue an eclectic but natural feel. If you’re considering a boho wedding theme, you’re probably a hippie at heart. You love nature but also love to mix and match! Mixing the boho theme with an outdoor wedding is a great combo. What’s more natural and hippie than being outdoors? As for the food, you might consider some vegetarian or vegan options; after all, we’re talking bohemian vibes, people! Maybe you’ll have an eclectic set of cocktails and some funky desserts (non-GMO, of course!). 

boho wedding theme


Ahoy, captain! If you’re looking for a chic-nautical wedding theme, you may be from the East Coast or want to imbue East Coast vibes. A nautical theme is perfect for a beach or summer wedding (nautical vibes in the dead of winter are a little strange). The nautical theme can be incorporated into every aspect of the event, from the invites to the decor to the food. Think: lots of blue and white colors, sailboats, anchors, and boat steering wheels. Nautical themes are great for casual weddings, too! It can add a little fun to an already low-key wedding atmosphere. 



Beach-themed weddings are a classic! Who doesn’t love a good beach-themed wedding? There’s sun, sand, margaritas, and, most of all, fun! Maybe you will host your wedding on an actual beach or just incorporate the beach into your non-beach wedding. Either way works! 

Beach themes are also great for destination weddings. You might include sunscreen or beach balls as party favors and an ocean-themed invite. The options are really endless. 



Formal wedding themes are likely going to be the most expensive. A formal event usually means one thing: black tie! This refers to the specific dress code required at the event. If you’re going formal, you’ll want your guests to also be dressed to the nines. A formal wedding theme can affect everything from the dress code, to the food, to the invitations! 

You probably wouldn’t have a food truck or hamburgers at a formal wedding. Think more along the lines of hor d’oeuvres, followed by filet mignon or salmon, and finished with creme brulee! 

A formal wedding will tend to be held in a church, and then a fancy venue such as an upscale hotel ballroom or another similar spot. Maybe you’ll arrive at the reception in a horse and buggy if you’re really going for the royal effect! 



Garden weddings are typically held outdoors…well, in a garden-like atmosphere, of course! We picture ethereal details, lots of nature, and soft colors. Garden weddings can range from really cheap to really expensive, depending on your wishes. You could host a garden wedding in your friend’s pretty backyard or at a public garden venue. The overall feeling your guests should walk away with from a garden wedding is “whimsical.” 



On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is the casual wedding. Maybe it’s in your Mom’s or Aunt’s backyard or hosted at a small, local restaurant. Casual weddings can come in any shape or form. Maybe you want to spend a bit more but still keep it casual! You could do a destination wedding but insist on keeping it casual to your guests. Beachwear at all times, only! Casual weddings can mix and match with other themes, too. Casual + boho? Casual + rustic? Take your pick! 



What’s better than some whiskey, cowboy boots, and country music? Not much, if country is your thing! A country wedding is perfect if you’re thinking outdoors or a barn venue in the summertime. You don’t have to live in the country to have a country wedding, either! Fill the space with rustic vibes, like wood, mason jars, and whiskey, of course. 

There’s no shortage of inspo on Pinterest for country-vibe weddings. They’re all the rage nowadays. Don’t forget to let your guests know about the country dress code (cowboy boots, cowboy hats, etc.). Having your guests partake in the wedding theme is always a fun touch. 


Final Thoughts

The theme of your wedding says a lot about who you are as a person, so no pressure! You can incorporate your theme into so many different aspects of your wedding, like invitations, venue, decor, food, dress code, party favors, and more. Do your research and put some thought into the theme. The right one will come your way in no time! 


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