What Type of Wedding Favors Should I Give Out?

Mar 5, 2023 | Wedding

Wedding favors may not be at the top of your wedding plan to-do list, but they are a great touch to leave your guests feeling loved and appreciated. Choosing the right favors can be a challenging task, but the key is to choose something that is meaningful, useful, and reflects you and your partner’s personality. Everything from mini bottles of wine to DIY seed packets, we’ve got them all. Keep reading to learn about the different kinds of wedding favors you should consider:


Edible favors

Edible favors are always a prevalent choice for wedding guests. I mean, who doesn’t like to eat a sweet treat or snack after dancing the night away? Not only are they delicious, but they also provide a sweet reminder of your special day. There are so many different options you can go with for edible favors. 


Things like chocolates, macarons, cookies, or candy are classic choices for wedding favors. They are a sweet treat that guests can enjoy right away or take home to enjoy later. You can personalize the packaging with the couple’s name or wedding date to make it personal.

jar of candy personalized for wedding favor gift


Mini jars of herbs, salts, or hot sauce are fun options for everyone. They can add a unique flavor to their meals and can serve as a reminder of the memorable day.



Whatever kind of booze you’re into, whether it be wine or whiskey, there’s an alcoholic wedding favor for you. We’re thinking mini bottles of wine, alcoholic gummy bears (insert any type of candy here), or mini liquor bottles (whiskey, rum, vodka, tequila, you name it). You can even personalize the labels with the couple’s name or wedding date, and they can be used as a drink for the reception or as a take-home favor.



You and your spouse look like a snack on your wedding day, so why not give some snacks away? Snacks like popcorn, chips, or trail mix can be a yummy option for guests. They are easy to transport and can be eaten late at night after lots of dancing or the next day as a travel companion. Just like everything else on this list, you can always customize these snacks and make them special. 



We couldn’t write the term “edible” without including marijuana edibles. Of course, this only applies if marijuana is legal in your state. If it’s legal in your state, you have an adult-only wedding, and it’s right up your alley, then why not include some Bob Marley fun on your wedding day? 


Personalized favors

You can personalize pretty much anything. There is a lot of overlap in personalization and every other type of wedding favor. For example, personalizing anything edible or DIY is a common thing to do! Why? Because personalized wedding favors are a unique and thoughtful way to thank your guests! These favors can be customized to reflect the couple’s personalities, the theme of the wedding, and/or the wedding location.

Some popular options for personalized wedding favors include:

  • Customized wine or champagne bottles with the couple’s names and wedding date
  • Engraved picture frames with a photo of the couple
  • Personalized candy favors with the couple’s names or initials
  • Customized tote bags or t-shirts as a functional and memorable favor
  • Personalized mugs or glassware with a cute message or design
  • Themed personalized gifts, such as mini sunscreen bottles or beach balls for a beach wedding. Or, if the wedding has a rustic or vintage theme, personalized wooden coasters or keychains would be a nice gesture! 


DIY favors

If DIY is your thing, you may want to save some money by utilizing your skills! DIY wedding favors are a low-cost way to add a unique touch to your memorable day. These favors can be crafted by the couple, their family, or friends, giving them a sentimental and meaningful value.

Some well-known DIY wedding favors include:

  • Homemade jams or jellies in small glass jars with personalized labels
  • Hand-painted or stamped terra cotta pots filled with herbs or succulents
  • DIY soaps in different scents or colors
  • Homemade baked goods such as cookies or brownies packaged in personalized boxes or bags
  • DIY seed packets for guests to take home and plant in their gardens
  • DIY wedding favors that match the theme of the wedding, such as if the wedding is taking place in a rustic location, DIY wooden ornaments would be cute. If the wedding has a bohemian theme, DIY dreamcatchers would be cool.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that while DIY favors can save money, they may also require more time and effort to make. It’s important to plan ahead and allocate enough time to make and package the favors.

DIY soap wedding favors

Functional favors

Sometimes, gift-giving is all about what someone will actually use. Plus, do you really want to spend all that money and time on a favor that people may just throw away after the event? Heck no! Here’s where functional favors come in. 

Functional wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for attending your wedding while also providing them with a useful and practical item. These favors can be used by your guests in their everyday life, making them a lasting reminder of your wedding.

Some notable functional wedding favor ideas include:

  • Hangover kit (may include Tylenol, Alka-seltzer, sunglasses, Gatorade, and Starbucks gift card)
  • Customized kitchen utensils such as spatulas or bottle openers
  • Personalized drinkware such as mugs or glassware
  • Customized tote bags or drawstring pouches for guests to use for shopping or carrying items
  • Personalized keychains or luggage tags
  • Customized hand sanitizers or hand lotions


Eco-friendly favors

Calling all Earth lovers (which should be all of us, right?!). Eco-friendly wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for their gifts and for coming to your wedding while also reducing the environmental impact of your wedding. These favors are made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and often have a low carbon footprint.

Some cool eco-friendly wedding favor ideas include:

  • Seed packets or saplings that guests can plant in their gardens
  • Beeswax candles or soy candles in reusable glass jars
  • Reusable straws or metal straws packaged in a burlap or linen bag
  • Customized tote bags or drawstring pouches made from organic cotton or canvas
  • Homemade jams or jellies in small glass jars with personalized labels
  • Reusable water bottles with your faces on them (just kidding… kind of?)

It’s also important to consider the packaging of eco-friendly favors. Avoid using plastic packaging and instead choose biodegradable or compostable options such as paper or bamboo.

pots and seeds with small note for wedding favor

Charity favors

What’s even more eco-friendly than an eco-friendly gift? A charitable gift! Charity donation favors are an excellent way to make a positive impact on the world while also showing gratitude to your guests for attending your wedding. Charity favors are wedding favors that give back to a specific cause or organization, such as a donation to a non-profit or a portion of the proceeds going to a charitable organization.

One popular option for charity favors is to make a donation to a specific non-profit or charity in the name of your guests. This can be done by providing a card or note at each place setting indicating that a donation has been made in the guests’ names. Maybe you and your future spouse are climate warriors, and everyone knows it. Or maybe you’re a huge supporter of a certain political issue. Whatever your “thing” is, you can memorialize it as your wedding favor to your guests. 

Another option is to choose wedding favors that are made by or support a specific charity or social enterprise. This can include products such as fair trade coffee, hand-made jewelry, or organic candles. By choosing these types of favors, you can support a good cause while also providing your guests with a meaningful and useful gift.

Another option is to provide a donation card or code to a specific charity of your choice. This way, your guests can decide which organization they would like to support, or they can make a donation in the name of the couple or the event.


Polaroid pictures or photo booths

Maybe giving out favors isn’t your thing. You can still offer something to your guests that they can take away and keep forever, such as polaroid pictures or photo booths. Photo booths are a popular and fun addition to any wedding. They provide guests with a fun and interactive way to capture memories, especially after hitting the open bar.

One popular option for a photo booth is to create a DIY photo booth area. This can be done by setting up a backdrop and props such as oversized sunglasses, hats, or signs. This is a budget-friendly option that allows guests to take photos in front of a fun and creative background. You can have a real camera or a polaroid for this option, too!

Another way to do it is to rent a photo booth from a professional company. This can include a professional photographer or a photo booth with various backdrops and props. This option can be more expensive but can provide guests with high-quality photos that they can take home as a keepsake.

You can also use an actual photo booth as a way to personalize the wedding. For example, you can use the photo booth to take pictures of the guests with the couple, or you can use it to create a guestbook.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the type of wedding favors you choose will depend on your personal style, wedding theme, and budget. The most important thing is to choose something that is meaningful and will be appreciated by your guests. 


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