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Our platform was developed by legal professionals working in the family law field.

HelloPrenup’s CEO, Julia Rodgers had witnessed firsthand the tremendous cost and hesitancy of couples looking for prenuptial agreements. 

Together with her years of legal training and the counsel of attorneys across the country, HelloPrenup was born!

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HelloPrenup is not a law firm, and cannot offer legal advice or representation. If you are looking for advice or representation regarding your specific situation, you should contact an attorney in your state. Check out our terms of use here. 

Commonly Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

On average it takes just 1.5 hours for couples to create a state specific, custom prenuptial agreement through HelloPrenup.

Is this legal?

HelloPrenup was created by family law attorneys who wanted to streamline the process of creating a prenup. HelloPrenup’s agreements are created with state-specific requirements, and allow you to add or remove clauses based on your specific needs or desires for your agreement.

As with any type of legal document, it is important that both parties have their signatures notarized. Click here to use Notarize.com for an efficient notarization option.

Do I need an attorney?

Most states do not require either party to be represented by an attorney in order to enter into a prenuptial agreement.

Check out specific state info pages by clicking on the menu on the top of this page and selecting your state (States -> Select your state) for more detailed requirements, case law, and links to state statutes.

How much does HelloPrenup cost?

HelloPrenup costs a flat, one-time fee of $599 per couple..

HelloPrenup is a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Read more about how we compare.

Which state should I choose?

This is a common point of confusion for many people.

It is common practice that you choose the state in which you plan to reside as a married couple.

Your choice of state (this is what we call “choice of law”) determines which state will determine the enforcement of your prenup in the event of a divorce. Read more about “choice of law” in prenups.

HelloPrenup’s founders, Julia and Sarabeth, take on the “Sharks” to educate the American public on the benefits of prenuptial agreements. Read more.