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Manhattan Beach Prenup

It’s a sunny morning on the beach, and you’re taking a stroll along The Strand with the love of your life. And as you begin to plan the rest of your life together, you start thinking of all the great things that come with a marriage.

And while you imagine a happy and long future, it’s always important to remember the prenup. Yes, the prenup! 

Make sure to have the prenup talk with the love of your life, and it doesn’t hurt to do it on a sunny morning in beautiful Manhattan Beach! Think of the prenup as the sunblock. The prenup protects your assets just like the sunblock protects you from the UV rays while on the beach. The prenup is a signed document between you and your respective future spouse filled with information about your financial situation, future goals, and some other non-financial matters, such as insurance requirements and pet ownership. Let’s dive into all things prenups in Manhattan Beach!

Average Cost in Manhattan Beach for Prenup Lawyers

The cost of living in Manhattan Beach is approximately 67% higher than the national average which emphasizes the importance of protecting individual assets for couples. The average cost for a lawyer in CA ranges from $165 to $486 per hour. The cost to hire a prenup lawyer can vary based on what assets you and your partner bring to the table and the lawyer’s experience. 

Now, on your next walk along the sandy beach, here are the pros and cons to think about while considering a prenup lawyer. Let’s start with the cons so you can end your walk on a good note.

Pros and Cons of a Prenup Lawyer

To get a better grasp of why it’s crucial to chat about prenups before tying the knot, let’s dive into the pros and cons you should really think about before making up your mind.

    • Security of assets: Having a prenup lawyer means securing your assets. You can protect what is yours and ensure it stays yours should the marriage come to an end. Without this, your assets may be split up in the event of a divorce. Prenups are to ensure that if the marriage does end, you are in a solid financial position that you feel comfortable with.
    • Cost saver:In the long run, having a prenup gives you a roadmap to your assets in the event of a divorce, a roadmap that a court will likely honor, as long as you followed your state laws regarding validity and enforceability. In other words, there will be less cost for a divorce lawyer because your lawyer will spend less time on your case. Why? Because your prenup has already determined many of the hard-hitting issues, such as property division and alimony. And, on top of that, less money spent going in to meet with a divorce lawyer or going to court. So you're saving money in future legal fees all around.
    • Makes the legal process easier: Just like the previous point, having this existing legal document simplifies the legal process for you, tackling key issues like property division. This can cut down on the need for extensive lawyer negotiations and reduce your time in court.

Cons of a Manhattan Beach prenup lawyer

    • Cost: Prenup lawyers often charge hourly, but you can sometimes find one who charges a flat-rate. Flat-rate may be more cost-effective, but it depends. If you go with a lawyer with an hourly rate, you are likely looking at a higher cost; it can take a few weeks up to a few months to complete a prenup through a lawyer. And remember, in Manhattan Beach, the cost of living is 67% higher than the national average, so your lawyer’s hourly rate is likely to be costly.
    • Time and Travel: With a prenup lawyer, there may be some traveling required. First, it may take a few tries to find the right prenup lawyer. All those trips and gas to get to and from the attorney’s office are expensive! Then, once you find the right lawyer, you will have to spend a significant amount of time meeting and talking with them about your finances, property, and other assets.
    • Sharing intimate financial and personal details with a lawyer: When getting to know and choosing a prenup lawyer, you will have to share some intimate information with them. You must share all financial information, including income, assets, debt, etc. It can be uncomfortable but the lawyer must know all information so that they can prepare a legally accurate prenup. The good thing is, sharing everything upfront means you have a well thought out and precise prenup.

How to find a Manhattan Beach prenup lawyer

So now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about how to find a prenup lawyer in Manhattan Beach! 

A prenup lawyer, different from a divorce lawyer, can be found in a few ways. You may have a family member or friend recommend someone that they used. This can be a valuable way to find a lawyer that you trust. 

Additionally, you can search for prenup lawyers in Manhattan Beach on Google and go through reviews to determine which one may best fit your needs. Alternatively, you can check out the list of prenup lawyers in Manhattan Beach in a legal directory. These directories usually categorize lawyers or firms in their respective practice areas. 

You can set up some consultations once you compile your list and sort through their qualifications. Luckily, many prenup lawyers offer free 15-minute consultations!

What does a Manhattan Beach prenup lawyer do?

Generally, you will start with a consultation with the lawyer to help them understand your financial situation and what both parties want from the prenup. Plus, a consultation allows you to determine if the lawyer is a good fit for your needs. Once you agree to engage with an attorney, you will set up an initial intake session or meeting. That is when your chosen lawyer helps you through the process of solidifying your goals for the prenup, discussing your financial background, and answering legal questions. 

The lawyer is there to discuss you and your partner’s unique circumstances. On top of that, they will need to understand your finances, so there will be a significant amount of discussion about that. Once your lawyer has a good idea of your prenup goals and your financial landscape, they can provide legal advice and begin to draft your prenup based on their experience as experts in the field coupled with CA state laws. Typically, one attorney drafts an agreement for both parties to look over.

Your lawyer and your partner’s lawyer (if you require them or choose to have them) may negotiate some of the terms on your behalf, or you might move forward to review and finalize the documents. 

As mentioned earlier, prenup lawyers are not divorce lawyers, but if they do practice divorce law, you can employ them as your divorce lawyer if needed.

HelloPrenup Encyclopedia

*Major prenup hack alert!* We’ve created a “prenup encyclopedia” for your reference, because sometimes legal jargon is uh… confusing.

What makes a prenup legally binding in Manhattan Beach?

In Manhattan Beach, CA, in order to have a legally binding prenup, it must be a written document (sorry, verbal communication of a prenup will not hold up in court), willingly signed by both parties and notarized. The prenup should include all information on both parties’ financial situation, including all income, assets, debts, and even future inheritances (this is known as financial disclosure). Under the California Family Code, Section 1615, there is a 7-day rule, where there has to be a total of seven calendar days from when the prenup is finalized and when you and your partner should sign it. 

According to CA law, you do not need a lawyer for a prenup as long as you waive your right to one in writing. However, you do need a lawyer in California if you waive or alter spousal support in your prenup. (See Cal. Fam. Code Section 1615(c)). 

Some of the above-mentioned CA prenup laws came about after the infamous Barry Bond case that went all the way to the CA Supreme Court, where they declared a valid prenup is when both parties voluntarily sign, but in order to ensure fairness, came out with the rule of waiving an attorney and the 7-day waiting period.

Hello Prenup cost vs. Manhattan Beach lawyer cost

Now that you know how to find a Manhattan Beach prenup lawyer, what a prenup lawyer does, and the legal process, you might be wondering… Do I need a prenup lawyer?

As mentioned above, a lawyer is not required for a prenup in CA, unless you waive spousal support or alter it in any way that differs from CA law. Any party can waive their right to a lawyer, but they must (1) provide the other party with the waiver and terms, (2) ensure that the prenup is not unconscionable, and (3) follow the 7-day rule. So, one does not need to obtain a lawyer when going through a prenup process (unless you are altering spousal support); however, if you choose not to, you must follow the waiver procedure. 

Remember, the same lawyer cannot represent both parties of the prenup. This is to ensure that each spouse is being properly advocated for, with each party’s interest being looked after.

Hello Prenup cost vs. Manhattan Beach lawyer cost


You might wonder about the cost comparison between a Manhattan Beach prenup lawyer and HelloPrenup. Let’s break it down.

The average cost of a CA prenup may vary depending on whether you get a lawyer with a flat rate or an hourly rate. The average hourly rate of a lawyer in CA is $358 per hour. Let’s say you have basic prenup goals and simple finances. A prenup may take a lawyer, in that case, around 11 hours (2 hours of consultations/initial meetings, 3 hours of drafting, 4 hours of negotiations, and 2 hours of review/finalization). That would come out to an average of about $3,938 for a prenup in California ($358 x 11 hours). And remember, Manhattan Beach is more expensive than your average town in Cali. 

At HelloPrenup, the rate is $599 per couple, and this includes the entire prenup! You also have the option of adding legal services from local attorneys in California for a flat-rate, discounted price. That’s right–flat rates! Discounted! If you want to waive spousal support in your prenup in CA, you can make sure you do so with legal representation (as required by CA law) and hire an attorney directly through our platform. Let’s say you don’t want to waive spousal support, but you simply want a CA attorney to review your prenup for peace of mind. This can cost you as little as an additional $199 flat! Let’s say you want to waive spousal support, so you now require legal representation. That will cost you an additional $699.

Closing Thoughts


The cost of prenup lawyers may seem daunting, but when you live in an area with valuable property and assets, you want to make sure that you and your loved one are protected. You can always waive the requirement for having an attorney in CA (as long as you are not altering spousal support), but always make sure to look at the pros and cons before making any decisions that may impact your future financial situation. 

So next time you’re walking along the sunny Manhattan Beach pier, about to put on your sunscreen for protection, remember that a prenup is also there to protect you and your loved one.

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You are writing your life story.

Get on the same page with a prenup.

For love that lasts a lifetime, preparation is key. Safeguard your shared tomorrows, starting today.

You are writing your life story. Get on the same page with a prenup. For love that lasts a lifetime, preparation is key. Safeguard your shared tomorrows, starting today.
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