You’re Writing Your Life Story Together. Make Sure You Are On The Same Page

Get your prenup done and get back to planning your wedding!

Congratulations! You're engaged!

There are few events in life that are more amazing than an engagement! You, your future spouse, and all of your loved ones are on cloud nine because of the awesome news. You can’t stop thinking about your wedding, where it’ll be, and what it will look like. This is the time for you and your partner to soak it all in and think about building a life together.


Create your prenuptial agreement on HelloPrenup

While you’re focusing on building a life together, make sure you’re focusing on the proper building blocks. A prenuptial agreement should be looked at as a positive step towards your marriage — not as something negative. HelloPrenup makes it easy for you to create a document that both you and your partner are happy with.

Cheers! Get married and enjoy your long happy marriage

A great marriage is about being intentional in every way. It’s important to take the steps to ensure that the foundation you’ve built becomes solidified fortress. Your partner — and your marriage as a whole — will thank you.

No uncomfortable meetings with lawyers.
No high retainer fees.
No awkward conversations with your fiancé.

Traditional Attorney

Time needed: approximately 6 months or more

1. Consult with attorney.
2. Pay attorney a legal retainer.
3. Wait weeks, months for a draft.
4. Negotiate draft with fiancé (usually through attorneys).
5. Wait for revisions of another draft… etc…
6. …this a long process, right?

Hiring a traditional attorney to draft and negotiate the terms of your prenuptial agreement can be costly and time consuming. When you choose to go this route, each fiancé will (usually) hire their own attorney a year to six months in advance of the wedding to represent them, and negotiate the terms on their behalf. Billable hours accrue quickly, and this method of drafting can cost $2,500 each (on average).

Yes that could add up to over $5,000+ per prenup.

HelloPrenup does not aim to dissuade you from hiring legal counsel if you are in need of advice, if your assets are highly complex, or if you are in a state where legal counsel is required for enforcement. However, we do believe there are more efficient ways to approach the prenuptial agreement creation and negotiation process – with HelloPrenup! 


Time needed: a few hours


1. Sign up for HelloPrenup & invite your fiancé to join.

2. Answer a detailed questionnaire

3. Review and resolve any discrepancies with your fiancé. 

4. DONE! Print your prenuptial agreement.

Detailed Questionnaire. Customizable.

HelloPrenup is designed using detailed questions that address important issues in a prenup, such as the categorization of pre-marital property and marital property, debt, future inheritance or gifts, spousal support. HelloPrenup also allows you to add various clauses of your choosing include a sunset clause, confidentiality agreement, among many others. See our clauses for more examples.

State-to-State Compliance.

HelloPrenup is compliant with enforceability standards for each state. Without compliance, the probability of invalidation down the road is significantly higher.

You Still Have the Option of Hiring a Lawyer.

We don’t want to discourage you from hiring a lawyer if you need or want legal guidance. In fact, in many instances legal representation is greatly encouraged. Your finalized HelloPrenup prenup draft can be downloaded in word format, and taken to an attorney of your choice for advice, edits, etc. In fact, this will save you significantly on cost since the agreement has been negotiated and drafted already!

Online Form Builder

Time needed: 5 minutes? 10 minutes?


1. Fill out some generic questions
2. Print a generic document
3. Realize this document is probably not enforceable down the road. (sorry)

Online form builders are tempting – they are usually free or offered at a nominal cost. However these services do not contain any of the legal language that would render a prenup enforceable, like waivers, survival of the agreement, or full and fair financial disclosure.

State-to-State Compliance? Meh…

Form building sites do not fulfill individual state specific standards for enforceability, and overlook essential inputs, resulting in a prenuptial agreement that is likely unenforceable in the future. What’s the point in that?

Benefit your relationship by creating clarity and understanding, where there is so often confusion

The proposal! The ring! The love story! Congratulations!

You are writing your life story together as a couple and the future is bright. There are so many exciting things to talk about — just don’t forget to first discuss the less exciting stuff too! It’s important to explore finances: savings, debt (including student loan debt), who’s responsible for what bills, and whether or not you will contribute to a joint bank account.

HelloPrenup takes the awkwardness out of this discussion and removes the stress of calling lawyers to draft your prenuptial agreement. Need to hire a lawyer to discuss any concerns? No problem — you can take your prenup draft to a lawyer for review or additional edits before signing it.