Why Legal Tech Pioneer Brian Liu Joined HelloPrenup: Empowering Couples with Affordable Legal Protection

Jun 7, 2023 | Prenuptial Agreements

In today’s fast-paced and high-tech society, the need for affordable and approachable legal documents is evident. Over the course of two decades, Brian Liu, a legal tech pioneer, has recognized the overwhelming demand for accessible legal services. Founding LegalZoom to address this need, Liu observed that individuals often require basic legal protection at some point in their lives. While some documents could be handled through self-service practices, others necessitated the assistance of an attorney, resulting in exorbitant hourly rates. This realization, coupled with a personal experience, ignited Liu’s determination to empower individuals to confidently navigate the legal system. This commitment led him to join HelloPrenup, where we share his vision of making legal protection accessible to all couples, irrespective of their net worth.

The Struggle for Basic Legal Protection

As LegalZoom flourished, Liu witnessed a substantial surge in the demand for attorney-drafted documents. However, the accompanying increase in hourly rates created a significant obstacle for many individuals seeking basic legal protection. This predicament left people at critical junctures in their lives, desperately needing legal safeguards but unable to afford the steep costs associated with attorney fees.

Liu’s Personal Connection

Liu’s personal connection to this need for legal access emerged when his mother expressed her desire for his father to have a last will. Witnessing the challenges and emotional toll associated with obtaining such a fundamental legal document, Liu recognized the importance of empathy and understanding in the legal process. It became clear that legal protection extended beyond mere paperwork—it entailed delicate conversations and processes. This personal experience deepened Liu’s resolve to empower individuals, enabling them to feel secure and in control of their lives, regardless of future uncertainties.


Empowering Individuals in Their Most Critical Moments

At the core of Liu’s involvement with us here at HelloPrenup lies the belief that everyone deserves equal access to legal benefits and protection. A prenuptial agreement, in essence, represents a collaboration between two future spouses striving for a mutually beneficial arrangement. Our mission at HelloPrenup to assist all couples, regardless of their net worth, resonated with Liu’s values. We aim to provide prenuptial agreements that offer the same legal protection at an affordable price.

The HelloPrenup Advantage

Upon exploring HelloPrenup’s experienced and passionate team, along with their user-friendly platform, Liu was amazed by our innovative approach. Unlike traditional methods that could take months and cost a fortune, HelloPrenup streamlines the process, enabling couples to generate state-compliant prenuptial agreements within hours. The fraction of the cost compared to attorney fees makes HelloPrenup a truly groundbreaking solution.

Empowering Couples at a Critical Time

The most significant aspect of our approach at HelloPrenup is the ability to empower couples during a critical and exciting chapter of their lives. Liu firmly believes that no couple should be subject to the burdensome costs of attorney fees when seeking basic legal protection, particularly as they embark on one of life’s most significant milestones. By joining HelloPrenup, Liu is honored to contribute to their mission of providing accessible legal protection to all couples.

Final Thoughts

Brian Liu’s journey as a legal tech pioneer was driven by the increasing need for affordable and accessible legal documents. Through his experience with LegalZoom, Liu has strengthened his commitment to empowering individuals to confidently navigate the legal system. His collaboration with HelloPrenup aligns perfectly with his vision of making legal protection available to all, irrespective of their financial circumstances. Together, with Brian Liu, we will strive to ensure that no one is at the mercy of expensive attorney fees during critical moments in their lives. HelloPrenup’s ability to provide collaborative and non-adversarial processes to couples is truly commendable. With HelloPrenup, all couples can now obtain the legal protection they need without compromising their financial well-being.

Brian Liu’s Words: 

“As a legal tech pioneer for over 20 years, I can confidently say there’s an overwhelming need in the market for affordable, approachable, and accessible legal documents. 

When I founded LegalZoom, we noticed that most people, at some point in their life, needed basic legal protection. Some of these documents could be filed through self-serve practices, but others required an attorney to draft. The demand for these attorney documents was rising, but the attorney hourly rates were too. This created a problem for a lot of folks who were at a critical time in their lives and at the mercy of these expensive rates to get basic protection.

This process hit me personally as my mom really wanted my dad to have a last will so she could  feel safe and protected in their marriage. I saw how the process of getting such basic legal protection was painful, but so were the emotionally triggering conversations and processes that come with it. This is a very personal, and cooperative process that requires empathy and understanding in addition to legal guidance and expertise. That’s when I realized I had to help people feel confident and in control of their lives no matter what the future holds. 

Helping people when they absolutely need it most and to empower them to make extremely personal decisions in a legal way; in particular without having to forfeit thousands of dollars or hours in the process. Everyone should be able to get the same benefits and protection of the law, regardless of circumstance, and that’s why I founded LegalZoom, and it’s the same reason I joined HelloPrenup.

A prenup, at the heart of it, is not just a document. It’s about two people coming together to create something mutually beneficial. I knew I had to be a part of HelloPrenup once I realized their mission and ability to help all couples, regardless of net worth, get a prenuptial agreement that grants the same protection and benefits of the law at an affordable price. But most importantly, they make prenups a collaborative and non-adversarial process at such a critical and exciting time in a couple’s lives.

After meeting with the experienced, passionate team and navigating the user-friendly platform, I was blown away by this unprecedented company’s ability to help all couples, regardless of net worth, generate a state compliant prenup in hours instead of months, and at a fraction of the price compared to traditional attorney fees. Based on the market demand and my decades of experience in legal tech, I knew this was a no-brainer opportunity for me to immediately add value to this fast-growing company.

But most of all, I love HelloPrenup’s ability to empower couples during such a critical time in their lives. I believe all couples shouldn’t have to be at the mercy of expensive attorney fees to get basic protection—especially during one of the most monumental moments of their lives and I’m so excited to be a part of HelloPrenup’s mission to help all couples get the legal protection they need.”


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