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Sep 30, 2022 | Relationships, Self-Care

When you think of detoxing, you might picture yourself drinking green juice for a week or sitting in a sauna for a half-hour, but there is a whole other side to that is good for your mental well-being, and that is participating in a digital detox. Doing a digital detox means you are going to be taking a break (you decide what timeframe realistically works for you) from your phone, computer, social media, television, or any other electronic device you find yourself overly attached to. There are different types of digital detoxes you can do, and many benefits that go along with it. So let’s take a look at why you should give a digital detox a shot.

Who Should Try It?

Everyone will have different reasons for why they find it necessary to unplug for a while, but if you can relate to these examples, a digital detox might be something you should try for yourself.

  • You spend hours aimlessly scrolling through different apps, when you could be doing something more fulfilling

  • You are consumed by comments, likes, shares, or other interactions on social media

  • You are missing out on conversations or things happening right in front you, because you’re too busy looking at your screen

  • You feel anxious or overwhelmed if you aren’t near your phone and can’t reply to a text or email quick enough

In order for a digital detox to be successful, you have to be realistic about the rules you are putting in place for yourself. The goal ultimately is to focus on your mental health and taking control of how you spend your time, and that can’t happen if you are constantly thinking of your devices. Here are some different detoxes you can try.

  • Do a full detox and step away from all your devices for a couple days or even a full week

  • Do a electronic specific detox and go without either your phone, computer, or TV for a period of time

  • Detox weekly by picking one day to go device free

  • Do a social media shutdown and logout or delete apps that are causing more harm than good for your well-being

Don’t be afraid to try different variations to see what works best for you. Remember to try and fill your time (and hands) during this process so that you aren’t tempted to reach for your phone.


Taking a break from your smartphone, computer, tablet, or television might be easier said than done, but it is something worth doing every now and again. Studies show that limiting time spent on social media decreases loneliness and depression. Being completely plugged in is a normal way of life, and many of us depend on your devices to get through each and every day, but with that being said there are benefits to shutting down the power for a bit.

Sounder Sleep

Laying in bed at night and scrolling through your phone or watching an episode of your favorite show might seem completely harmless, but in reality, the blue light that comes from your electronic devices actually messes with your sleep cycle. By not using your phone before bed, you are likely to fall asleep quicker, sleep better, and feel more rested when you wake up in the morning.

Better Work/Life Balance

Before smartphones, there used to be a time when someone could go on vacation, or take a few days off from work and really not be able to check their emails or know what was going on in the office until they were physically back in their workspace. But nowaday, we are able to almost instantly contact someone, or be contacted whether it be through email, text, or various work related apps. It is hard to set boundaries for yourself when you have access to the world at your fingertips. Doing a digital detox might allow you to find a healthier routine of leaving work at work, and enjoying your free time outside of your set work hours.

Good-bye Social Media Stressors

Social media is all fun and games until suddenly it’s not, and you find yourself feeling let down, annoyed, or even jealous. If you can relate to this right now, take it as a sign to do a social media detox of your own for either a day, a few days, or even a month! Signing off from your favorite social media apps can seem like a daunting action, but this detox will allow you to surround yourself with things (or people) that bring you comfort and happiness. It’s true what they say, comparison is the thief of joy, and life is too short to be spent comparing your life to friends, acquaintances, or even complete strangers. Here are some other self-care tips you can follow in addition to your digital detox.

More Quality Time with Loved Ones

We have all been guilty of sitting in a room full of people and looking through our phones, while everyone else looks at theirs. Going through a digital detox will allow you to have more intentional moments with your partner, friends, or family.  No news article, insta-story, or email is more important than being present, and making memories with your loved ones. Here are some fun date ideas that can be done completely phone free!

Potential Setbacks

The benefits of doing a digital detox far outweigh any setbacks that might occur, but of course these are things to consider before you decide to put your electronics aside.

Missing Out on Something (social)

Lets face it, most important milestones in life are posted on social media. When you come back from a digital detox, you might find out from a friend or co-worker that you missed an engagement, promotion, or any other exciting announcement. Don’t fret, you will eventually hear the news, it might just be a few days later!

Missing News or Important Information

So we covered social news already, but world news, local news, or work related news might also be a little delayed getting to you depending on the timeframe you have set for your detox. Rest assured though that if it is uber important or urgent, someone will alert you.

Overload Coming Back From a Detox

Coming back from a few days away from social media, texts, and emails will likely feel very overwhelming once you are greeted with notifications galore. Go into this time with patience and take it one step at a time. Don’t undo your mental reset by attacking everything at once.

Clear Mindset

Having access to just about anything in the palm of your hand (or tote bag) is pretty incredible, but it isn’t always a good thing. Allowing yourself to unplug for a second might give you the mental reset you need in order to approach different situations with a clear mindset, healthier boundaries, and a more positive outlook. Disconnecting from the internet likely means you are more deeply connecting with friends, family, or your significant other and that is something that can’t be overlooked.

Final Thoughts

If you think your overall well-being, productivity, or relationships will benefit from putting your phone down, then feel empowered to just do it! There is no shame in taking care of yourself or those you love. Technology isn’t going away, so finding a way to properly incorporate it into your lifestyle is the best thing you can do. When you come back from your detox, and want to explore more blogs pertaining to relationships, self-care, finances, and more, HelloPrenup will be waiting for you.

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