10 Reasons Getting Engaged in the Fall is the Best

Oct 11, 2023 | Relationships, Wedding

POV: It’s a crisp, sunny 60-degree day. The leaves around you are bursting with beautiful colors. You’re sipping on a robust, red Cabernet (or pumpkin spice latte, whatever your jam is). You turn around to see the love of your life on one knee. You say YES. You proceed to cuddle up next to a fire with some hearty, fall food. COME ON! What better season to ask the love of your life to spend the rest of their life with you? (Hint: there is no other better season to do it!). We’re convinced fall is the best time of year to get engaged. Don’t believe us? We’ve laid out 10 reasons why fall is the best time to get engaged below. 

  1. Beautiful scenery for engagement photos: From crisp blue skies to forests bursting with color, fall offers picture-perfect backdrops to set the scene for your special moment. Think mountains draped in reds and golds or rows of maple trees glowing bright orange. Just make sure there’s someone nearby to snap photos of your special moment.


  2. Cooler weather for cooler vibes: While summer’s heat can leave you hot and stressed, the chill in the fall air sets a comfortable, relaxed vibe. You can focus on the moment rather than simply trying to cool off, and the engagement pictures will be a lot nicer without sweat dripping down your face. Not only that but when the weather is cooler, everyone gets cozier–snuggling under that blanket and wrapping your arms around each other outside.


  3. Outdoor activities for the perfect knee drop location: Fall is perfect for a picturesque hike before stopping to pop the question at a scenic overlook. Or maybe you go apple picking and get down on one knee in a beautiful orchard. You can also take a hayride through the countryside to a pumpkin patch proposal, or do it in the park under your favorite tree.


  4. Romantic vibes: Fall is arguably the most romantic time of the year. Colorful foliage, snuggling weather, harvest nostalgia, and crackling bonfires perfectly set the mood for love. Picture this: you wake up, it’s a gorgeous 60-degree fall day. The leaves are a beautiful orangish-red. Your boo brings you coffee in bed (pumpkin spice latte, of course). The plans for the day are a stroll in the park, followed by apple picking in the afternoon, and finish the day off with a spooky movie night and a cozy candlelit dinner. After dinner, pop open the cabernet and pop the question! C’mon! It doesn’t get better than that!


  5. Fall flavors: Pumpkin spice, apple cider, and hearty cabernets pair perfectly with fall engagement celebrations. Whether you are simply making you and your boo some pumpkin pie to dig in together or you are planning a huge engagement party, the fall treats are endless. Treat yourself and your guests to seasonal delights at your engagement party or while touring wineries post-proposal.


  6. Holiday perks: With Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon after a fall proposal, you can seamlessly blend wedding planning into holiday festivities. Announce your engagement at holiday family and friends dinners.  If your family and friends will be involved in wedding planning, allocate time during holiday get-togethers to plan and scheme. And, take advantage of holiday markets to connect with wedding vendors such as photographers, florists, and bakers.


  7. Cozy date nights: Fall is the beginning of the cozy season. Activities like cuddling up under a blanket indoors or outside under the starry sky, sipping tea while you binge a new series, and roasting marshmallows fireside give you quality time to bond even more ahead of (or after) your engagement. The cozy fall date night ideas are truly endless.


  8. Baking season: A proposal is the perfect excuse to celebrate with exorbitant amounts of apple pie, pumpkin bread, and freshly baked cookies. Need some inspiration? You can check out some great online resources for yummy fall baking recipes, such as Molly Baz, Half Baked Harvest, and Bon Appetit. You’re engaged; that only happens once in a lifetime, so if that doesn’t give you a license to eat your weight in sweets, what does?


  9. Great deals: Discount days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the fall, of course. After you’re engaged, you can immediately get a head start on wedding planning. Take advantage of discounts by buying items you’ll need for your big day. For example, you might want to look for wedding invites, table centerpieces, bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, wedding favors, or even tick off some of that wedding registry stuff!


  10. Post-proposal pets: Many pets wind up in shelters specifically in the fall. Families who adopted pets during summer break find that they no longer have time, and students going off to college often have to surrender their animals. All this leads to a seasonal uptick in the availability of shelter animals. Celebrate your engagement, deepen your commitment, and start your ‘family’ by rescuing a shelter dog or cat together.

When it comes to ambiance, beauty, and savings, you can’t fall for popping the big question. 

Let’s face it, between the fall foliage, the sweater weather, and the cozy date nights, getting engaged in fall is the ultimate romantic gesture. It’s like living in your very own rom-com movie. Not only are the fall vibes EVERYTHING but getting engaged in the fall also has financial perks: you get to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. You can make sure to get all that wedding shopping done for a discounted price. It’s a win-win! There’s no better time to get engaged in our opinion! 


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