Eloping in the fall in New England sounds incredibly charming and romantic, doesn’t it? While many couples still favor having a wedding in the traditional sense, many couples are now gravitating towards elopements. Choosing to elope is much more budget friendly, seemingly less stressful to plan, and allows for much more flexibility when it comes to setting a date and location. Typically, elopements have no more than 10 guests, and many couples prefer to tie the knot in front of just their officiant and maybe 1-2 witnesses if it is required by the state. If you want to know more aboutweddings vs elopements you can read this blog to see which is the right fit for you and your partner. Now let’s take a look at some top New England elopement options.

City Elopement- Boston, MA

If you are looking to elope in a big city, look no further than Boston! There is something so charming about Boston in the fall- the historic landmarks, brick buildings, and cobblestone streets just seem to compliment this time of year so perfectly. The beauty of eloping is that you and your fiance can get married just about anywhere, especially if you are going for a very informal/minimal planning involved style of elopement. You really can’t go wrong tying the knot in this beautiful city, but just in case you need some location inspiration, here are a few places to consider for your big day.

Trinity Church

Located in Back Bay, Trinity Church is a beautiful option for your elopement. The intricate architecture and warm colors really fit the fall vibe, making it a very picturesque location. No matter how formal or informal your elopement may be, it is a good idea to plan ahead by contacting someone at the church.

City Hall

Eloping at Boston City Hall is likely a more mainstream option, but beautiful nonetheless! According to their website, getting married at City Hall requires nothing more than booking a time in advance, and $75. Not only is eloping at City Hall going to be a lot cheaper than a traditional wedding, but you are also likely to get a time easier than you would in the summer months.

Boston Public Garden

If you are looking for an outdoors option, you can’t go wrong tying the knot within a Boston Public Garden. In fact, eloping here is only allowed April-November, making it the perfect spot for a fall elopement. The park is nearly 24 acres, so if you are really looking to have an intimate ceremony you shouldn’t have any problems finding a secluded area. Between the pond (just imagine this backdrop with the fall colors surrounding you), famous statues, and beautiful landscape, taking pictures to remember your elopement will be something special.

Fall Colors- Stowe, VT

Fall in New England is beautiful, but fall in Stowe, Vermont is truly something spectacular. “Stowe’s scenic views and legendary color scattered across the rolling hills make the perfect backdrop for festive fall events” (Go Stowe, 2022). If your fall elopement vision includes exceptional views and colorful fall foliage, then Stowe is the place for you.

There are quite a few places that focuses on elopements in Stowe, including:

  • Green Mountain Inn
  • The Lodge at Spruce Peak
  • Birdsong Farm
  • Stone Hill Inn

Since Stowe is such a quaint and charming place, you might want to consider staying for your honeymoon after you elope. Enjoying Vermont in the fall means you will get to enjoy idyllic towns, beautiful scenery, and you can spend time by the fire after walking around in the fresh autumn air. What a romantic way to kick off your marriage after your dream elopement!

Coastal Vibes- Camden, ME

You will not regret visiting Camden, Maine in the fall. Better yet, you will not regret eloping in Camden, Maine in the fall. The vibrant colors of the leaves taking on their autumn hues makes for the perfect backdrop for any elopement. If you are flexible with when you and your fiance plan to elope, the fall colors are at their peak towards the end of October, but of course the seasonal charm is present well into late November/before winter hits.

Whether you plan to  have a cozy elopement ceremony indoors, or you are outside in that crisp New England fall air, there are a number of spots in Camden where you can say “I do!”

Outdoorsy Elopement- Acadia National Park

All you need in order to elope in Acadia National Park is a park pass, marriage license, an officiant, and two witnesses. Planning for a fall elopement in Acadia National Park means the summer hustle and bustle has slowed down, and you and your partner shouldn’t have any problems finding a private place to say your nuptials.

Having an outdoors elopement in the fall in a national park is so picturesque. The colors, the fresh air, the break from peak tourist season, how can you go wrong? Be sure to dress accordingly though, you might need to change your outfit once you arrive at your chosen location!

Here are some popular places within the park to say “I do”:

  • Cadillac Mountain- a hike, but beautiful views from the top (can’t have ceremonies during sunrise or sunset)
  • Otter Cliffs- a spectacular coastal backdrop for your fall elopement
  • Sand Beach- a small beach nestled between mountains and rocky shoreline (insert heart eye emoji here!)

Spooky Season- Salem, MA

Of course, with fall comes Halloween and spooky season! If you are wanting a more traditional elopement, then keep scrolling- but if you and your fiance are looking for a spooky season elopement then Salem, Massachusetts is the place for you! Salem is famously known for the 1692 Salem Witch Trials, which put this New England town on the map as a popular tourist destination for all those interested in the events of this time in history.

While Salem is popular year round, the fall months are particularly favorable for visitors. So what does this mean for your fall elopement? Choosing to elope means you are wanting a more intimate pathway to marriage, so while you might not have many friends and family of your own there for your special day, getting married in Salem in the fall likely means you will have a lot of strangers witnessing your nuptials.

Every wedding/elopement is beautiful and special in their own way, but if you are really wanting a ceremony to remember, tying the knot near Halloween in Salem is going to make for an incredibly unique experience (think black, orange, spooky decor).

After you and your spouse say “I do” here are a few things you can do to enjoy fall in Salem:

  • Visit the Salem Witch Museum
  • Walk through the Old Burying Point Cemetery
  • Take a candlelit Ghost Tour
  • Go off the beaten path and enjoy the fall colors

Apple Orchard- Waterbury Center, VT

This is a particularly specific recommendation, and might be best suited for a fun fall way to celebrate your elopement in New England instead of actually having your special ceremony at this location. Apples and fall just go hand in hand really, so visiting the Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Vermont with your new spouse is the perfect way to celebrate your commitment to one another.

From fresh cider, to hard cider, to cider donuts, and mill tours this place is the epitome of fall in New England. If you stop by in your wedding attire, you are likely to get a lot of love and well wishes from other visitors! The landscape surrounding the Cider Mill would also be a great place to capture some elopement pictures.

Secluded Ceremony- Block Island, RI

If a private, intimate, and secluded fall elopement ceremony is what you want, then you should consider heading to Block Island, Rhode Island. Block Island is a small island off the coast of Rhode Island, meaning you’ll need to take a ferry, boat, or plane to this location. Fall is definitely much quieter than summer, making it the perfect place for an intimate elopement. The beauty of eloping is that you can really make this experience whatever you want it to be. It can be super casual, you can wear traditional wedding attire, you can have a short or long ceremony, 2 guests, 10 guests, or none at all. Block Island is the perfect spot to make your elopement dreams a reality.

Final Thoughts

If there are any locations from this list where you’d like to elope, be sure to do your own research prior to your special day! Another thing to prepare for before your elopement is making sure your prenuptial agreement is completed prior to you and your partner saying “I do”. Whether you are having a huge wedding or a tiny elopement ceremony, having a prenup is something every couple should consider.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding creating a prenuptial agreement, be sure to download The Ultimate Prenup Guide today. As always, our team at HelloPrenup is ready to assist you and your fiance with anything you may need during this process.

You are writing your life story. Get on the same page with a prenup. For love that lasts a lifetime, preparation is key. Safeguard your shared tomorrows, starting today.
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