What Types of Rings Are Suitable for a Military Marriage?

Feb 12, 2024 | Military Wedding, Wedding

Starting a military marriage journey comes with its own mix of ups and downs. In the midst of planning a military wedding, picking the perfect ring is likely at the top of your to-do list. Questions that may pop into your head are, “What are the protocols for rings in active service?”; “What rings are most durable?”; and “Can I even wear one?” As you probably know, it’s not just about buying a new shiny ring; it’s about choosing rings that truly fit the bill for military couples, ones that can stand the test of time and distance, but also military protocols and lifestyle. Let’s dive into what kind of rings are best suited for military marriages.


Rules for Wedding Rings in the Military

When considering wedding bands approved for military personnel, it’s important to understand the guidelines for your specific branch, as it may differ slightly. Military members are typically allowed to wear rings, but with certain restrictions. There are branch-specific uniform rules, so make sure to check in with your branch’s policy. See some example ring policies below. 

For example, here is the exact language from the Marine Corps Uniform policy: “Inconspicuous rings are authorized for wear in uniform. When worn, only one ring is authorized per hand, except for wedding and engagement rings (when worn on the same finger they will count as one ring) and will be worn on the base of the finger close to the palm. Rings will not be worn on the thumbs.” (See Page 1-10). 

For Army personnel, their uniform policy says the following: “Soldiers may wear a wristwatch, a wrist religious or identification bracelet, and a total of two rings (a wedding set is considered one ring) with Army uniforms, unless prohibited by the commander for safety or health reasons.” (See Page 14). 

For members of the Navy, the uniform policy is as follows: “While in uniform, rings shall be conservative. Rings that distract from the professional military appearance of the individual in uniform are not authorized.  Rings may consist of natural metals or fabricated materials (i.e. plastic, wood, silicone) and may be gold, silver, copper, grey, tan, brown, black, white, or light pink in color.  Only one ring per hand is authorized, plus a wedding/engagement ring set. Double stacking wedding rings with military academy/educational institution rings is authorized on one hand. Rings shall not present a safety or foreign object damage (FOD) hazard.  Rings are not permitted to be worn on the thumb.” (See Section 2201.6)


The Significance of Rings in Military Marriages

In military marriages, wedding and engagement rings hold deep meaning, representing enduring love, unwavering commitment, and shared sacrifice. They’re more than just jewelry; they’re symbols of the bond between partners, providing comfort during separations and strength during tough times. For example, the special details engraved on the rings—like initials, significant dates, rank insignia, or military symbols—make them extra personal and sentimental, giving each couple a one-of-a-kind connection to their rings. Plus, wedding and engagement rings may be passed down through generations, making it like passing on a legacy of love and service, connecting past, present, and future.


Safety First: Why Consider Getting a Rubber Ring 

Military personnel may opt for a rubber wedding ring for several practical reasons. Firstly, rubber rings provide a safe and comfortable alternative during physical activities or deployments where wearing traditional metal rings could pose a risk of injury. The flexible nature of rubber allows for a snug fit without constricting movement, making it ideal for military personnel engaged in rigorous training or combat situations. Additionally, rubber rings are non-conductive, offering protection against electrical hazards—a crucial consideration for those working with machinery or electronics. Furthermore, rubber rings are affordable and easily replaceable, ensuring that military personnel can maintain the symbolic representation of their commitment without worry of loss or damage. 

You may be thinking, where on Earth can I find a rubber wedding ring? Don’t worry; there are plenty of companies out there that are making attractive rubber wedding rings that can easily pass as an expensive material from afar! For example, SafeRingz has a military collection of rubber wedding bands that look as sleek as a real metal band. Another brand is Ridge, which offers high-quality silicone rings for men. 


Durable Ring Materials

Someone in the military might prefer a durable metal ring because they are not participating in activities that would necessitate a rubber or silicone band. Instead, they may prefer a long-lasting band that can survive harsh environments or a clumsy hand that frequently bumps into things. This may mean going for tough materials like titanium, tungsten, or platinum. 

Titanium is super strong but lightweight, great for folks who are always on the move or on active military duty. Tungsten is tough and scratch-resistant, perfect for those who put their rings through the “wringer.” And platinum? Well, it’s not just durable; it’s beautiful and a classic symbol of love. 


Symbolic Designs Reflecting Unity

When it comes to military marriages, the designs on wedding rings aren’t just for looks—they’re powerful symbols of unity and love. Take knot patterns, for example. They represent the unbreakable bond between partners, showing how their lives are intertwined. And those engraved insignias? They honor the commitment to serving together, showcasing their dedication. Plus, meaningful military symbols like anchors or eagles may add an extra layer of significance, reminding couples of their strength through the challenges of military life. Each design tells a story, capturing the values and experiences that make their relationship unique. So, when military couples wear these rings, they’re not just wearing jewelry; they’re carrying a piece of their unity, loyalty, and enduring love wherever they go.


Practical Ring Considerations for Deployment

When considering wedding rings for military marriages, practicality during deployment is a crucial factor to keep in mind. Many military couples opt for silicone bands as just a temporary replacement during deployments, ensuring safety and comfort without sacrificing symbolism. Silicone bands are lightweight, flexible, and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for active duty. Moreover, their non-conductive properties offer protection against electrical hazards, a common concern in military environments. These rubber or silicone bands are also easily replaceable and affordable, allowing military personnel to maintain the symbolic representation of their commitment even while deployed. 


Budget-Friendly Options Without Compromise

When it comes to military wedding rings, finding budget-friendly ring options without compromising quality or style is essential. Here are some great budget-friendly options for military rings: 

  • Stainless steel, such as this one from Zales,
  • Silicone, such as these rings from Qalo, and
  • Thin 14k gold (real gold but very thin, such as this one from Shane Co.)

These budget-friendly ring options allow military couples to invest in rings that hold significance without adding financial strain. By opting for a ring material such as stainless steel or silicone, couples can symbolize their love and commitment while staying within their budget, ensuring that their marriage starts on a solid foundation of financial responsibility and mutual respect.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Military Wedding Rings

Still have unanswered questions? No problem. Keep reading to discover the most common inquiries about military wedding rings.

Q: Are there specific regulations regarding wedding rings in the military?
A: Yes, it is branch-dependent, so make sure you brush up on your branch’s uniform policy regarding wedding rings.

Q: How can military couples ensure the security of their rings during deployments?
A: One option may be to purchase a silicone ring to wear while deployed to avoid losing the more expensive ring. If that is not an option, utilizing secure storage options, such as lockboxes or safes, may be a good idea.

Q: What is the general ring-wearing policy for the military?
A: Generally, most branches allow wedding rings to be worn, but there are certain restrictions based on which branch you are in. 

Q: Why do people wear silicone rings in the military?
A: It is the safest option for rings when you are undergoing rigorous military activities. Plus, if you are ever in an emergent health situation and a doctor needs to get your ring off, cutting off a silicone ring is much easier than cutting through metal. 

Q: Where can I find a silicone ring with military insignia?
A: Silicone wedding bands suitable for military personnel are available at various online stores, but one in particular that stands out is SafeRingz. They offer customizable silicone rings and provide military discounts.


The Bottom Line

Selecting the ideal ring for a military marriage is a profoundly personal and significant choice. However, it’s crucial to adhere to your military branch’s uniform jewelry regulations. Once you grasp the guidelines regarding permissible ring types, it’s then time to choose your ring. Whether you opt for sturdy materials like tungsten or prioritize safety with silicone rings, your wedding band should reflect not only your individual style and shared journey as a couple but also respect military protocol.

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