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Nov 24, 2023 | Prenuptial Agreements

It’s 2023, and you can now arrange prenups for your online characters. Yes, that’s right. Remember those long hours spent playing SIMS as a kid? BitLife, the new life simulation game is known to make the hours fly by, and allegedly even more addictive than the Sims. Below, we’re going to dive into the parallel universe known as BitLife. We will explore what exactly BitLife is and how a prenup could be so relevant to the outcome of a computer game. 


What is BitLife?

BitLife is a life simulation game that allows for an impressive amount of nuance. In it, players simulate their character’s life from beginning to end. They create and control a character as well as make decisions that affect a range of aspects of that character’s life–and they also make decisions related to education, career, relationships, health, happiness, and overall well-being. All of these choices impact the life path of the character. 


Character Creation

In the beginning of the game, players create or are randomly assigned a character. Each character gets a name, nationality, and initial attributes like health, intelligence, and appearance just as characters in other video games have starting levels of qualities like strength and speed.


Life Stages

During the game players guide their characters through various stages of life, including infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. Each stage presents unique challenges and opportunities and helps to mold the character’s personality and journey.


Decision Making

The core of the gameplay lies in the decisions players make. While some of these choices relate to seemingly trivial matters like choosing a hobby, others involve major life milestones like pursuing a particular career path, getting married, or having kids. 



An important component of the game hinges on building and maintaining relationships. Characters interact and connect with friends, family, romantic partners, and even pets. The quality of these relationships affects the character’s life in important ways. This is also where the prenup comes in–deciding whether or not to get one in your romantic relationship.


Education and Career

Players are in charge of their characters’ various educational paths and career choices. Academic and professional success often depends on earlier choices, attributes, and sometimes luck.


Health and Happiness

Players must constantly consider their character’s physical and mental well-being. Choices that negatively impact health or happiness may lead to problems later in ‘life.’


Random Events

Randomly generated life events add unpredictability to the game. These can be opportunities, challenges, or even catastrophic events that the player must navigate. For example, opportunities could include job offers, inheritance, meeting a celebrity and being offered a collaboration, or lucky wins such as the lottery. Challenges might be health issues, problems related to workplace politics, relationship difficulties, or identity theft. Catastrophic events like natural disasters, accidents, loss, crime, and major health crises could also occur.


Death and Legacy

Eventually, the character will die, either from old age or other causes. At this point, the game takes the player through a recap of their character’s life, successes, and failures. Players may also choose to keep playing as one of the character’s descendants, which provides a sense of continuity.


Visual and Interactive Style

BitLife’s interface is primarily text-based, with minimal graphics. The simplicity of its design emphasizes the narrative and decision-making elements. A series of menus, prompts, and choices make up the framework through which players interact with the game.


Why People Love It

BitLife does a surprisingly good job of simulating the complexities and unpredictabilities of life through text-based gameplay. It engages players with a myriad of possibilities, challenging decisions, and a keen sense of reality, as seen in details like the ability to get a prenup. Whether you’re navigating relationships, building a career, or facing unexpected life events, BitLife offers a rich virtual world that resonates with many real-life experiences; therefore, some players see it almost as practice or as food for thought for their own lives.


Prenups in BitLife

Prenuptial agreements in BitLife mirror some of the main aspects of those in real life; they define the financial arrangements between couples in the event of a divorce. Arranging a prenup in BitLife is not just about money, though. Players must be attentive to and understand their character’s relationships. Additionally, the creation of a BitLife prenup involves negotiation and decision-making skills. This part of the game actually reflects some of the factors that influence marriage in the real world.


In BitLife, the decision to sign or not sign a prenup may have significant consequences on the virtual life of your character, as is the case in real life, as well. By understanding what a prenup does in BitLife, players can navigate complex relational dynamics and make informed decisions that align with their virtual goals and values. (Hint: this is also true for real life, folks!). 


How to Get a BitLife Prenup

So, how do you go about getting a prenup in the game of life? Well, in BitLife, we’ve laid out the steps for you below. But keep on reading to learn how to get a prenup in the game of REAL life via HelloPrenup.


Proposing a Prenup

In BitLife, proposing a prenup is a strategic move that comes with various game outcomes. The way you approach your partner, timing, relationship status, and even your career can influence whether the proposal is accepted or rejected.


Acceptance or Rejection

A character’s response to a prenup proposal is unpredictable. In some cases, it strengthens trust. In others, it creates distrust. In BitLife, this decision impacts the tone of the entire relationship and affects happiness, wealth, and even fame. For example, if a character is famous or in the public eye in the game, their prenup could be spun as positive or negative by the media and influence public perception of them. Similarly, brands and personalities in BitLife could view the decision to get a prenup in a myriad of ways, influencing potential future collaborations and endorsements. 


Real-Life vs. BitLife Prenups

How does a prenup in BitLife compare to one in the real world? While there are indeed important differences, the game does offer a surprisingly accurate simulation of some of the real-world legal, emotional, and financial complexities that come up when drafting a prenuptial agreement. However, the keyword here is ‘some.’ Ultimately BitLife’s portrayal of prenuptial agreements is simplistic compared to their real-world nuances.

In real life, prenups often cover a range of financial responsibilities and expectations, both during the course of the marriage and in the event of a divorce or death. This includes how household expenses are managed, who is responsible for what, how retirement benefits, inheritance, and debts are handled, and more.

However, BitLife simplifies many real-world intricacies to fit its game mechanics and ensure a smoother gameplay experience. In BitLife, the primary function of a prenup is indeed asset protection. The game focuses more on the division of assets in case of a divorce rather than governing financial roles and responsibilities during the marriage. 


How BitLife Serves as a Training Ground for Your Actual Prenup

Firstly, bear in mind that as aforementioned, BitLife offers only a limited snapshot of what it’s like to arrange a prenup in real life. Even so, the game can have some useful applications for those who are considering getting prenups or who are in the beginning stages of the process. 

BitLife allows you to play out different scenarios and get insights into potential results of various prenup-related situations in your own life. For example, imagine that you bring up the prospect of a prenup with a virtual partner–and they react in a way you hadn’t expected or imagined, therefore making you aware of a possibility you hadn’t considered previously and giving you the foresight to prepare for a broader range or potential reactions. 

Similarly, you can play the game as many times as you want, which means that you can trial different scenarios over and over in order to understand and conceive of different possibilities for how the same social situation might play out. But, don’t try to use BitLife to understand the real-world legal complexities of prenuptial agreements. 

Seeing how your virtual partner reacts to different aspects of the discussion and responding to them also allows you to try out a range of negotiation strategies and communication techniques in a low-stakes environment, better preparing you to navigate your own prenup process gracefully. Of course, trialing different negotiation tactics is not about getting your own way, but about communicating in a way that breeds mutual understanding and skillfully addresses the needs of both partners. 

How to Get a Real-Life Prenup With HelloPrenup

And now, for those BitLife players who want to bring a touch of reality into their virtual worlds, we present to you how to get a prenup in real life with HelloPrenup!

While BitLife allows you to navigate the intricacies of virtual relationships and prenups, we know that some players are looking for more than just a game. Enter HelloPrenup, your real-life companion for real-life prenups.

HelloPrenup is not a game, but a platform that helps you create state-compliant prenuptial agreements tailored to your real-world needs. Just as you carefully plan your BitLife prenup to protect your virtual assets, HelloPrenup allows you to do the same for your real-world assets.


Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – while BitLife allows you to explore the realm of virtual prenuptial agreements, HelloPrenup brings the concept into the real world. Whether you’re safeguarding your BitLife assets or your actual assets, a prenup with HelloPrenup ensures that you can confidently face the twists and turns of life, both in the game and beyond. Happy gaming and real-life planning!

You are writing your life story. Get on the same page with a prenup. For love that lasts a lifetime, preparation is key. Safeguard your shared tomorrows, starting today.
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