Prenups for Expensive Hobbies: Collectibles and Other Valuables

Jul 24, 2023 | Prenuptial Agreements, Protecting Assets

Imagine spending years building a valuable collection of rare coins, vintage cars, or priceless artwork. These collectibles are not only a source of personal joy but also a significant investment. But what happens to these treasures if you find yourself going through a divorce? This is where prenuptial agreements, or prenups, come into play. In this article, we’ll explore the world of prenups specifically tailored to protect your valuable collectibles and other assets. So let’s dive in!

What are prenups?

Before delving into the specifics of prenups for collectibles, let’s first understand what prenuptial agreements are. A prenup is a legal document that couples sign before marriage, outlining the division of assets, spousal support, and other relevant financial matters in the event of divorce or separation. Not only do prenups take care of financial things, but they also are emotional documents, as well (more on this below). How? Well, they set expectations, align goals, and facilitate communication. For example, if you’re an avid basketball card collector and your partner frequently helps you find new cards, they may have an expectation that half of the cards are theirs…but you don’t think this way. This is something to discuss and make sure the two of you are aligned before entering the marriage.

Overview of prenups for protecting collectibles and valuables

Understanding the value of collectibles

Collectibles come in various forms, ranging from rare stamps to sports memorabilia to fine wines and much more. These items can appreciate significantly in value over time, making them crucial assets to address in a prenup. If you’ve ever seen King of Collectibles on Netflix, or you’re simply in-tune with the market, you know that there is real money to be made on certain items, could be up to the millions! Understanding the current and potential future value of your collectibles is essential for drafting a comprehensive agreement that protects your investments.


The importance of prenups for collectors

Collectors dedicate considerable time, effort, and resources to building their collections. The sentimental and financial value attached to these items necessitates careful consideration in the event of a divorce and death. Prenups can establish clear guidelines on ownership, valuation, and division of collectibles (in divorce and sometimes death), minimizing potential conflicts and ensuring the preservation of your investments.

Key elements to include in a prenup for collectibles

What should you consider before creating a prenup and including your collectibles in it? 

Inventory of collectibles

Begin by creating a comprehensive inventory of all the collectibles you own. Include detailed descriptions, photographs, and any relevant documentation such as certificates of authenticity or purchase receipts. This inventory serves as a crucial reference point for both parties when determining the value and division of collectibles. You may even consider attaching it to your prenup as part of document exchange (although this isn’t legally required).


Valuation of collectibles

Determining the value of collectibles can be a complex task, especially when dealing with rare or unique items. Seek the expertise of professional appraisers or specialists who can provide accurate valuations. Why do you need to value these items? Because the value of the items will be included in the prenup in the financial disclosure section. Financial disclosure allows both spouses to understand each other’s finances and understand what they are giving up in the prenup. If your partner has no clue that your Michael Jordan basketball card is worth $1,000,000, then how will they fairly decide to waive their right to it when they think it’s worth $10?


Ownership rights and division

Clearly define ownership rights and division of collectibles in the prenup. Consider whether ownership remains with the original collector or if joint ownership is established during the marriage. If you don’t want to split an item up in a divorce, you should make sure to mark it as separate property in your prenup. If you’re okay with it being shared, then you can leave it as marital/community property. 


Appraisers and specialists

Engage the services of professional appraisers and specialists familiar with your specific type of collectibles. Their expertise in valuation can help establish accurate values for your items, strengthening the validity of your prenup.

Prenups for other valuable assets

While collectibles may be your main focus, prenups can also extend to other valuable assets such as real estate, bank accounts, investments, and business interests. Of course, you’ll want to consider protecting your other assets, not just the collectibles. 

The emotional aspect of prenups

Prenups can actually be emotional documents, in addition to being a financial one. In the context of collectibles and valuables, prenups can make sure the two of you create an open dialogue around your goals for these items, create alignment, and protect sentimental assets. 

Having Open Dialogue 

The prenup making process requires the two of you to engage in open and honest conversations. Communication plays a key role in expressing your concerns, fears, and expectations, namely, what your goals are for the collectibles. Do you want to share these items? Is this a team effort? Or are the collectibles your private hobby that you prefer to keep to yourself? 



By having an open dialogue, you and your partner can align on expectations for the marriage as a whole and what would happen in the event of a divorce. And, of course, the ownership of the collectibles and valuables. You and your partner can build a shared vision for your future that you both feel supported by. 


Protecting Your Personal and Family Valuables

If your collectibles or valuables are family heirlooms or something extremely personal and special to you, then making sure they are protected can bring you peace of mind. Entering a marriage with peace of mind is always a great way to start off a lifelong commitment! 

Prenups for Expensive Hobbies: Collectibles and Other Valuables

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about prenups for expensive hobbies

Q: Can a prenup cover future purchase of collectibles? 

A: Yes, prenups can make sure your future assets are protected, as well as the ones you already own. 


Q: Can a prenup cover an item that has no financial value, but instead only has sentimental value? 

A: Yes, you can include sentimental items in your prenup even if they don’t have any real economic value. It’s not very common, but it is definitely do-able legally. 


Q: What if we both own a collectible or valuable? 

A: If you jointly own, say, an extremely rare coin collection, you can make sure to parse out in your prenup exactly how you would go about dividing that up in a divorce. Maybe you would want to liquidate and split the money? Maybe you would physically split up the collection? It would be up to you and your partner to come to terms on this. 


Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, prenuptial agreements are like protective shields for your assets tied to expensive hobbies, including collecting valuable items. Whether you’re obsessed with rare coins, stamps, sports memorabilia, or even those beloved beanie babies, a thoughtfully crafted prenup can be your superhero in safeguarding these treasures.

When you include specific provisions in your prenup for your prized collectibles, you create a clear roadmap for ownership, valuation, and fair division of these items. This means that even if life takes an unexpected turn, your investments will be acknowledged and shielded from any stormy situations like divorce or separation.

You are writing your life story. Get on the same page with a prenup. For love that lasts a lifetime, preparation is key. Safeguard your shared tomorrows, starting today.
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