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Feb 21, 2024 | Prenuptial Agreements, real life case

Adele, the globally renowned British singer-songwriter, has not only captivated audiences with her soulful voice but has also become a subject of fascination when it comes to her personal life. As one of the best-selling music artists of all time, Adele’s romantic relationships have often made headlines. Her most recent romance is with Rich Paul, a renowned sports agent and author. In this article, we delve into the intriguing world of Adele and Rich Paul’s budding romance, including the details surrounding their alleged prenup and much more! 


Importance of Prenups in High-Profile Relationships

In any relationship, prenuptial agreements are important, but they’re especially important in high-profile relationships like celebrities or politicians. Just imagine being under the constant spotlight like celebs are – everything you do, from who you’re with to what you wear to your finances, gets magnified. Take Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, for example – their every move is being scrutinized by the media. With all that attention, it’s no wonder high-profile couples can feel the strain on their relationship when they are being carefully watched from every angle. Not to mention, high-profile relationships tend to have a lot of money floating around between the couple, so the thought of a divorce can be scary. 

Enter: the prenup. A prenup can create a safety net in case the relationship goes south. And what’s more, the prenup is not just about protecting assets – it can also be about protecting privacy, too, and even other issues that may arise while still married, such as how to file taxes.


Who is Adele’s New Beau, Rich Paul?

First off, who is Rich Paul–Adele’s new beau? For starters, he has his own stockpile of money separate from Adele, with an alleged net worth of a whopping $120 million. According to Page Six, Rich Paul is a “big time sports agent” with high-profile clients such as Lebron James, Ben Simmons, and Draymond Green. He got his big shot in the sports industry by chance. “Paul got into selling sports jerseys and encountered his initial client, Lebron James, back in 2002 during a layover in Atlanta,” a source from Page Six revealed. Their collaboration kicked off right then and there, and “the rest is history.”

Paul is also an author! Paul authored a memoir, “Lucky Me,” about his struggles from childhood all the way to his success in the sports industry. Page Six sources claim he wanted to write this “rags to riches” story to inspire other kids in similar situations as him. 


A Secret Marriage? 

“Rumor has it” that Rich Paul and Adele secretly tied the knot. According to Page Six, speculation intensified around Adele’s relationship status with RIch Paul when she labeled him as her “husband” during her Las Vegas residency in September 2023. Further fueling rumors, she reportedly responded with a cheerful “I did!” to Alan Carr’s inquiry at his comedy show, prompting further speculation about recent nuptials.


Details of Adele’s Alleged Prenup with Rich Paul

There’s been talk lately that Adele and her boyfriend, Rich Paul, who’s a big-shot sports agent, might have a prenup. While neither of them has come out and confirmed it, people are buzzing about what could be in it, especially considering Adele’s wealth and Rich Paul’s successful career.

A few things that are floating around the internet at the moment on this topic is that “Adele’s friends convinced her to get a prenup,” sources revealed to Radar Online. This presumes that Adele initially didn’t consider a prenup but was persuaded by her friends, and we’re delighted to know she has such supportive friends!

According to Radar Online, Adele’s net worth stands at a staggering $220 million, thanks to her extensive real estate holdings, which now include Sylvester Stallone’s $58 million mansion, along with her lucrative Las Vegas Residency and sales of $34 million in digital singles. She is raking in approximately $2 million per Las Vegas show, according to the NY Post, so her net worth is only expected to grow from here. 

What could possibly go into this agreement? In our expert opinion, it’s likely that they included clauses that would protect any assets brought into the marriage, such as Adele’s real estate portfolio, and any assets that continue to accrue during the marriage, such as Adele’s $2 million per Las Vegas show! And Paul also likely opted to keep his income separate from any big-time contracts Lebron James scores in the future. On top of that, they may have also considered a confidentiality agreement (a.k.a., an NDA), which would make sure any private information, such as financial info, stayed with the couple.


Expert Opinions on Adele’s Prenup

We spoke with expert Celebrity Prenup Attorney Randall Kessler, who has worked on many different celebrity cases, including Cardi B and Nene Leakes.

When asked about Adele’s prenup, Attorney Kessler had this to say: 

As successful as both of these people are, not only in their industries, but as business people, it should shock no one that they have their house in very good order. I respect both of them immensely and I imagine they knew what they wanted and their lawyers simply helped them get it done. Rich Paul is not only an incredible business person, but known to be generous to a fault to those he cares about.  I wish them both a long and happy marriage.

Ah, what a heartwarming sentiment! While it’s challenging for any lawyer to provide insight on a prenup without firsthand knowledge or context, it’s undeniable the appreciation that arises from witnessing a strong and genuine relationship in action, such as Adele and Rich Paul’s!


Does Her US Prenup Apply in her Home Country of England?

As many of you are aware, Adele has emerged as the latest sensation hailing from England, capturing hearts and making waves akin to the legendary Beatles. And you may be wondering where her prenup is from– is it a US prenup or a UK prenup? Well, we’re not sure. However, given her latest purchase of the $58 million “Rocky” mansion in Los Angeles, California, it’s likely that her primary residence is in the US at the moment, and it follows that her prenup likely incorporates US laws. But it’s also known that Adele has properties all over the globe, including real estate in London and the English countryside, according to Architectural Digest. So, there are a couple of different scenarios to work out here. Let’s discuss each: 

What happens when you have a US prenup and try to enforce it in the UK? 

Well, the outcome hinges on the legal framework of the UK, and whether a US prenup holds weight in a UK divorce depends on its alignment with UK prenup criteria. 

What happens if you have a UK prenup and want to enforce it in the US? 

Similar situation as above. A US court would likely uphold a UK prenup if it followed similar rules as a US prenup, such as not including provisions against public policy, making sure financial disclosure was properly done, etc. There have been instances of foreign prenups being both upheld and thrown out in US courts, which you can read more about here

What happens if you have a US prenup and overseas real estate? 

We asked seasoned Prenup and Divorce Attorney Randall Kessler on how this works in a US divorce when you have foreign assets. He said: 

The court can divide all marital property wherever located. The only remaining question will be one of enforcement. If the country of enforcement has similar laws and rules, the collection should be straightforward. But of course, there are countries where people hide assets for these exact reasons. All the divorce court can do is to grant a legitimate order of ownership and assets placed into issue. Sometimes, that is only the beginning of the fight. A great collections team should be assembled if this kind of dispute arises.

Adele’s Previous Marriage

Adele was previously married to Simon Konecki, a philanthropist and entrepreneur. They got married in 2018, three years after her debut hit “Hello” came out. Although the details of their divorce settlement remain private, it is speculated that they had a fairly amicable divorce. Adele reportedly filed for divorce in 2019, although the divorce was not finalized until 2021. They have one son together from the marriage. 


In conclusion, Adele’s journey through relationships, from her previous marriage to her current romance with Rich Paul, has been a subject of immense public interest. And now rumors are swirling about her and Paul’s alleged secret marriage and possible prenuptial agreement. As Adele’s net worth skyrockets, hovering around $220 million and set to grow even more with her Las Vegas residency, it’s truly no wonder they opted for a prenup. However, Adele isn’t the only one with a high net worth and successful career. Rich Paul has his own money to protect, approximately $120 million, that is! As the couple navigates the complexities of fame and fortune, their love story continues to captivate audiences worldwide. We wish them nothing but the best! 

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