Celebrity Prenups: Exploring All Prenup Stories From 2023

Jan 12, 2024 | Prenuptial Agreements, real life case

When it comes to celebrity love, the drama often extends beyond the red carpet into the world of prenups. We’ve all heard or seen from the media a crazy celebrity prenup story, right? From clauses about weight gain to stipulations on childbirth, these legal documents can be as wild as the tabloid stories themselves. However, the media often paints an inaccurate picture of what actually holds up in the real world (we’re looking at you, weight gain clause). This article delves into the biggest celebrity prenups of 2023, exploring all of the various big-name prenups that have made headlines in 2023.


What do celebrity prenups usually include? 

From weight gain clauses to infidelity clauses to payments for each child birthed, celeb prenups can get pretty wild. They can also be a poor example of what really goes on in the real world. This is because many clauses that celebs include aren’t necessarily enforceable. For example, weight gain clauses are highly unlikely to be enforceable in any state–but there has yet to be any case law on the matter. When seen in the media and in movies, this may give the general public the notion that this is an acceptable and often-used clause–it’s not true! Many lawyers would be hesitant, if not vehemently, against including a weight gain clause into a regular folks’ prenup.

With that said, there are plenty of clauses utilized by celebrities that are enforceable, such as wealth equalization clauses (i.e., lump sum payments) and confidentiality clauses. For example, as you’ll read about below, many celeb couples include payments for X amount of years spent together. For instance, Lisa and Lenny Hochstein had a prenup that stated if the couple remained married for at least ten years, then a payment of $1.5 million would be made from the wealthier spouse to the less wealthy spouse. An example of a confidentiality clause can be demonstrated in Ms. Ariana Grande’s prenup with Dalton Gomez–absolutely no book deals, podcast deals, photos, videos, etc. may come of the couple’s failed marriage. 


Lisa and Lenny Hochstein’s detailed prenup 

Lisa Hochstein (one of the castmates of the Real Housewives of Miami) and Lenny Hochstein (modestly known as “Boob God” for his plastic surgery empire) split earlier in 2023 after 12 years of marriage. According to Page Six, their prenup was revealed with all of the details in tow. Some of the clauses include: 

  • The requirement for Lisa to leave the marital home within 30 days
  • If the marriage lasts ten or more years, Lenny must pay Lisa $1.5 million
  • For each year after ten years, Lenny will pay an extra $200,000
  • Lenny will pay Lisa $10,000 per month in temporary spousal support, but only if she doesn’t challenge the divorce petition
  • Lenny will contribute a minimum of $2,000 per month towards Lisa’s retirement fund but only while still married 
  • Lenny will pay Lisa $1,000 per week to spend “as she sees fit” but only while still married  
  • All gifts, including jewelry, given from Lenny to Lisa shall remain in Lisa’s ownership

Page Six reported that Lisa is actually challenging this prenup to invalidate it. This is likely because, under default law, she would receive much more than the prenup permitted. 


Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s drama-free divorce, thanks to prenup

After seven years of (mostly) wedded bliss, the actors, Sofia and Joe, called it quits. People Magazine reported that their divorce has been “no drama” and fairly straightforward, thanks to their prenup. The agreement states that “certain assets” should stay her separate property, “including jewelry, artwork and other personal effects.” On top of that, both her assets earned before the marriage and during the marriage shall remain her separate property. That means all of her earnings from her hard work on Modern Family will remain separate, as she likely raked in some serious cash from the successful TV show.


Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans’ messy prenup

Kelsea Ballerini, the acclaimed country music star, underwent a divorce with her husband, Morgan Evans, in 2023. The language in her prenuptial agreement brought an unexpected twist to the proceedings. In a candid conversation with the host of the Call Her Daddy Podcast, Kelsea shared that the attorneys’ legal interpretation of their prenup didn’t align with her original intentions. A “messy” alimony clause and differing legal interpretations presented her with a challenging decision: either part with the value of half of her house that she purchased or provide alimony to her ex-husband. She ultimately decided to give up half the house to avoid further legal proceedings (and potentially public ones at that). 


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s ironclad prenup

The Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner and boy band musician Joe Jonas called off their nuptials this year. According to Page Six, their prenup was “ironclad” and included the following terms: 

  • Sophie’s earnings from Game of Thrones and any residuals will remain Sophie’s separate property
  • Joe’s music royalties from both of his bands (Jonas Brothers and DNCE) will remain Joe’s separate property
  • Property purchased prior to the marriage will remain in the ownership of the person who purchased it
  • Both celebrity spouses will keep their likeness, images, and businesses associated with their names
  • The marital home will be split between the couple 

The ironclad prenup allowed them to settle their divorce matters quickly. Page Six reported that the only issues left to determine in the divorce are child matters, thanks to their prenup. 

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’ interesting confidentiality clause

In 2023, the romantic tale of Ariana Grande and former husband, Dalton Gomez, came to an end, according to U.S. Weekly. The renowned pop sensation, Ariana Grande, came to the divorce equipped with a meticulously crafted prenuptial agreement, including a clause stating that Ariana was not required to pay spousal support to Dalton, and neither party was allowed to share intimate details of their marriage. This included signing any book deals (Sorry, Dalton). Nevertheless, part of the divorce settlement included a payment of $1.25 million to Dalton, along with sharing the proceeds from their Los Angeles residence and covering up to $25,000 in his attorney fees.


Jeannie Mai Jenkins and Jeezy’s infidelity clause

In 2023, TV personality Jeannie Mai Jenkins underwent a separation from her musician husband, Jeezy. While the divorce is reportedly still ongoing, U.S. Weekly suggests they signed a prenuptial agreement in 2021 featuring an infidelity clause that Jeannie intends to enforce based on her allegations that her ex cheated. Jeezy’s camp vehemently denies the allegations of infidelity, labeling them as “100% false.” According to court documents disclosed to U.S. Weekly, the “no-cheating” clause in the prenup outlines a financial penalty for engaging in sexual or emotional relations with a third party. The exact amount remains undisclosed, leaving the outcome unclear.


Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s prenup protecting Brit’s fortune 

In 2022, Britney Spears and her partner, Sam Asghari (who met on the set of one of her more recent music videos) entered into a prenuptial agreement designed to safeguard Britney’s $60 million fortune, as reported by TMZ. However, just a little over a year into their marriage, Mr. Asghari filed the paperwork for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.” TMZ hints at a more sinister narrative, including a major altercation, alleged physical aggression from Britney, and accusations of Britney’s infidelity. The situation is still ongoing, and the public awaits further developments.


How do you enforce a celebrity prenup? 

So, what happens when a celeb couple divorces and they need to enforce their prenup? Well, basically, one of two things happens. (1) The spouses agree and follow the terms of the prenup that they previously signed off on; Or (2) One of the spouses doesn’t like the terms of the agreement, so they challenge its validity with a court. The second option is much harder for regular folks, as it costs a lot of money to pay the legal fees associated with challenging a prenup, so you may hear of celebs “challenging” their prenups more often than you do in the real world. 


The bottom line 

And there you have it, folks–2023’s biggest celebrity prenup stories. Whether it was crafting one or upholding its terms, the year was brimming with prenuptial agreements. It’s no wonder the public loves to hear about celebrity prenups–they offer us a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and famous and often contain very… unique and entertaining clauses. From Lisa and Lenny Hochstein’s detailed financial arrangements to the drama-free divorce of Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, the celebrity world presents a diverse landscape of legal intricacies. And remember, prenups aren’t just for celebs–they’re for us regular folk, too! 

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