Couple’s Christmas List

Dec 11, 2022 | Relationships, Wedding

The holiday season the coziest time of the year, but it can also be stressful to think up unique holiday gifts for your loved ones again. Couples, however, can be even harder to shop for than individuals. Do you ever wring your hands over what to get your coupled friends or family members for Christmas, wracking your brain for a new gift idea that both people in the couple will like–and that you didn’t already get for them last year or the year before? Shopping for couples is especially difficult because, more often than not, they just don’t like the same stuff. One might be a creative DIY-lover, whereas the other might like outdoor equipment. One might love technology, while the other can’t even seem to keep up with how to use an iPad. 

No matter the case and no matter the couple, We’ve got you covered. Here are some couples’ holiday gift ideas for inspiration. We’ve included categories for romantic gifts, cheap gifts, things to do together, outdoorsy gifts, unusual gifts, gifts for the couple who has everything, and luxury gifts. The list is as diverse as possible in order to provide lots of options and plenty of food for thought. 


Romantic gifts


Massage oil: Touch is an important part of maintaining connection. Massages prompt both people in a couple to explore how the other person likes to be touched, how they themselves like to be touched, and how they can connect more deeply on a tactile level. In a world filled with text messages and verbal communication, it’s easy to lose sight of touch as a way to communicate and bond. Gifting the couples in your life massage oil for the holidays can help them to nourish a sometimes-forgotten side of their relationships. 


Smart Duvet climate-controlled blanket: Many couples these days opt to sleep in separate beds. One of the major reasons for their sleeping separately is that many people like to sleep at a different temperature than their partner, and one or both people may lose sleep when sharing a sleeping space and compromising on temperature. Smart Duvet has two distinct zones, divided down the middle of the duvet. Each zone is controlled using a mobile app which can be adjusted based on the temperature at which an individual prefers to sleep. This new technology also promotes bed oxygenation, which removes humidity, decreases sweating, and prevents bed bugs. It allows couples who want to share sleeping space to be in the same bed without compromising on sleep quality. What’s more romantic than waking up together, each refreshed after a great night of sleep? 


Matching Sundial compasses with handwritten custom engraving: Essentially, this is a nice-looking compass with a brassy exterior and a custom engraving on the back, made in the exact handwriting you send in. Here’s how to make it into a romantic gift for a couple: Ask each person in the couple to provide you with a romantic quote they really like, which they think applies to their relationship. Don’t tell them what it’s for. Alternatively, you could ask them for a quick sentence with words of love or praise for their significant other. For example, one sample compass shows the engraved quote, “I will find you in every lifetime just as I found you in this one.” The next step is that you should have two of these compasses made, each bearing one of the messages given to you by the couple. Then you can gift them the compasses, giving each person the compass bearing the quote or message given by their partner. 


Cheap gifts


Homemade cookies or other homemade baked goods: If you like to bake, don’t forget that your skill can be put to good use almost anytime you aren’t sure what to get someone for the holidays. Simply do a little bit of sleuthing around to find out what both parties in a couple like, and then make that. It could be chocolate chip cookies, brownies, German chocolate cake, or anything else. You can also make this gift even cheaper using economies of scale. Simply make a large batch and portion it into separate gifts for many different people in your lives. Package it in a cute tin with a bow on top to present it in a cute way. To make this gift extra coupley, portion out whatever you bake into two separate trays with “his” and “hers” or “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on them. 


Message in a bottle capsule letters: Ever wanted to write (or receive) a message in a bottle? Now you can. Inside the bottle are 90 pill capsules, each with a small blank piece of paper inside. Couples can write short messages to one another, then put the capsules back together and give them to each other or leave them somewhere for the other person to find at unexpected intervals. Couples can really make this gift their own–they can write cute notes for any purpose. They could be used to express love or affection (“You’re my favorite person!”), attraction (“Your butt looks great in those pants!”), or even express a need (“I miss you! Let’s spend some quality time together soon!) Best of all, this cute and unique gift is only $12.99, and it’s suitable for any couple. 


‘What I love about you and me’ fill-in-the-blank book: This journal contains fill-in-the-blank lines, almost like a mad lib, detailing various aspects of one’s affection for a loved one. For example, one prompt read, “I am kind of obsessed with your _____.” Couples can take turns filling the book in at their leisure. We recommend filling it in gradually as ideas come organically and then coming back to it during heated arguments and difficult moments as a reminder of why the challenges of being in a relationship are so well worth it. This poignant gift is only $9.95. 


Matching hand-knitted or crocheted hats, scarves, or other winter items: Like baked goods, this is one you can do yourself. You only have to purchase yarn or another material and a needle(s) with which to knit or crochet. Even if you’re not already an expert, there are many youtube videos you can watch to quickly learn simple patterns with which to create a pair of matching handmade winter items for your favorite couple. This is something special most couples will love simply because you made it yourself, especially for them. 


Customized playing cards: When ordering this deck of cards, you simply upload a photo that you want to appear on the back side of all the cards. This is an affordable yet romantic gift for a couple; you can choose a photo of you with them or a special photo of them together that you know they love. Even better is if you can snap a nice photo of them and put it on the cards without sharing it with them first. 


Things to do together


The Adventure Challenge, Couple’s Edition. This is essentially a journal containing 50 scratch-off date ideas. Here’s the catch: Once a date idea is scratched off, the couple has to commit to whatever challenge or activity it offers–there’s no turning back. There is a little bit of information available to help participants make an activity choice that will be feasible to do right after they scratch it off. Above each tile, details can be found about the duration of the activity, the price range, and what time of day it should be done. That way, there can be no excuses like, ‘well, I didn’t know it would have to be done in the afternoon/take so long/cost so much.’ As an example, one of the scratched-off tiles reads:

“You don’t have to be a pirate to find great treasure. Create your own epic couple’s memory box! Start with a shoebox, jewelry box, cigar box, etc. Take time to decorate and personalize it. This is going to be a box that sticks with you for a long time. Fill the box with small treasures from your dates. For example, movie tickets, fortune cookie fortunes, a coin from a wishing well, a rock from a water fountain.”

The Adventure Challenge is a fantastic way for couples to infuse their relationships with some mystery and spontaneity. As a bonus, you can use the promo code THEKNOT10 to get 10% off this item as well as the entire site. 


52 Questions After 50 card deck: This is a must-have for couples over 50. The 50s are a crucial time to stop and take stock or even re-evaluate one’s path with an eye toward setting intentions for the second half of life. The 52 Questions After 50 card deck prompts couples to think together about questions like “How can I let go of what’s no longer serving me?” “Do I have talents I have not fully used?” “How will I deal with aging parents?” and many more. Questions like this help couples examine who they are at that moment in life, what they want to change, and what they want their futures to look like. The holidays are an excellent time to take time out to consider these kinds of questions, in part because most people have vacation time and in part, because the potent intention-setting that often accompanies the dawn of the new year works in tandem with the reflective mindset promoted by these cards.


Our Moments card game: This one is quite similar to 52 questions after 50 in that it’s a card game that encourages self-reflection together with one’s partner, but it’s for all ages, and it’s less structured around the goals of the card deck mentioned above. An example card reads, “what’s something you have tried that you will never, ever try again?” Many others inspire contemplation about other topics. When done as a couple, activities like this foster growth and get couples learning more about each other, which can make the relationship feel fresh and new again.


Online cooking class with Sur la Table: Taking a cooking class together is essentially a team-building activity for couples. It’s an enjoyable way for them to enhance connection by working together to learn a new skill. It’s also entertaining and tactile and mixes things up a little bit since it’s most likely quite different from how most folks spend their evenings. Most importantly, participants get to eat something that’s (hopefully) delicious at the end. Many couples will love receiving a gift card or voucher for a cooking class for two.


Drunk in Love couples drinking game: “Drink if you caught feelings first.” “Give your partner a piggyback ride around the room…or drink.” This sometimes silly, sometimes profound couples drinking game is guaranteed to bring both laughter and surprises. Some of the challenges are lighthearted and funny, while others will get players talking about attraction, sex, and past relationships. This game is like nourishment for couples because it helps them loosen up and get a little silly while learning new things about each other in the process.


Cast iron fondue set: Two people in love. Hunger. Melted cheese. Stuff to dip in it. What could possibly be a better combination? A romantic dinner for two is one thing, but a delicious vat of creamy goodness takes it to another level. Many couples will love receiving a fondue-making kit. They can set it up together, eat like swine, and then enjoy relaxing on the sofa, saying things like “I ate too much. Can you carry me to the bedroom?” and debating which one of them feels more full. If this doesn’t sound like the absolute coziest winter date night, we don’t know what does.


Homemade Gin-Making Kit: This or any similar kit (pick your poison–there are DIY kits to make almost any spirit of your choice at home) provides a fun way for couples to unwind in a creative and educational way. This will be especially enjoyable if one person in the couple is particularly passionate about the type of alcohol they are making; it can be a great opportunity for them to divulge their interest with their partner and for their partner to feel a part of it. Plus, the buzz that results from the final product is an added bonus!


Outdoorsy gifts


Double wide sleeping bag: This is perfect for couples who love two things: snuggling, and going camping. Few experiences are quite as cozy as falling asleep in a tent with the sounds of the great outdoors all around, but the sleeping bag situation can make cuddling a challenge. A double-wide sleeping bag solves that problem and provides plenty of space for couples to lie side by side or snuggled up together. It’s also great for sharing body heat on chilly nights! If there are a couple on whom you really want to splurge this holiday season, you might also consider including this super comfy double sleeping mat


Extra large hammock for two: A two-person hammock is a super versatile gift that couples can take with them on a range of outdoor excursions. Most new hammocks these days are lightweight and fold easily into a small sack, making them easily portable. A two-person hammock is a great addition to any camping trip. It can also be taken on a hike, packed for a day by the seaside, or simply enjoyed in the park during an afternoon of reading together. 


Campfire popcorn popper: So you thought sharing popcorn at the movies was romantic? Making and eating popcorn together outside under the moonlight as the fire pops and crackles is even more romantic, making this campfire popcorn popper a perfect gift for outdoorsy couples. 


Snorkeling gear for two: This one is great for couples who love tropical vacations, and it can even enhance relationships in unexpected ways. Allow us to explain: novelty is one of the most important factors in keeping romance alive, and putting oneself in an unfamiliar environment (like the undersea world) breeds a lot of novelty. Doing that together as a couple can promote bonding; it’s one thing for a couple to simply take a walk together in an unfamiliar place, but another thing entirely for them to take a swim together into a magical world of turquoise blue and excitedly point out morays and sea turtles. The adventure of experiencing such a different environment together translates to increased excitement in the relationship.


Unusual gifts 


Toilet tag: This is probably one of the most unconventional gifts you can get as a couple, but it’s surprisingly effective for sparking interesting conversations and new inside jokes. It consists of a notebook shaped like a toilet paper roll, but inside are prompts. Each person writes their answers for two pages of prompts while they’re in the bathroom, and in turn, they get to read their partner’s answers. Prompts include “if your partner had a vanity license plate, what would it say?” and “What’s your favorite animal? Now send your partner an audio text of you making the sound of that animal.” This gift encourages a lot of funny and interesting conversations between partners, making it an excellent gift. 


“DIY Vasectomy” prank gift box: This box appears to be an at-home do-it-yourself vasectomy kit. The outside of the box has lots of text and images, which makes it appear as though the contents of the box include a scalpel, stapler, shaving razor, two small band-aids, a bottle of bourbon, and a magnifying glass. It also has some hilarious (PG-rated) pictures of a couple before and after using the DIY vasectomy kit. What’s actually inside the box is…nothing! It’s empty so that you can put your real gift inside, be it socks, baked goods, a hat, or anything else. It’s a great gag gift for couples you know well and who will enjoy this kind of humor. 


Grow your own avocado tree kit: This one is fantastic for a couple who has a garden, especially if they’ve recently bought a new place and they’re looking to put down roots there. Everyone loves avocados, but they can be expensive. An avocado tree can produce 200-300 fruits per tree by the time it reaches full maturity at about 5-7 years (old enough to begin producing fruit every year). The tree can grow into a sentimental reminder of your friendship, and every time the couple hangs out under the summertime shade the tree provides or harvests fresh avocados, they’ll think of you. It’s also a gift that keeps on giving–no one can eat 200-300 avocados per season, but those avocados can be given away to friends and family or donated to a local food pantry. 


Luxury gifts


A gift card for a spa day: Any couple will enjoy a luxurious spa day for two. Many spas offer couples packages complete with massages, time in a sauna or steam room, body scrubs, wraps, facials, waxing, and other wellness, beauty, and relaxation treatments. Bonus points if you can find out what kind of massage each person in the couple likes and find a spa that offers both if their preferences differ. A spa day is a particularly well-timed gift of relaxation amid all the socializing and activity that usually accompanies the holiday season. 


A wine tasting: As long as both people in the couple have somewhat of an appreciation for wine, a wine tasting at a local tasting room or vineyard is a thoughtful and luxurious gift. It’s fun to do this as a couple because partners can bounce their impressions off one another, enjoy learning something together, or even bond by making fun of the fanciness of the experience together if they’re feeling sassy.


A ski weekend: If you really want to spoil a special couple in your life (such as your kid, your parents, or very good friends), you might consider gifting them a ski weekend. Logistically what this looks like is booking a hotel or lodge, plus purchasing lift tickets and (if necessary) vouchers for equipment rental. This one can be extra fun because you’ll need to do some skillful and sneaky detective work to find out which weekend(s) they’re free before you make the bookings. And if you want to do this for a couple who has kids, there’s an extra layer of complexity in that you’ll need to have a trusted babysitter lined up. However, all this logistical planning is well worth the effort. A romantic ski weekend isn’t a trip your coupled loved ones will soon forget, and they will definitely be extremely grateful for the experience.


Towel Warmer: Stepping out of the shower in the wintertime usually involves a lot of shivering and grumpiness. If it’s particularly chilly in your house, you might even catch a cold this way. But what if your towel were already warm? A towel warmer makes a superb upscale gift for a couple because literally, anyone will love it, so you won’t have to puzzle over whether he’ll like it and she’ll hate it or vice versa. 


For the couple who has everything


Custom photo album: This is a timeless gift for anyone, so long as you have access to plenty of good photos of them. Just upload photos of nice moments from the life of the couple to whom you’d like to give this photo album. They can be group photos you all took together during a memorable excursion (with you included), nice photos of the couple you’ve pulled from their social media pages or photos they’ve sent to you via Whatsapp/Facebook messages or anything else you think will be meaningful to them. This is even a gift you can repeat every few years as you (and they) make more memories together. 


Ice cream and sorbet maker: This is not a common household item, so you can be relatively sure that even a couple who seems to have everything probably doesn’t have this yet–but they should because it’s really, really cool. Making ice cream is a terrific couples’ activity because it promotes collaboration in a low-stakes and fun atmosphere and results in a very tasty reward. 


Personalized key holder: This is a neutral enough gift that it’s unlikely either party in a couple will think, “I don’t like it,” but it’s also a sweet, thoughtful, and useful enough gift to show you care. You can have the names of both partners plus a quote of your choice engraved in the wooden key holder linked here, which hangs by the door. An example key holder reads “The Smith Family” with the words “where life begins, love never ends” engraved in cursive below.


‘Where it all Began’ Christmas Ornament: This ornament has the words “where it all began,” showing a zoomed-in map (in the same aesthetic style as google maps) with a little heart in the place where the couple’s story began. It also shows their names below the map. We think it makes a good couple’s gift because you can be quite sure no one has it yet, and any couple who celebrates Christmas will be able to smile fondly and recall special memories as they hang it on their Christmas tree.


Final Thoughts

These are our favorite holiday gifts for couples, curated and hand-picked from some of the best sources around the web. We hope that you can find the perfect gift for all the special couples in your life. Got another idea for a unique gift for couples? Drop it in the comments section below. Happy holidays and happy gifting! 

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