Best Black Friday Wedding Deals

Nov 23, 2022 | Wedding

If you’re newly engaged, you’re probably thinking about wedding planning. Maybe you’ve already started, or perhaps you’re weighing when the best time is to get started. Since Black Friday is approaching, now is actually the perfect time to get a jump start on planning for the big day. There are fantastic deals available right now for everything from vendor services to dresses and other accessories. We’ve scoured the web for the best wedding-related Black Friday deals. We’ve hand-picked our favorites and distilled them into a Black Friday cheat sheet just for you. Get your credit card ready! Here are our top picks. 



Searching for the perfect dresses for the bride and bridesmaids is one of the most thrilling parts of wedding planning, but it can also be costly! Check out the Black Friday deals below to save money on gorgeous dresses. 

The deal: Kennedy Blue – Bridesmaid Dresses for $99!

Why we love it: Kennedy Blue makes dresses to order based on your specifications. They also take great care to minimize waste by not participating in the rampant overuse of fabric which is so common in the garment industry. Furthermore, the quality of their fabric is excellent, which makes this deal an even better bang for your buck. However, keep in mind that delivery can take a while since the products are made special just for you, so order well in advance of the wedding. 

The deal: Birdy Grey is offering bridesmaid dresses up to 70% off from November 18 through Cyber Monday.

Why we love it: After the discount, some of these dresses are literally $29–and they’re gorgeous. This is an excellent deal for super budget-conscious couples who don’t want to ask their bridesmaids to pay a lot for their dresses. These dresses genuinely don’t look like they’re $29, either. They’re stylish and sophisticated despite their jaw-dropping (and only temporary) low price tags.

The deal: $25 off your DressBox with Unbox the Dress. Use the code 25OFF at checkout.

Why we love it: Even though $25 isn’t that extraordinary in the grand scheme of things, the service offered by Unbox the Dress really is. If you have a dress you love but isn’t quite right for your wedding, Unbox the Dress provides a service that transforms your dress into something perfect for you. Perhaps you have your Mom’s old wedding dress or your Grandma’s, but they don’t quite fit right. Or maybe you have another dress that could be perfect for the big day…with a few adjustments. Unbox the Dress takes you through an interactive quiz about your dress and what you want it to become, then helps you customize and transform it. They offer a secure waterproof shipping container (a DressBox) for you to ship your dress to them. It’s already cheaper than direct shipping, and an additional $25 off is an excellent way to get started on your perfect dress journey.

The deal: Up to 50% off select styles from Needle and Thread’s inventory of bridal and bridesmaid dresses.

Why we love it: While Birdy Grey’s (above) dresses tend to be elegant, flowing, and simple, Needle and Thread caters to the demographic that loves louder styles that feature lace, sequins, layers, beads, frills, and other embellishments. If that’s you, this is your chance to drool over some super creative designs while saving money at the same time. The sale starts November 21 (or November 18 for those who sign up for their email list).



The deal: 40% off Blue Nile jewelry while supplies last. Use the code BLUENILE22.

Why we love it: Blue Nile is one of the least expensive diamond retailers out there, and they offer a lot of perks. You can return your item within thirty days if you’re not happy with it, which is SO important when shopping online. They also offer free shipping, free gift packaging, jewelry insurance, and a quality guarantee.

The deal: 20% off orders over $150 from Mejuri

Why we love it: Mejuri offers both high-end and less expensive jewelry, and they’re known for their quality. Many of their more affordable items can even be worn for a long time without tarnishing or breaking. Jewelry from Mejuri could be a great gift for your bridesmaids! Not to mention their wedding jewelry is gorgeous. We’re confident anything you buy from here will be equal parts durable and elegant.


Prenuptial Agreements

The deal: Hello Prenup has a Black Friday offer for $50 off your prenuptial agreement. Just get started by creating an account, going through the steps, and adding the code take50 at the checkout.  

Why we love it: Getting a prenup is a great way to plan your financial future together, make sure you’re on the same page regarding financial roles and expectations in marriage, and open up communication about all things finances.. However, prenups are expensive; they usually cost upwards of $2,500. You can save $1,900 or more by using Hello Prenup, and this Black Friday offer further decreases the cost of an already amazing bargain for a premium service. 


Wedding Party Gifts

The deal: 25% off sitewide from Usual Wines from November 21 to Cyber Monday.

Why we love it: Wine is gender-neutral and nearly unanimously loved, so these single-serving tasty wines will make excellent gifts for everyone in your wedding party. 

The deal: 20% off orders of $129 and above from Man Crates.

Why we love it: Man Crates has some super creative and cool gifts for the groomsmen in your wedding party. They offer crates filled with goodies, many of which are edible and others that function as kits of some kind. For example, there’s a crate that functions as a Bloody Mary-making kit, a knife-making kit, an exotic meats crate, an exotic jerky toolbox, a personalized whisky-making kit, and more. If you’re looking to spoil your Groomsmen with unique gifts, they won’t soon forget; look no further.

The deal: Up to 60% off sitewide at Kitsch

Why we love it: Kitsch stocks a range of cute items that will work splendidly as wedding party gifts. They have trendy shampoos, conditioners, and exfoliating bars alongside other cool and creative shower products, comfortable satin robes and beautiful satin scrunchies, top-quality eye masks for sleeping, and plenty more items that will make excellent wedding party gifts. 

The deal: Up to 70% off merchandise sitewide on Natalie Mills

Why we love it: 70% off is not a small bargain, and there are some very cute items here that will make fantastic gifts for your bridal party. Our favorites are their comfy and sparkly slippers, funky bucket hats, and tie-dyed monogrammed handbags. 


Bridal Shoes

The deal: 40% off bridal shoes from Bella Belle shoes from November 25 at midnight. Use the code FRIYAY 2022. 

Why we love it: The beauty of fancy-looking shoes is usually matched by their discomfort. However, Bella Belle’s shoes are well-known for being comfortable, allowing the wearer to dance the night away while looking fantastic. Bella Belle also takes pride in their exquisite and detailed designs. 



The deal: HUGE discounts on flowers; check these promo codes.

Why we love it: Flowers are a crucial part of any wedding, and many couples don’t like to economize on flowers because they contribute so much to the vibe of a wedding. These promo codes are numerous and varied, which means you can sort through a large range of deals to find beautiful flowers for your wedding at a low price. 



The deal: Celebrity Cruises is offering quite the deal on cruises booked between November 11, 2022, and December 1, 2022. 75% off the second guest, savings of $800 per stateroom, and $800 worth of onboard credit per stateroom.

Why we love it: Obviously, this is a very, very good deal. Imagine: you’ve just gotten married, and you’re together with your spouse looking out at the endless sea, breeze in your hair, looking forward to a week of luxury punctuated by both deep relaxation and thrilling adventures. 

Celebrity Cruises offers trips virtually everywhere: North and South America. The Caribbean. Australia. Europe. They have over 300 cruise ports around the world and a range of excursions in every place. You can climb up a waterfall in Jamaica, swim with friendly stingrays in Grand Cayman, or snorkel through an abyss of tropical fish in Cozumel–and those are just a few examples from some of their Caribbean cruises. Of equal importance is the fact that Celebrity Cruise adventures are a great way to gain 10 pounds in 6 days. Just kidding. Well, kind of. The main point is that the food on these ships is second to none, and guests can choose from a variety of fine dining options while onboard. All of this is a pretty romantic way to spend a honeymoon.

The deal: Costco will offer a wide array of travel deals starting from Black Friday. 

Why we love it: Keep your eyes peeled for this one! You’ll be able to browse through a range of all-inclusive options, airfare deals, resort discounts, and other travel deals. There will be plenty of possibilities, and surely you’ll be able to find something perfect for the honeymoon you’ve always envisioned without paying an arm and a leg.

The deal: Hertz is offering 30% off their base rates for car rentals booked between November 25th and 28th. 

Why we love it: If you’re inclined towards taking a romantic road trip for your honeymoon, you might be struggling with gas prices. Hertz’s prices on rental cars can offset some of that difficulty–even more so if you rent a car that gets great gas mileage. This is great for city-dwelling couples that don’t have their own car or couples who simply don’t want to put excessive mileage on a car they do have.


Final Thoughts

If you’re hoping to plan a beautiful wedding on a budget, these Black Friday deals can go a long way toward helping you achieve your dream wedding, without breaking the bank. There are some amazing deals here on everything from dresses and bridal shoes to wedding party gifts, travel deals, and beyond. Take advantage of these savings while you can! 

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