How Brett & Matt saved thousands of dollars using HelloPrenup:

How this couple saved money, completed their prenup in 24 hours, and grew closer together in the process.

About the Couple


Brett Jackson, a 38 year old architect from Indianapolis, Indiana, and his partner, Matt, a 29-year-old real estate agent, faced a challenge: their wedding was planned for October 2023, but they wanted to be legally married by December 2022 to avail themselves of the tax benefits for the previous year. The holiday season was on the horizon, lawyers were scarce, and time was ticking. Brett knew he needed a prenuptial agreement, and he needed it fast.

“I met Matt three years ago. We got engaged and I’m thinking, ‘Well, I know better. I’m marrying older. I need to protect myself.’ Mike was in complete agreement to sign a prenup, and there was no way we were going to get a lawyer to look at us over the holidays, and honestly, it was just something simple. It’s two of us. He’s 29, I’m 38. I just wanted to get it,” says Brett.

Identifying the Need for a Prenup

The need for a prenup was not something that took Brett by surprise. Friends, family, and his financial advisor had all echoed the same advice, considering his significantly greater income compared to Matt’s. But where to begin? The realization was stressful and urgent. According to a HelloPrenup study 13% of couples choose to get a prenup at the suggestion of their friends and family. 

“My friends, family, and my financial advisor mentioned I should get a prenup since my income is significantly greater than his. I wanted to make sure I protected myself in case anything were to happen. And he was in full agreement and he had no issues with it either. And we needed it done quickly,” Brett mentions.

Cost and turnaround time are two major factors couples consider when weighing where and how to get their prenuptial agreement. According to a HelloPrenup private study, comprised of couples all over the country who obtained a prenup, 26% of individuals surveyed felt that a fast turnaround time was the most important factor. In addition, 28% of individuals surveyed felt that keeping the prenup within budget was most important. One thing is for sure – couples who create prenups have a greater likelihood of marital success. Over 77% of couples who reported having a prenuptial agreement are still married.

The Search for a Solution

Brett took to the internet, researching and comparing various online prenuptial agreement solutions. HelloPrenup caught his eye. Its professional design, clear process, affordable pricing, and positive reviews resonated with him.

“I did some comparisons and looked at what a prenup costs with a lawyer and the time it takes to do that. HelloPrenup had a great price and I did some checking on the website. Everything was well-thought-out and well done.” Brett says.

A Smooth First Step

With a click, Brett was on HelloPrenup’s platform. He was welcomed with a friendly video and an easily navigable interface. The process was clear, and the pro tips offered were invaluable in his journey.

“The onboarding was great. Welcome video was nice and I felt confident. Good questions, easily prompted. I liked the pro tips integrated throughout the app. Those were really helpful,” Brett says.

Collaboration and Success

Brett and Matt sat together, navigating the questions and discussions that the prenup required. They divided tasks, collaborated on their answers, resolved differences, and moved forward.

 “We sat down and talked through a couple of options… We got together that night, went through our four or five things that we had different and resolved them pretty quickly and moved forward to finishing it up. It was super simple and helpful,” Brett mentions.

Confidence and Speed

The document was well-structured, addressing gifts, inheritances, and other complexities. According to a HelloPrenup survey of couples all over the United States, 49% chose to categorize potential future inheritance as Separate Property in their prenup.

In Brett and Matt’s case, they chose to keep all of their premarital assets, including their bank accounts, investment accounts, potential future inheritances, and income throughout their marriage. They chose to keep the home that Matt had purchased prior to marriage, as his separate property, and the investment property that Brett had acquired a few years ago, as his separate property.

It made sense to the couple to open a joint bank account, from which they could contribute for joint discretionary items, vacations, and any joint expenses that came up. Brett and Matt felt that this was a fair way to separate out their separate interests but contribute to their marital life. 

In addition, the couple opted to keep debt separate as well. According to HelloPrenup’s private survey, 47% of all couples choose to keep debt separate once tying the knot. Their prenup was ready within 24 hours, and it was exactly what they needed.

“The process is well-thought-out, clear, and covered all the basics… I looked at HelloPrenup, signed up for it, and within 24 hours did my section of it. Then kind of sat down and talked with him through a couple of things, said, ‘Okay, do your section’ and we were done,” Brett says.

Feeling more connected after a positive prenup creation experience is important, and according to a HelloPrenup private study, about 83% of respondents felt more connected to their partner after completing the prenup process. 

Conclusion: Happily Ever After

Brett’s journey with HelloPrenup offers several key takeaways for anyone embarking on the road to creating a prenup. It illustrates that prenups, often associated with high-income individuals, are beneficial for couples at any income level, providing clarity over financial matters and offering protection for assets.

Moreover, Brett and Matt’s collaborative approach serves as a reminder that creating a prenup can be a joint endeavor, fostering communication and understanding between partners. This open dialogue can strengthen the relationship, reinforcing mutual respect and understanding. Finally, Brett’s journey showcases the potential of platforms like HelloPrenup. These platforms are revolutionizing the way we approach personal contracts.

By simplifying the process and providing comprehensive coverage of a wide range of topics, they empower individuals to navigate this often complex process with ease and efficiency. Brett’s story shows that creating a prenuptial agreement need not be a daunting or expensive task – with the right tools, it can be a smooth, collaborative, and empowering journey.

Key Takeaways

Hey Fiance! As the CEO of HelloPrenup and a family law attorney, I’ve seen firsthand how crucial having your financial life in order is for any relationship.

More and more lovebirds are deciding to get prenups before saying “I do”, which demonstrates that folks are getting savvier about what their marriage means for their finances.

At HelloPrenup, we love helping educate engaged couples on how they can financially and legally prepare for a successful, long marriage. 

Decisions backed up by knowledge are always the best, especially when you’re talking about something as big as your future finances. I truly believe that when partners know what’s on the table, they can make better choices for their unique situation and their relationship.

You can learn about prenups in many ways, like delving into case law, learning about your state’s divorce laws, or consulting with a lawyer about how those divorce laws could affect you. These are all super useful, but oftentimes are detached from real life stories of other couples who are similarly situated.  At HelloPrenup, we think relatable customer stories are a valuable way to explore your options – through real-life stories.

Case studies give you the low-down on how prenups work in real life. They show you how couples, all different in their own ways, go through the process of making their prenups. By sharing these stories with you, we want to help you understand prenups a bit better, giving you practical insights you might not get otherwise.

Happy planning!

Julia Rodgers, Esq.

Julia Rodgers is HelloPrenup’s CEO and Co-Founder. She is a Massachusetts family law attorney and true believer in the value of prenuptial agreements. HelloPrenup was created with the goal of automating the prenup process, making it more collaborative, time efficient and cost effective. Julia believes that a healthy marriage is one in which couples can openly communicate about finances and life goals. You can read more about us here. Questions? Reach out to Julia directly at [email protected].

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