Ring the Alarm: Ariana Grande, Dalton Gomez Headed for Divorce With a Prenup

Jul 21, 2023 | Divorce, Prenuptial Agreements

The unfortunate announcement of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s divorce comes with its fair share of legal twists and turns. OK! Magazine’s recent report highlights that the pop star insisted on an ironclad prenuptial agreement before their marriage, a decision that will now significantly shape the trajectory of their divorce proceedings.


An Ironclad Celeb Prenup

An ironclad prenuptial agreement is, in essence, a prenup that is hard to contest legally. It suggests that Ariana Grande’s legal team took every measure to ensure the contract was unquestionable, protecting Grande’s extensive wealth acquired before and during the marriage.


What makes a prenuptial agreement “ironclad” greatly depends on the state you live in, but generally includes full disclosure of all assets, clauses that protect the premarital assets and appreciation on those assets during the marriage, and may include other state specific requirements. The prenup must adhere scrupulously to state laws and doesn’t contain any provisions that could be considered unjust or unconscionable. 


Protection of Premarital Assets

This ironclad agreement, according to OK! Magazine, will protect Ariana Grande’s substantial premarital assets. As one of the most successful pop stars of her generation, Grande has amassed a considerable fortune that includes revenue from music, merchandise, endorsements, and more. This prenup guarantees that these assets will not be disturbed in the divorce proceedings.


One of the primary purposes of a prenuptial agreement is to protect premarital, or separate assets. These are assets that each individual had prior to the marriage, such as real estate, savings, investments, and other personal property. This may also include appreciation on those assets over the course of the marriage. 


By drafting a prenup, couples can stipulate that such premarital assets will remain the separate property of the original owner, even in the event of a divorce. Without a prenup, these assets could potentially be divided or distributed according to the divorce laws of the relevant jurisdiction, which can vary significantly from state to state


Dealing with Marital Income and Shared Assets

Despite the couple’s short marriage, Ariana and her hubby may have generated shared wealth during the course of their marriage. Their prenup will specify how any such marital assets and income should be split. In the case of any shared businesses or investments, the prenup likely includes provisions dictating whether these will be sold or if one party will buy out the other’s share.

For a famous person, or anyone with a high-earning potential, here are a few ways a prenup can protect assets acquired during marriage:


  • Income Earned During Marriage: A prenup can specify that income earned during the marriage by each individual remains their separate property. This is particularly useful for celebrities who might anticipate substantial income from various projects during their marriage.


  • Current and Future Intellectual Property Rights: Intellectual property, like music rights, book royalties, patents, or trademarks, can be a significant asset. A prenup can stipulate that any intellectual property created during the marriage remains the separate property of the creator, protecting it from division upon divorce.


  • Inheritance and Gifts: A prenup can protect assets received as gifts or inheritance during the marriage, ensuring that these remain with the individual who received them, even in the event of a divorce.


  • Investment Gains: If the famous individual anticipates significant investment gains during the marriage, the prenup can specify these gains as separate property, protecting them from being divided upon divorce.


  • Limit or Waive Spousal Support: Depending on the jurisdiction, a prenup may include a waiver or limitation on spousal support (alimony), which could protect the wealthier party from a large alimony payment. 


What IP Would Ariana Protect?

As a world-renowned pop star, Ariana Grande has an extensive portfolio of intellectual property (IP) that she would likely want to protect in a prenuptial agreement. Here are some key elements of her IP:


  • Music Royalties: Grande’s music catalog is likely her most valuable intellectual property asset. This includes rights to her songs, lyrics, and musical compositions, which generate substantial revenue through album sales, digital downloads, and streaming services. She would likely want to protect these royalties in a prenup.


  • Performance Royalties: As a performer, Grande earns royalties whenever her music is played publicly – such as on radio, in concerts, or on television. These performance royalties are another important component of her intellectual property.


  • Image Rights: Ariana Grande’s image and likeness are significant assets. She likely earns substantial income from endorsement deals and merchandise that leverage her image. Protecting these rights in a prenup could ensure she maintains control over how her image is used and profits from it.


  • Trademark: Ariana Grande’s name itself is likely trademarked, particularly in relation to music, performance, and merchandise. This trademark prevents others from using her name to sell their products or services, and she would likely want to protect this in a prenup.


  • Future Works: Grande may also wish to protect future intellectual property she will create during her marriage. This could include new music, performances, or other creative projects she undertakes.


Spousal Support Terms

While Ariana’s earnings significantly outweigh Gomez’s, the ironclad prenup probably includes clauses related to spousal support. This could mean a predetermined cap on alimony or a waiver completely eliminating the obligation. Grande would have to abide by these terms as per the prenup agreement.


Ring the Alarm: Ariana Grande, Dalton Gomez Headed for Divorce With a Prenup

The Importance of Confidentiality

In line with common practices in high-profile divorces, Ariana and Dalton’s prenup is likely to include a confidentiality clause. As such, both parties will be prohibited from revealing details about their divorce proceedings or aspects of their relationship. Any breach of this clause could result in substantial financial penalties. Many celebs include confidentiality clauses in their prenuptial agreement for a variety of reasons:


  • Privacy Protection: As a public figure, Grande’s personal life often falls under intense scrutiny. A confidentiality clause can help protect her personal and financial privacy by preventing her spouse from publicly discussing details about their relationship, the terms of the prenup, or details about their divorce.


  • Protecting Professional Reputation: Celebrities often work to carefully manage their public image, as it can directly affect their career. Confidentiality clauses can prevent potentially damaging or embarrassing information from being made public, thus safeguarding their professional reputation.


  • Preventing Misinformation: Confidentiality clauses can also prevent the spread of misinformation or speculation by ensuring that details of their relationship or divorce are kept private.


  • Financial Security: In some cases, a breach of the confidentiality clause can result in a financial penalty, providing a deterrent against leaking private information.

It’s worth noting that while confidentiality clauses can offer significant protection, they cannot prevent all information from becoming public, particularly in the case of legal proceedings that become part of the public record. Nevertheless, they serve as a vital tool for celebrities like Ariana Grande seeking to maintain privacy and control over their personal information.


Limiting Legal Challenges

The descriptor “ironclad” suggests that Grande’s legal team crafted the prenup to withstand potential legal challenges. This could limit the scope for either party to dispute the prenup on grounds of fraud, duress, or other legal parameters. However, while less likely, it does not completely remove the possibility of such challenges.


In summary, Ariana Grande’s insistence on an ironclad prenuptial agreement demonstrates the importance of foresight and legal counsel in protecting personal assets, especially in the unpredictable landscape of celebrity marriages. While the specifics of Grande and Gomez’s prenup remain confidential, its robust nature will undeniably guide and define the outcome of their divorce, offering a degree of certainty during an otherwise tumultuous time.

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