How A Student & Investment Banker Structured Their Prenup in the Midst of Visa Issues

How this MA couple used HelloPrenup to get on the same page financially, overcome their immigration challenges, and got married.

About the Couple

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Background: Tying the Knot, Tightening the Timelines

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Boston, Massachusetts, Hailey, an ambitious 25-year-old fresh out of Northeastern, was ready to step into the professional world as a software engineer. Her life was set to transition from a student to a working professional, promising a future of financial growth and independence. Ned, her husband, a 28-year-old investment banker hailing from France, was navigating his own set of complexities, including an expiring J-1 visa and the assimilation into a new culture and legal system.

Their decision to marry had been accelerated due to Ned’s visa constraints, compelling them to secure their mutual interests quickly and effectively. Their individual transitions, coupled with their desire to protect their future assets, sparked a conversation about a prenuptial agreement. Hailey saw it as a responsible step towards securing her future financial independence, while Ned perceived it as a tool for achieving clarity and certainty in their financial relationship.

Originally, I brought up the idea to Ned. I did have the idea reinforced by my mom as something that we should do just in case, even if we never really ever ‘need it,” Hailey explained. In fact, according to HelloPrenup’s private study on couples, around 12% of partners have a prenup proposed to them by a family member.”

Despite the pressing timeline and their distinct circumstances, they found it crucial to address their financial responsibilities, expectations, and the protection of their respective assets. This was not indicative of mistrust or pessimism, but rather a mature, realistic approach to their shared future. The couple recognized this conversation as an opportunity for open dialogue and an essential part of their marital narrative. Couples who create prenups have a greater likelihood of marital success. According to a HelloPrenup private study, over 77% of couples who reported having a prenuptial agreement are still married. 

Balancing a complex web of future assets, debts, and expectations, the couple needed an efficient, affordable, and reliable solution that catered to their unique needs and constraints. Their search led them to HelloPrenup, a platform that offered a streamlined, user-friendly, and effective approach to crafting a prenuptial agreement that catered to their specific needs.


Two Rings, 1 Prenup: A Love Story

Hailey and Ned’s decision to tie the knot came earlier than they had originally planned, largely propelled by Ned’s precarious immigration status. “We only dated for about a year,” Hailey said, “but because of the complications with his immigration status, we wouldn’t be able to see each other for probably two years in order for him to get another employment visa.” Facing the potentiality of a two-year separation, they opted to speed up their marriage timeline.

Yet, as Hailey expressed, their relationship was still only about a year long, and so a prenuptial agreement felt like the right way to get on the same page with finances and life goals. Their objective was not to cast doubt on their commitment, but to ensure mutual protection before entering into marriage, which they both take very seriously. “We wanted to make sure we were protecting ourselves before going into a marriage. That’s why we decided to do a prenup,” Hailey revealed. Hailey’s mother further reinforced this sentiment, urging them, “even if it’s something you’d think you might not need, it’s just better to do it now just in case.”  

Feeling more connected after a positive prenup creation experience is important, and according to a HelloPrenup private study, about 83% of respondents felt more connected to their partner after completing the prenup process.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something… Legally Binding and Quick 

The ticking clock of Ned’s visa expiration date in March added another layer of complexity to their situation. They were working against the clock, and the traditional route of hiring a lawyer would have been a long process – a luxury of time they simply did not have.

Hailey explained their dilemma: “Because we had a bit of a time limit because his visa ends in March, we needed something that was fast. Going to a regular lawyer might have taken months and we just didn’t have that kind of time.”

Facing the challenge of needing to strike a balance between affordability and time, Hailey voiced, “To me, what was most important was affordability and time. I didn’t have the time for months of planning and editing and things like that.” It was then they discovered HelloPrenup. It emerged as an accessible, time-efficient, and reliable platform to create their prenuptial agreement, fitting their unique needs and tight schedule perfectly.

“That’s why HelloPrenup seemed like a really good option for us,” Hailey declared, a testament to their mutual respect and a commitment to their shared future.

From ‘I Do’ to ‘We Agree’: Navigating Prenup Discussions

In the midst of a rapidly approaching wedding date and a myriad of personal and logistical considerations, Hailey and Ned turned to HelloPrenup, a platform they considered primarily due to its simplicity, clarity, and user-friendly approach.

Cost and turnaround time are often two important factors couples evaluate when weighing where and how to get a prenup. According to a HelloPrenup private study, 26% of individuals surveyed felt that a fast turnaround time was the most important factor, while 28% of individuals surveyed felt that keeping the prenup within budget was most important. 

As they embarked on their prenup journey, they appreciated HelloPrenup’s straightforward language and guided, frictionless process. The interface was inviting and easy to navigate, enabling them to work through each step with relative ease. “I did look around online and other prenup kind of services looked a little bit sketchy,” Hailey admitted, “so that’s why I’m like, ‘Okay, HelloPrenup seems legit.'”

One aspect that particularly struck Hailey was the platform’s capacity to encourage open dialogue and mutual consensus. The questions presented on the platform served as springboards for crucial conversations about their financial future, enabling them to explore and agree on each aspect of their prenuptial agreement.

We talked over everything that was listed and we agreed on the answers without much conflict. There wasn’t any… reluctance,” Hailey said.

The efficient nature of HelloPrenup also proved to be an asset, accommodating their time constraints. Despite their international travels and their impending nuptials, the couple managed to discuss and finalize their prenup within a two-week timeframe.

So we decided to get married at the end of December, December 9th, and we were in France for a few weeks and then back to the United States on January 9th. And then talking about the prenup maybe took another week and then actually doing it maybe took another week, and then marriage, the wedding day, the next day once it was all finalized and signed,” Hailey shared, illustrating the swift yet thorough process they experienced.

Through HelloPrenup, Hailey and Ned found not just a means to an end, but a tool that enhanced their understanding of each other’s financial perspectives and expectations, solidifying the foundation of trust and mutual respect upon which their marriage was built.

A Modern Love Story

Within the confines of the HelloPrenup platform, Hailey and Ned discovered an arena that did more than expedite their prenuptial agreement process. It fostered open and constructive conversations about their individual and shared finances, prompting a level of discourse they hadn’t previously explored.

Hailey lauded the platform’s efficiency and simplicity, revealing, “It was fast. It was easy.” Yet, beyond these attributes, she found unexpected value in the process itself. The platform’s structure, divided into comprehensive sections, demanded discussions on a range of financial subjects, from personal assets to shared income. In answering the platform’s questions, they were nudged into unraveling complex threads of their financial life together, discovering common ground and reaching mutual agreements.

“It really helped us talk through a lot of stuff before diving into our marriage,” Hailey admitted. This process offered the couple a chance to understand each other’s financial perspectives, their hopes, concerns, and expectations. They navigated sensitive topics, deepening their mutual respect and understanding.

 The process was not just about delineating the terms of a prenuptial agreement; it was a crash course in financial communication for the couple. The experience was akin to an unexpected benefit that emerged from the necessities of their circumstances.

Indeed, the platform served as an engaging medium through which Hailey and Ned not only finalized a critical legal document but also strengthened their financial partnership.

They found the journey to be surprisingly beneficial, providing them a platform to deepen their financial transparency, mutual understanding, and respect for one another as they embarked on their marital journey.

In retrospect, Hailey appreciated the straightforward process and was grateful for the healthy financial dialogue it promoted, becoming a cornerstone in their life together.

The couple reflected on what made their HelloPrenup experience a success. Hailey affirmed, “I felt confident in the final product when we finished it, so I was very happy overall.” She acknowledged that the value extended beyond the affordability of the platform; it was the convenience, simplicity, and ease of use that truly won them over.

With HelloPrenup, they appreciated the flexibility it offered; they were able to revise their agreement multiple times, fine-tuning their decisions until they both were satisfied. This aspect provided them a safety net of sorts, allowing them to revisit their responses and make changes without any additional cost or time constraints. It gave them the peace of mind they yearned for as they prepared to dive into the marital phase of their relationship.

Hailey expressed, “I am thankful for HelloPrenup for making the whole process so much easier for us.”

Key Takeaways

Hey Future Spouse!

As the driving force behind HelloPrenup and a seasoned family law attorney, I’ve witnessed the profound impact of financial clarity in relationships. The increasing trend of couples opting for prenups before tying the knot is a testament to a growing awareness about the intertwining of marriage and finances. At HelloPrenup, our passion is to enlighten engaged couples about the financial and legal foundations for a thriving, lasting marriage.

Knowledge-backed decisions are paramount, especially when charting the course of your shared financial journey. I firmly hold that when both partners have clarity, they’re better equipped to tailor choices that fit their unique relationship and circumstances.

While diving deep into case law, acquainting oneself with state-specific divorce statutes, or seeking legal counsel on potential implications is invaluable, these avenues might not always resonate with personal experiences. That’s where HelloPrenup steps in. We believe in the power of relatable tales from couples who’ve walked this path.

Our case studies paint a vivid picture of real-life prenup scenarios. They unravel the diverse journeys couples embark on when crafting their prenups. By shedding light on these narratives, we aim to provide you with tangible insights, demystifying the world of prenups

Happy planning!

Julia Rodgers, Esq.

Julia Rodgers is HelloPrenup’s CEO and Co-Founder. She is a Massachusetts family law attorney and true believer in the value of prenuptial agreements. HelloPrenup was created with the goal of automating the prenup process, making it more collaborative, time efficient and cost effective. Julia believes that a healthy marriage is one in which couples can openly communicate about finances and life goals. You can read more about us here. Questions? Reach out to Julia directly at [email protected].

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