Celebrity Zodiac Signs and Their Prenups

Jan 6, 2024 | Communication, Prenuptial Agreements

In the realm of celebrity unions, the influence of astrological signs extends beyond the red carpet and into the fine print of prenuptial agreements. Let’s take a glimpse into the star-studded world of contractual love and explore the intriguing clauses that some of our favorite celebrities, guided by the cosmic forces of their zodiac signs, have included in their prenups. From Mark Zuckerberg’s Taurus traits shaping his work-life balance to Beyonce’s Virgo pragmatism reflected in her contractual finesse, the stars seem to play a unique role in shaping the legal commitments of the rich and famous.


Mark Zuckerberg – Taurus 

Mark Zuckerberg, king of Facebook and the Metaverse, was born May 14th, making him a Taurus. Taurus signs are known for being intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, stubborn, tenacious, materialistic, reliable, loyal, gracious, and diligent. And to no one’s surprise, Taureans are one of the most likely star signs to end up being successful business owners. Zuckerberg has certainly ticked off the boxes of the intelligent, hardworking, and diligent traits of a Taurus! 

It’s also no wonder that his prenup has a clause about mandating alone time with his spouse. Yes, you read that right. In his prenup with his wife, Priscilla Chan, they have a clause requiring at least one date night per week and at least 100 minutes of alone time… outside of the office. This makes complete sense as a person marrying a Taurus. Their level of hard work and tenacity likely leads to many hours spent in the office! 


Justin Timberlake – Aquarius 

Justin Timberlake, former boy band member and current actor/singer/dancer/dad/husband of Jessica Biel, was born on January 31st, making him an Aquarius. Aquarians are known for being innovative, 

independent, humanitarian, friendly, sociable, unconventional, detached, 

and rebellious. This is quite fitting for JT as he is certainly innovative in his art and has a wide social circle. 

Aquarians are also known to be one of the signs most likely to cheat on their partner due to their emotional detachment and rebelliousness. That is why it comes as no surprise that JT and JB have a no-cheating clause in their prenup! The prenup states that if Justin cheats, he has to pay Jessica a whopping $500,000 as a penalty! 


Keith Urban – Scorpio 

Keith Urban, country singer star extraordinaire and husband to Nicole Kidman, was born on October 26, making him a Scorpio (dun, dun, dun). Scorpios are obsessive, emotional, secretive, temperamental, moody, honest, loyal, and ambitious. They are also the sign most likely to have an addictive personality. Keith Urban actually has had struggles with drug addiction throughout his life and, luckily, was able to come out the other side sober and clean! 

Nicole Kidman potentially knew of her Scorpio boyfriend’s obsessive personality and struggles with addiction and therefore included a clause in their prenup requiring him to pay her $640,000 for every year they’re married if he were to use illegal drugs again.


Ben Affleck and J.Lo – Leos 

You read it right! Ben Affleck and J.Lo are both Leos (cue sarcastic shock and gasps). It’s really no surprise, right? Leos tend to be loyal, generous, creative, dominating, leaders, attention-seeking, arrogant, competitive, possessive, and fierce. They’ve both been in the spotlight since the ’90s (hello, attention lovers!), and they’re both loyal to one another; I mean, they found their way back together after 20 years; that’s pretty loyal if you ask us. 

We all remember their whirlwind romance in the early 2000s, but the wedding eventually got called off. Fast forward 20 or so years, and they’re back together. In their second shot at love, they allegedly got a prenup. Their prenup had some interesting clauses, to say the least. Allegedly, J.Lo requested a minimum of four sexual relations per week from her future hubby. We can’t say we’re surprised based on the strong and domineering Leo traits J.Lo likely possesses. 


Beyonce – Virgo 

Beyonce (Queen B) is, of course, a Virgo (born September 4). Virgos tend to be analytical, detail-oriented, practical, organized, reliable, diligent, perfectionists, thoughtful, and sensitive. These traits (along with her undeniable stage presence and sheer talent) are likely to thank for her rise to the top of the music charts. It may also explain why she wanted to include a clause in her prenup to Jay-Z that said she gets $5 million for every child they have together, plus $1 mil for every year they remain married. If this isn’t the most Virgo thing ever–so practical and well-thought-out. 


Steven Spielberg – Sagittarius 

Steven Spielberg is arguably the GOAT (greatest of all time) in the movie director world. He is also a Sag sign, born December 18. Sagittarians are typically impulsive, adventurous, optimistic, independent, honest, restless, and humorous. The impulsiveness of his Sagittarius sun sign likely got the best of him when he famously wrote down his “prenup” with ex-wife Amy Irving on a napkin… Yes, on a napkin. When Amy contested this prenup as unenforceable, the court agreed. She wound up with $100 million from him. Don’t worry; it’s not that easy to overturn a prenup. Just don’t let your Sagittarius impulsiveness get the best of you by writing your prenup down on a napkin! 


Tiger Woods – Capricorn 

Tiger Woods, the king of golf himself, is a Capricorn. Totally not surprising! Capricorns are ambitious, disciplined, practical, responsible, patient, and traditional. Tiger is certainly ambitious and disciplined (I mean, hello, he’s one of the best golfers of all time that takes a lot of ambition and discipline). On the other hand, he may not have developed the responsible Capricorn gene (DUIs). However, it is also true that Capricorns are one of the signs most likely to cheat on their spouse, thanks to their struggle with commitment. Tiger and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren did have a prenup in place, but because of his infidelity, she was able to renegotiate the terms. This may be because of an infidelity clause (it’s unclear what exactly the prenup terms were). Either way, she walked away with a cool $80 million. The Capricorn in him surely learned his lesson and will (hopefully) never repeat this behavior! 


Tony Romo – Taurus 

Tony Romo is a former Cowboy football star and ex-boyfriend of Jessica Simpson. Taurus signs are known for being intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, stubborn, tenacious, materialistic, reliable, loyal, gracious, and diligent. Tony definitely inherited the hardworking aspect of the Taurus traits; he is a football legend, after all. But there’s another trait he possesses–being materialistic– that is not so positive. For example, he demanded a weight gain clause to be put in his prenup with Jessica Simpson. (Yikes, we know). This clause allegedly stated that Jessica would pay him $500,000 for every pound she gained over 135 lbs. Needless to say, this prenup never came to fruition because the marriage eventually got called off (hmm, we wonder why). 

Final Thoughts

Each star’s star alignment, it seems, may contribute to their contractual obligations. Whether it’s the determined and hardworking nature of Taurus guiding Mark Zuckerberg’s partner to stipulate for alone time, the impulsiveness of Steven Spielberg writing his prenup on a napkin (thanks Sag sign), or Virgo’s analytical, detail-oriented approach reflected in Beyonce’s prenup, the zodiac’s influence clearly shapes celebrity unions and their prenups.

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