How To Split The Cost Of A Prenup With Your Partner

Nov 8, 2023 | Communication, Finances

Ah, love is in the air! You’ve found your soulmate, and the wedding bells are ringing. But wait, you need to discuss something before walking down the aisle – the prenuptial agreement, or prenup for short. While the excitement of wedding planning is in the air, taking a moment to discuss money can be equally empowering. It’s a positive step that paves the way for a financially harmonious future, ensuring that both partners step into marriage with clarity and confidence!

But fear not! We’ll explore how to split the cost of a prenup with your partner so you can maintain a harmonious relationship while protecting your interests. Stay with us as we unwrap the steps to making this financial chat as breezy as a spring afternoon. Keep reading to learn how to split the prenup cost with your boo, leading to a marriage where love and money flow with grace and mutual respect.


Understanding prenup basics

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of sharing prenup costs, let’s ensure we’re all on the same page about what a prenup is and why you might need one. First things first, what exactly is a prenup? It’s a legal contract entered into before marriage that outlines how assets, debts, and other financial matters will be handled in the event of divorce, separation, or death. While it may not be the first thing you think about when considering marriage, it should be! A prenup can be a practical tool for protecting your financial interests, aligning on individual and shared goals, setting marital expectations, and facilitating open communication.

Now, let’s turn to some of the reasons why people choose to get prenups. From protecting assets to facilitating open communication; there are plenty of reasons someone would opt for the ‘nup. 

1. Protect assets

Protecting assets is one of the pivotal roles of a prenup. Suppose you or your partner brings significant assets into the marriage, like investments, real estate, or a flourishing business venture. In that case, a prenup acts like a well-drawn map, outlining the division with clarity and precision. In the well-crafted clauses of the agreement, each asset is accounted for in whatever scenario life throws your way.

2. Clarify financial responsibilities

Think of it as setting the ground rules for a game where both partners know exactly what’s at play. Each partner gains a crystal-clear picture of their financial responsibilities, eliminating surprises and fostering a climate of transparency and trust. Essentially, it’s about weaving a fabric of financial understanding, where both partners step into the future with eyes wide open, fully aware, and prepared for the financial landscape ahead.

3. Maintain control

A prenup ensures you control how your assets are distributed, offering a personalized approach rather than defaulting to state laws. It allows for the allocation of assets in case of a split. This ensures your financial matters are managed according to your specific wishes, providing clarity and assurance in handling assets and entering marriage with clearly defined expectations.

4. Facilitate open communication 

Getting a prenup necessitates in-depth conversations with your future bride or groom. Not only do you two have to align on shared and individual goals, but there is a requirement of financial disclosure where you share all your finances. The type of conversations you may be having might include talks about future children, retirement, death, and more. Having these conversations gives you and your future spouse the opportunity to have open and honest discussions. These conversations will ultimately bring you both closer than before!


Determining the cost

While love may be priceless, prenups come with a price tag—and for good reason. A finished prenup can range anywhere from $2,000-$6,000. Why? Because most lawyers charge hourly. How many hours they spend will depend on various factors that we discuss below. 

1. Complexity of Your Situation

The more complicated your financial situation, the more time it will take to draft a prenup. Expect to pay more if you have numerous assets, are a trust beneficiary, own a business, or have international interests. The complexity of assets adds to how long a prenup lawyer may take to create and finalize your prenup.

2. Legal Fees

You’ll need a lawyer to draft and review your prenup. Lawyers charge different rates, so that the cost can vary. The attorney’s skill, schooling, background, and experience all play a part in how much they will charge. Finding an attorney specializing in family law and prenuptial agreements is essential. 

3. Your Geographic Location

The cost of legal services varies by location. Lawyers in big cities generally charge higher fees than those in smaller towns. According to Business Insider, the average prenup cost is $2500, but the cost may be higher in a city. So, in a city like Manhattan, New York you are looking closer to $7,500 – $10,000 for your finalized prenup. 


A Cheaper Alternative

Don’t worry, HelloPrenup is here to save the day! With HelloPrenup, you can slash that prenup cost significantly. A prenup costs just $599 per couple. If you still want to add on attorney services, you can do so with our platform, too. We offer flat-rate, discounted legal services from “real” attorneys across the nation. Check out our website to see if there are attorneys available in your state.


So, how do we split the bill?

This is the juicy part where we discuss sharing the financial burden. We’ll explore different methods for dividing the cost of your prenup in a way that suits your unique situation. We will talk about three different ways you and your boo can split the bill: the 50/50 split, the proportional split, and the customized split decided by you both!


50/50 Split

One popular method is the classic 50/50 split. In this duet, both partners contribute equally, symbolizing a sharing of costs and a joint commitment to the financial journey ahead. Whatever the cost may turn out to be, you and your boo split it right down the middle. So, for example, if you use HelloPrenup’s platform, the total cost for a prenup will come out to $599. You each will then pay about $300. This method is often favored for its simplicity and fairness, embodying the spirit of collaboration and merging your finances together for the first time.


Proportional Split

Another approach considers the proportionality of income or wealth. Each partner contributes according to their financial capacity in this narrative, ensuring the arrangement is equitable and considerate. For example, let’s say Spouse A makes $200,000 per year, while Spouse B makes $100,000 per year. With HelloPrenup, Spouse A might pay $400 and Spouse B might pay $200. This method acknowledges the distinct financial capabilities and crafts a fair and tailored arrangement to each partner’s means.


Customized Split

Additionally, there’s a lot of room for creative solutions when partners come together to tackle financial matters. Some couples create a custom plan tailored to their unique financial situations, emotions, and practical needs. These personalized arrangements can incorporate equal sharing, proportional contributions based on income or wealth, or even account for anticipated future earnings or expenses. For example, let’s say Spouse A is unemployed at the moment, but knows they will be contributing to many other marital expenses down the road. Spouse B may consider paying for the entire prenup now, with the knowledge that Spouse A will cover another expense at a later time. This approach highlights the flexibility and adaptability that couples can use to address their distinct needs, ensuring that both partners feel comfortable.


How do we prepare for the cost of HelloPrenup?

You and your partner should discuss budgeting to better prepare for the prenup cost. Remember, with the HelloPrenup service, there is the cost of the prenup itself which is $599 and then there are optional (sometimes mandatory) add-on legal services. Those legal services include $99 for a Q&A and $699 for full legal representation. (Note: these legal services are only available in select states). When budgeting, keep in mind both anticipated expenses and whether or not you will need or want to add on attorney services. 

Preparation is critical, and a detailed approach will be your best ally. Begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your finances to identify where you can allocate funds or if there are areas where savings can be optimized for this process. You can also consult a financial advisor or planner to tailor a budget that aligns with your economic needs while ensuring you can navigate the legal terrain seamlessly. This foresight not only aids in careful financial planning but also instills confidence as you proceed with this significant step, armed with the reassurance that every financial aspect has been thoughtfully considered and addressed.

Why you should consider splitting the prenup costs 

Not convinced that you should split the prenup bill? We’re here to tell you why it may be a good idea. Splitting the cost can help build a strong foundation of partnership and shared responsibility. Financial contributions are just one aspect of the broader contribution each partner makes to the relationship. Both people bring their own strengths to the table, whether it’s emotional support, cooking/cleaning, career development, parenting, or something else. Sharing the cost of a prenup symbolizes a recognition that financial responsibility is just one part of a larger equation of shared marital contributions.

Not only that but splitting the cost of a prenup can help avoid unbalanced power dynamics. In relationships where one partner solely bears the financial burden of everything, including the prenup, it can create a power dynamic that might not align with your goal of becoming a partnership. By splitting the bill, you can attempt to eliminate the potential for one partner to have more control over the agreement due to their financial dominance.



To wrap it up, we hope you consider dividing the costs of a prenup as a positive first step in a joint marital journey rather than a hurdle. It’s an opportunity to lay the groundwork for a balanced and equitable financial future. It is a step towards shared dreams and responsibilities, making the road ahead romantic and realistic. Cheers to prenups, love, and splitting the bill!

You are writing your life story. Get on the same page with a prenup. For love that lasts a lifetime, preparation is key. Safeguard your shared tomorrows, starting today.
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