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About the Couple

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From Swiping Right to Engaged

Kellie—an animal-loving travel enthusiast and Real Estate Agent from Atlanta, GA. She’s a “dating realist” who’s been married before and sober to the realities of marriage, but isn’t going to give up on her goal of meeting her person and spending life with someone.

After swiping through the endless scroll of men on the apps, Kellie noticed a tall, handsome man named Geoie—a military service member and a lover of all things lobster, Forrest Gump, and Chemistry, determined to continue serving his country, but wanted someone to come home. 

Kellie was intrigued by his dedication to his country but won over by a prompt she knew gave major good vibes—he has a goldfish named Roadie and has kept him alive for over ten years.

“Normally, I’d swipe right and keep it moving. But something told me that if this man can keep a goldfish alive for 10 years, that’s a green flag. He’s definitely different. —  Kellie

Kellie & Geoie matched and the two of them set a date that ultimately sealed their marital fate.

After a few years of dates, vacations, military tours, hardships, and overcoming many different life circumstances, Geoie proposed to Kellie on a trip to Costa Rica and the two began planning their lives together.

Because Kellie had been married before, she wanted to ensure she would always be cared for no matter what the future held for her and Geoie.

“It took me some time to come around to the idea of marriage again, but through thick & thin, I’ve realized he is it. He has softened my hardened shell & I’m very much looking forward to the rest of our lives together.” Kellie

Geoie, who had some student debt and a deep understanding for Kellie’s marital hesitations, wanted to prove his love to her with a prenuptial agreement to ease any financial anxieties related to their marriage.

“I just felt like, especially in today’s world, a prenup doesn’t have the stigma that it used to. It made getting married more comfortable for us. I know it’s more about love, but also the legal aspect of it. I just kind of brought up the idea to her. I just wanted her to feel protected, and I knew nothing about prenuptial agreements, absolutely nothing. So as we started looking for different prenuptials, I didn’t know how expensive they were, and that was a major factor for me. I almost didn’t get one, and that’s where Kellie found HelloPrenup.” –  Geoie

Enter the Prenuptial Agreement

Kellie found HelloPrenup by googling the prenup process.

“We’ve started by talking with a couple of attorneys. I had a recommendation from one of my friends and we called and got the prices and it was $3,500, and both of us were like, listen, we already know what we want to agree to, and I don’t know that it needs to be that expensive. So I was doing some research online and looking into what should a woman ask for in a prenup, doing my own due diligence and HelloPrenup came along and just popped up into my social media feed. I sent it to him and it answered everything that we needed because it was so simple. It was way less expensive and we could accomplish what we were going to do in the beginning anyway. – Kellie

Not only did Kellie’s previous marriage and Geoie’s student loan debt convince them to get a prenup, but so did Geoie’s witnessed experience with fellow military members going through marriage issues.

“Another aspect to being military, I have a few friends that are currently going through divorces and they’re going through some pretty crazy stuff, and so that was something I wanted to avoid and knew a prenup would be helpful to benefit us in the long run.” –  Geoie

After conducting their research, HelloPrenup’s self-service, collaborative process ultimately won them over, and affordable pricing—including attorney services.

First of all, it was the price. Secondly, it was because we could do it ourselves, and we didn’t necessarily have to have a third party making suggestions or asking us questions because everything was laid out for us. So I was able to walk through everything on my own and feel comfortable at the end.” – Kellie

After completing their prenup process, they were much more confident to enter their marriage and enjoy their life together with ease.

HelloPrenup is the perfect solution. It’s protection and it’s giving you peace of mind before you go into a marriage, an actual marriage, so you don’t have any worries or anything about assets or how things are going to be divided. For me, it’s freedom to relax and enjoy the relationship because I know that what we have is special and what we have is how we wanted to customize the prenup. – Kellie

HelloPrenup sponsors their wedding

Enter Julia Rodgers—CEO and co-founder of HelloPrenup who loves to meet with HelloPrenup couples to hear about their stories and experience. After meeting with many incredible couples with touching back stories over the years, she decided HelloPrenup should sponsor one deserving couple’s wedding to give back to the people who have supported our mission and invited all HelloPrenup couples to apply for the opportunity.

“We’ve been so lucky to have such amazing couples be a part of HelloPrenup’s mission. This is exactly what we hoped to accomplish when starting this company and I’ve been so moved by some of their stories. I’m honored we were able to give back to a deserving couple and would love to do more.” – Julia

After meeting with dozens of couples, Kellie & Geoie landed the spot for a sponsored wedding. The wedding included a 2-day stay in Boston, a venue, officiated by Kevin O’Leary, Ring Bearer by Nirav Tolia, two flight tickets for a honeymoon, and more. This was a true labor of love and a buzzing opportunity for the entire company.

Kellie and Geoie’s wedding was such a hit, it has kicked off HelloPrenup’s new give back initiative “HelloPrenup Sponsored Ceremonies” to make “I Do” do more and support more HelloPrenup couples in their wedding journey.

Want to be the next HelloPrenup couple getting married? Enter your chance to win here.

Ready to enter your marriage with confidence like Kellie & Geoie? Start your prenup today.

Happy planning! 🥂

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