HelloPrenup 2024 Family Law Attorney Survey

Industry insights from Prenup Attorneys across the United States.

 The HelloPrenup team set out to get a better understanding of the strategies, practices, and financial considerations involved in prenup drafting across different attorney practices in the United States. Questions like: What is the average prenup cost? How long does the average prenup take? So, we administered an in-depth survey to a diverse array of family law lawyers specializing in prenups. Through rigorous data analysis, we unearthed some pretty invaluable insights into the methods and costs inherent in the drafting of prenuptial agreements. Let’s dive in to the results! 

The Insights

How many prenups do attorneys handle annually?

We first asked about the number of prenuptial agreements each attorney handles annually. Our findings revealed that the average number of prenups handled by a prenup lawyer on an annual basis is 20, with one lawyer handling slightly over 50.

HelloPrenup processed over 3,000 agreements in 2023!

What’s the average time from consultation to signing the prenup?

According to our survey findings, the average time for an attorney to complete a prenuptial agreement from the initial consultation to finalization is one month. However, this process can vary greatly and may take up to three months in some cases.

With HelloPrenup, you can download your prenup on the same day. Should you add-on optional Attorney Services, this extends the timeline to 3 days (on average). 

Prenuptial agreement drafting: Average cost range

According to our survey results, it was concluded that the average price of a prenuptial agreement can vary, but on average, costs $8,000 per couple.

HelloPrenup offers a significantly lower cost at $599 per couple, plus optional add-on Attorney Services, providing an affordable alternative for couples seeking prenuptial agreements.

Conducting the prenup process

According to the survey, the most common method of communicating with clients is meeting in person with the client.

At HelloPrenup, the process is 100% online, offering 24/7 access to the prenup platform.

Key Takeaways:

Analyzing Family Lawyers’ Perspectives on Prenuptial Agreements

Based on the survey conducted by HelloPrenup and the information provided, several key conclusions can be drawn.

  • Preferred communication mediums: The majority of surveyed lawyers practiced in-person contact with their clients for the prenuptial agreement process. HelloPrenup offers a more convenient alternative by providing a fully online service, with 24/7 access to the online platform.
  • Average number of prenuptial agreements: According to the survey, the average number of prenuptial agreements that a lawyer completes in a year is 20. However, one exceptional case was noted where a lawyer completed over 50 agreements. In contrast, HelloPrenup stands out by having completed over 3,000 agreements in 2023.
  • Average cost of a prenuptial agreement: It was observed that the average cost of a prenuptial agreement, according to surveyed lawyers, is $8,000 per couple. Compare that to HelloPrenup, where we offer a prenup for $599 per couple, with the option to add on Attorney Services for a flat rate.

In summary, the survey results highlight the convenience, efficiency, and affordability of HelloPrenup compared to traditional methods of preparing prenuptial agreements carried out by individual lawyers.

Survey Methodology: The Prenuptial Agreement Study gathered responses from family lawyers across the United States. Participants include family law lawyers from diverse regions, encompassing a wide range of ethnicities, income levels, races, ages, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

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