How Kylie and Sam found an easy and affordable prenup solution

How this couple used HelloPrenup to find an easy, affordable, and user-friendly solution to create their practical prenup


Kylie is a 31-year-old woman living in Brooklyn, New York. She is a designer at Madewell and is a DJ on the side. Kylie and her wife, Sam, wanted to create a prenup before they tied the knot. For them, having a prenup is about practicality, establishing security, and ensuring that both partners are on the same page about their future. When discussing their future, they wanted a modern solution that catered to their simple assets without the high legal cost.

“It was fun, it was easy, it was intuitive. It was familiar with the things I’ve used. So, I think the site and it as a whole was really just well done and fun.”— Kylie, 31, Designer/DJ, New York

Embracing Practicality

Kylie and her wife Sam’s love story started like any other, filled with sentimental moments and sweet gestures. As time passed, their relationship delved into deeper, more practical conversations. Around two years before their wedding, they discussed proposals, excitedly embracing the freedom to rewrite traditional norms. With the talks of proposals, they wanted to also talk about more practical matters as well, like prenups!

“We both knew we didn’t want kids. We both had a pretty good idea of where we think would be cool to end up living next at some point in life… I think it went from the sentimental stuff all the way down to the practical and the less exciting, being the prenup,” Kylie mentions.

Slowly, these conversations naturally led them to consider how they wanted to proceed with creating one. Their love story reflects the evolving dynamics and open discussions that shape modern relationships and marriages. 

Kylie explained that she first brought up the idea of the prenup, but it was a mutual decision for them to get it, “I think it was me, but it was definitely mutual. I think I might’ve been the first one to utter the words out loud, but it was very much like, yep, we’re both there, same page. It was never anything more than, ‘Yeah, put it on the list.‘” 

According to a private HelloPrenup study, about half of the respondents (50.25%) stated that they themselves were the ones who came up with the idea of getting a prenup versus their partners (25.75%). The rest of the respondents were either encouraged by family (12.38%) or advised by a financial advisor (8.57%).

The Search for a Modern Prenup Solution

Cost plays a huge factor in couples’ decision to create a prenup. Kylie and Sam were hoping to find a solution that didn’t drain their bank accounts. Kylie began researching and comparing different online prenup solutions and considered the traditional route of hiring lawyers. However, the prices she encountered while exploring the lawyer option left her shocked. The possibility of shelling out lots of money for a prenup seemed unreasonable to them.

“The fact that everything I was seeing online was basically like, ‘You’re going to easily spend $1,500 plus.’ It sounded like the cheapest was $1,500 if you’re lucky, and then you’d have to talk to lawyers,” Kylie explained.

In her hunt for an affordable, user-friendly solution, she stumbled upon HelloPrenup. She believed this platform would cater to their financial needs and make their journey both fun and meaningful.

“HelloPrenup was something that I’d seen on a couple of different sites… So, I was super excited to see it. It was some sort of blog post or article saying, ‘Yo, there’s a solution. It’s super easy. It’s very modern.’”

They appreciated that HelloPrenup offered a straightforward, optional lawyer approach aligned with their simple financial situation. After seeing how legal fees can add up, Kylie was impressed with HelloPrenup’s prices. Kylie told us that she was thinking, “No way it’s this cheap… the money, the no lawyer thing… I know there was an option, and there were suggestions based on how complicated certain things were, but our stuff was so simple… I liked that there was an option for simple things for us.”

Prenup with a Glass of Wine

Then, one night, over a glass of wine, they pulled out their laptop and began filling out their prenup! They both dove into the world of prenups and began filling out the questionnaire on HelloPrenup’s platform, with a glass of wine in tow. We asked Kylie about her approach, and she mentioned, “My approach to completing it with my partner [was] saying tonight’s the night and grabbing some wine and… doing the prenup.”

Simplifying the Prenup Process

Kylie and Sam agree that HelloPrenup’s design helped guide the couple through the legal questions, allowing them to personalize their prenup to their needs. Kylie and Sam knew that they had simple assets, so there was no need for additional legal services that you could opt into through the platform. For Kylie, HelloPrenup took what might be a complicated process and made it easy to navigate.

“I think it is super intuitive, super quick… I don’t think there was a point that I was like, ‘What do we do now?’ Even at the end, when we were done, it was like, ‘Okay. Now, notarize it.’… Then, it was very quickly like, ‘Here’s the site we recommend.’ I was like, ‘Yes, thank you. Cool.’ Everything was handed to us on a platter and, again, felt too good to be true. I didn’t even know you could notarize online,” Kylie told us.

Kylie and Sam both agreed that the HelloPrenup platform helped create a comfortable prenup process for them. It gave them the necessary tools to complete their prenup in an efficient and comfortable way. Kylie said, “I thought it’s like they were alleviating a kind of awkward situation for a lot of people who maybe don’t feel super comfortable with it for many degrees.”

From Fun to Finalized

Kylie explained that HelloPrenup gave her and Sam their desired finalized product, ultimately giving them a sense of security. “I was hoping it would get me everything I needed in the legal sense of the prenup and… I have the paperwork now. I feel secure. We both feel secure, and that’s it.” 

In their search for a practical prenup, Kylie and Sam discovered HelloPrenup and chose to purchase it because they believed it to be an innovative platform that combines modernity, ease of use, and a touch of fun. With the flexibility of optional legal services, Kylie and Sam were able to tailor their experience to meet their unique needs, getting as much or as little legal assistance as they needed. Kylie and Sam’s journey is a testament to how this modern approach saves money and transforms the prenup process into an enjoyable experience for couples in similar situations.

Key Takeaways

Hey Fiance! As the CEO of HelloPrenup and a family law attorney, I’ve seen firsthand how crucial having your financial life in order is for any relationship.

More and more lovebirds are deciding to get prenups before saying “I do”, which demonstrates that folks are getting savvier about what their marriage means for their finances.

At HelloPrenup, we love helping educate engaged couples on how they can financially and legally prepare for a successful, long marriage. 

Decisions backed up by knowledge are always the best, especially when you’re talking about something as big as your future finances. I truly believe that when partners know what’s on the table, they can make better choices for their unique situation and their relationship.

You can learn about prenups in many ways, like delving into case law, learning about your state’s divorce laws, or consulting with a lawyer about how those divorce laws could affect you. These are all super useful, but oftentimes are detached from real life stories of other couples who are similarly situated.  At HelloPrenup, we think relatable customer stories are a valuable way to explore your options – through real-life stories.

Case studies give you the low-down on how prenups work in real life. They show you how couples, all different in their own ways, go through the process of making their prenups. By sharing these stories with you, we want to help you understand prenups a bit better, giving you practical insights you might not get otherwise.

Happy planning!

Julia Rodgers, Esq.

Julia Rodgers is HelloPrenup’s CEO and Co-Founder. She is a Massachusetts family law attorney and true believer in the value of prenuptial agreements. HelloPrenup was created with the goal of automating the prenup process, making it more collaborative, time efficient and cost effective. Julia believes that a healthy marriage is one in which couples can openly communicate about finances and life goals. You can read more about us here. Questions? Reach out to Julia directly at [email protected].

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